Five items which help chart the course elites have put the people of the world on: Links 1, August 16, 2022

1. I think it’s time for a new Luddite movement. Question: If you saw a man with an RPG at a convention and took him down and disabled it you would be a hero. Pretty sure if you managed to do that here you would be arrested. And here, you have no idea who is actually in control of this device, much like the United States itself. So it should be doubly heroic and important to disable it. Notice the one moron who reaches down to let it sniff his hand.

2. So the word, “Sustainable” on a package may actually mean crickets in your food. Remember, the main weapon of the left is words and lies. So chances are once people know about this, they will just remove the word “crickets” and will just use the word sustainable and argue successfully in what we will laughably call courts, that its understood that “sustainable” means objectionable but necessary things they will make us eat. For now, it says crickets probably as part of the intense attack on all our taboos and cultural norms.

And you may think this is a joke Canadians, but it isn’t… JUST LIKE THE METRIC SYSTEM. Which was the first large scale attack on our culture by government for no real reason and despite massive reasons not to. Just to show that government could change major components of our heritage and culture at a whim. A dialectic negation.

3. Globe and Mail runs opinion piece by The Managing Director of the World Economic Forum frantically using lies to do damage control. We all know the phrase, “You will own nothing and be happy” came directly from the top at the WEF and they mean it. So read this G&M disinformation and then check the comments.

4. Here is a link to a 6 page, easy to follow many spaced PDF called Body Count. This details the death rate of the general population and just the vaxxed for the last several years. Remember, the ONLY metric that counts with a new medication is the ALL CAUSE MORTALITY. If you ignore that, then you can cure cancer by shooting people in the head. After all, none of them would have died of cancer.

5. The UK issues an EMERGENCY USE authorization for another version of the mRNA shots targeting the specific variant, BA.1. So the question should be asked, “What emergency exactly?” But no one is. Which tells you a lot. They are still withholding effective meds and forcing experimental ones on the basis of an emergency that simply is NOT IN EVIDENCE. This is totalitarianism once removed. Dictatorship by deception and not in the interests of the people.

Thank you all who continue to check in, despite not finding much here that brings joy. But one cannot fix a problem one has no grasp of.

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3 Replies to “Five items which help chart the course elites have put the people of the world on: Links 1, August 16, 2022”

  1. Adrian Monck is a typical corporate troll liar, who smears everyone who questions the facts as they have been promoted by his own corporation(!!?) White supremacist anti semite, the usual projections onto ordinary decent people they have total contempt for.

  2. 1/ I don’t think the guy stooping over the dog-bot was being stupid. I think he was curious about how the machine’s optical sensor and CPU would respond to the that kind of input. It’s hard (for me) to gauge how much of the performance was pre-programmed and how much is AI. Either way, the weapon on the back of the machine doesn’t bode well. We’re standing at the gates of hell.

  3. If it’s considered ‘sustainable’ then by definition it must be bad for us!

    I’d prefer ‘Chitin Free’ as this would be less bad for us…maybe.

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