Repost of the Gain of Function Senate hearings: Important viewing

Those who have seen this may want to skip it. But for anyone who has not, this has to be mandatory viewing. This is Senate hearings on Gain of Function research. This is ear scorching stuff and yes, this site has posted this video a couple of times already. But as I go over the content, again, it seems like the sort of material that the public must be aware of, and will fundamentally change the view of the public of their various governments. This would be the US of course, but Canada was clearly involved as was China and probably Ukraine and others.

Part 1 is on our previous post on these hearings. But can also be seen below:

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      “Seasonal Affective Disorder” is real and easy to treat naturally. Suicide prevention advocates use the term in public service messages. SAD or (SADD Disorder).

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