Murder of Republican teen, Muslim Hindu conflicts in UK, Canadian Doctors die in numbers: Links 2. September 20, 2022

1. Question: What is likely to be the result of Joe Biden’s ‘Red Wall’ speech?

Police: Driver admitted to intentionally killing teen at North Dakota street dance after political dispute

Court papers say 41-year-old Shannon Brandt confessed to a 911 dispatcher and police that he killed 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson due to a political dispute.

Prosecutors allege moments before he was killed, 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson called his mom to come rescue him because 41-year-old Shannon Brandt was chasing him in the city of McHenry, where the street dance had just wrapped up.

By the time she could get there, her son was dead.

Brandt was officially charged Monday with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident. […]

Court papers show Brandt called 911 around 2:30 a.m. Sunday and told the 911 dispatcher that he just hit Ellingson, claiming the teen was part of a Republican extremist group and was calling people to come get Brandt after a political argument.

2. This Twitter thread is astonishing. THREE young doctors all at McMasters all died?

Related: Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 12X normal after their second booster

3. It is a buyer’s market on Irony these days

Beyond Meat boss arrested after allegedly biting man’s nose in parking garage

The chief operating officer of popular vegan food company Beyond Meat was arrested on Saturday in Fayetteville, Arkansas after an incident at a parking garage following a university football game. Doug Ramsey — who has worked for the company since December 2021, it says on its website — is now facing charges of of terroristic threatening and third-degree battery, according to news outlet KNWA.

4. Don Lemon attempts to throw and insult a Royalist with the usual critical theory and historical revisionism. The victim of Lemon’s ambush handled him rather well.

5. The conflict between muslims and Hindus in the UK continue and appear to have been ongoing for a while now. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who said that this wouldn’t happen.

In this one we hear muslims chant “Allah hu Ackbar” and either they, or their interlocutors respond with the more traditional English response of “F*ck You!” The explanation that comes at around half way is highly highly inaccurate.

For more videos please see the Daily Reader’s Links post for September 20th, 2022 comments.

Thank you all for being part of this community. I think the Hindu-Muslim conflict may need closer examination and more accurate explanations. Likely it is tied to Cashmere and various laws intended to stop Islamic manifest destiny in parts of India. We will have to look into it more deeply.


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