Retired Captain in the CAF details how vaccine-exemptions are determined

Please read the important details at RAIR

This is an extraordinary thing. Please watch and share. This has to go into the cannon of the details of this entire Covid-gene-therapy debacle. The implications of Cpt. Formosa’s revelation is that the higher up you are in the military, the more likely you know the gene-therapy shots are a bad idea, and the easier it is to avoid them.

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4 Replies to “Retired Captain in the CAF details how vaccine-exemptions are determined”

  1. Capt Formosa seems like a sharp young officer. Sad to see him learn so early that there are two armies, the real one and the Ottawa one. Good luck James. You will probably do well as a civilian.
    (Capt, Rtd)

  2. Methinks this Marxist infiltration of our military has the purpose of removing bright Christian, Conservative, Patriot members and replacing them with new settlers that will fit the new groove….It will be the point of a spear that will show non compliant Canadians no mercy!
    Good luck, Captain….thank you for taking the moral high ground! Soldier on!

  3. Clearly, he has been booted because he is an unclean, Caucasian male! I bet if he put on red lipstick and spike heals they would welcome him back with open arms.

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