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12 Replies to “Tulsi Gabbard: There is no turning back”

  1. Tulsi Gabbard, a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s school for “Young Global Leaders”, has obviously not given up on her presidential ambitions. And, as Klaus Schwab, the son of an original Nazi, (born 1938) said: there is a good chance of that yet.

    Now that she has even infiltrated what I consider the most important spot on
    media, I am not so sure any longer that I should have dismissed the accusations of “Tucker Carlson is controlled opposition” so quickly.

    In my opinion, Tulsi Gabbard is one of the best horses in Klaus Schwab’s stable.

  2. Correction:

    “…And, as Klaus Schwab, the son of an original Nazi, (born 1938) said: there is a good chance of that yet.”

    Should read:

    And, as Klaus Schwab, (born 1938) the son of an original Nazi said:
    “MY CANDIDATES NEVER LOSE ELECTIONS” there is a good chance of that yet.

    • Thank you for these 2 posts, what a cornucopia of information on Tulsi Gabbard. Will take the files to bed with me, which promises a sleep populated by nightmares because it looks like even Tucker, one of the last MSM good guys is, at best, naive and that Gabbard has infiltrated our side very much.

      Even if she declared unequivocally her separation from the WEF (which I have not heard her do yet) I would not trust her….The Devil Wears Prada….

    • I’ve read and listened to Mr. Nyquist quite a bit. He’s admitted that he doesn’t speak or read Russian.

      How DARE he comment on what’s happening in Ukraine right now! Or what’s BEEN happening since 2014 – does he even know…?

      It is true – and disgusting – that conservatives buy into junk: Putin, the White Christian Savior. They post links to The Saker and swoon over Kremlin drivel. But Salva Ukraine! is equally simplistic and dangerous.

      Zelensky’s a deracinated, as-a-jew Jew. That does not sanitize his neo-Nazi retinue or his appetite for fascist tyranny. That’s like Soros koshering jihadi murderers of Israelis. Or Ron Unz or Steve Pieczenik retailing blood libels.

      Has Mr. Nyquist ever BEEN to Russia? Ukraine? In the last *30 years*?

      He cites all secondary sources: Dissidents – how reliable, how representative are they? The same half-dozen individuals – Golitsyn, Bukovsky, Pacepa, et. al. What he hears confirms bias, a worldview shaped by the Cold War, without nuance.

      Has he accessed any material from Soviet archives, increasingly available in the last few years? Or engaged with people who grew up in the USSR, who emigrated in the late 1980’s?

      What does he know about China?

      His “revelations” about the Sino-Soviet split/non-split: that’s a function of his worldview, not primary source research. Talk with Soviet emigres who were officers stationed in China (like my Russki). Better yet, analyze actual data from the archives instead of rehashing stale Kissinger/Gorbachev palaver.

      End Rant.

      We’re on the phone every day with family and friends in the hot zone. My Russki is at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church right now, just to compare notes. Russian-Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Ukrainians.

      Nothing is simple.

  3. Trevor Loudon – The Liberty Forum – 3-10-2020
    Liberty Forum Of Silicon Valley – Published November 21, 2020

    Trevor Loudon: America’s ‘Unfolding Socialist Revolution’ & Connections to China’s Communist Party | American Thought Leaders
    American Thought Leaders – Published November 29, 2020

  4. Beautiful summer day to be out and about, but I wish I would not have asked any questions. The ten people I asked questions had not idea of VARES, vaccine injuries, Klaus Schwab, the Economic Forum, or inflation. GRRRR

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