Pfizer CEO gets Covid after 4 shots, Justice Centre documentary on the Freedom Convoy: Links 2, August 15, 2022

1. Quad-vaxxed Pfizer CEO gets Covid, now taking Paxlovid. That’s a lot of stuff for a mild flu.

(So why do all these vaxx-pushers feel they have to let us know they have covid? Seems kinda counter-intuitive. Trudeau does it all the time when he wants to avoid things. Why tell us they have covid when they know it makes the vaxx look as ineffective as it actually is? The answer to that I bet is important. And I am not 100% sure about what it is just yet.)

2. Computing Forever does a good analysis of aspects of the push to destroy the food production in the West

3. Watch this Chinese reaction to a rumour of a guy in close proximity to a Covid + test in Shanghai at an Ikea store.

Prediction: In China, as in Canada, the authorities will know EXACTLY who was there, and who forced their way out of the quarantine. The government will then show them who is in control of their decisions at all times.

4. From our own Mastodon:

(Lots and lots of irony here, but it does go to the axiom that the point is never the point with the left, the revolution is always the point. They would go to the mattresses to defeat anyone who says that people can be different because of genetics. The left holds at its core the Tabula Rasa concept over the idea that any of our behaviour is hard wired genetically, and worse, that there may be distinctions based on race. But in the story above, the clear unsaid message is that black people are different and perhaps cannot even learn to speak in the same manner as white people. Noam Chomsky, the parade leader of much leftist thought, must therefore be wrong, and a white child born in China will grow up speaking Oxford English.)

5. JCCF Justice Centre presents: The Convoy that United the Country

Thank you all for monitoring and considering these very important issues.


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  1. Hmmm, does anyone else not trust a word these Pharma- oligarchs say? Surely it’s only in their interest to say they’ve taken 4 jabs and are now taking their own medication to solve the problem( caused by their own vaccine in the first place (??)) why should we believe one word these liars say? I bet they have access to Invermectin they deny to ordinary people.

    • But the remaining black teachers aren’t going to teach English grammar, in order to prepare the black kids for epsilon semi moron- hood. However having see the calibre of some white teachers( and knowing my niece who qualified as a teacher in WA but can’t spell or add up) I’m sure they will willingly step aside for the “equity” they are always screams about.

  2. J.E. Dyer, the Optimistic Conservative is a former Navy intel officer & seems to have a background that would suggest she’s knowledgeable about the x’s, y’s and unknowns of classification practices of documents.

    There is an in-the-weeks discussion of the classification procedures, but my interest is in the last part of the post, a discussion of what has been actually been going on in the Trump v. Clinton law suit and how that is related or is probably related to the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

    It’s very much worth your time.

    Two pings on the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago: Classification kerfuffle and Trump’s RICO suit

  3. ITEM 2: About food production.

    Once again, in Quebec province, another farm goes up in flames today. A dairy farm with 250 cows (of which many calves also), a farm that had been renovated top-notch, and all electricals also. Only 20 managed to be rescued but had to be euthanized because of major burns and smoke inhalation.

    The fire started 20 minutes after the last employee of the day left. (Ding ding ding!!!) Within ten minutes, no more roof, all burned.

    (There are so many cattle farms that have gone up in smoke in Quebec over the past year, one must wonder if it isn’t intentional.)

    The owner is so discouraged, he doubts he will rebuild.

    (It must terrible for the poor cows/calves, all burned alive.)

  4. 1.)
    Right, since when have successful Drug-lords been taking their own products?
    That guy lies the moment he opens his mouth and I wouldn’t trust him to tell me that it is raining in a rain-storm.

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