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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Jim Rickards gives a great explaination of what’s going on in the treasury bill and bond markets. Inverted yield curves portend recession almost always. This time the inversion extends to inter-bank lending on the Euro-USD market. This means that European banks, loaded in the trillions of dollars with leveraged derivatives, may find themselves unable to get short-term loans six months from now. It amounts to a train wreck we can see coming, and a very deep recession (if not depression) in the new year. If you have more than your country’s insurable deposits in your bank, beware. Your money can be bailed-in should your bank become insolvent because of its exposure to these derivatives. (Tip: your bank may not even be aware of its own level of exposure because no one is.) 10 min:

    • That it is, a retired New York City Police Commissioner is saying he thinks the next step for the Dems is an attempted assissination.

    • Bernie Kerik: “If FBI Raid Will Not Stop Donald Trump – Their Next Step Will Be Assassination” (VIDEO)
      By Jim Hoft
      Published August 8, 2022 at 10:02pm

      President Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago was RAIDED BY THE FBI on Monday night.

      President Trump released a statement moments ago.

      Advertisement –

      Following the raid tonight former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik tweeted out about their next move.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      The Democrats and their hatchetmen have done everything they can to stop this man. Assassination is next.

      God save Donald Trump!

    • NEW YORK POST – Judge who approved FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago once linked to Jeffrey Epstein

      The Florida federal magistrate judge who signed off on a search warrant authorizing the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort left the local US Attorney’s office more than a decade ago to rep employees of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had received immunity in the long-running sex-trafficking investigation of the financier.

      Sources tell The Post that Judge Bruce Reinhart approved the warrant that enabled federal agents to converge on the palatial South Florida estate on Monday in what Trump called an “unannounced raid on my home.”

      Reinhart was elevated to magistrate judge in March 2018 after 10 years in private practice. That November, the Miami Herald reported that he had represented several of Epstein’s employees — including, by Reinhart’s own admission to the outlet, Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”

      Kellen and Marcinkova were among Epstein’s lieutenants who were granted immunity as part of a controversial 2007 deal with federal prosecutors that allowed the pervert to plead guilty to state charges rather than federal crimes. Epstein wound up serving just 13 months in county jail and was granted work release.

      According to the outlet, Reinhart resigned from the South Florida US Attorney’s Office effective on New Year’s Day 2008 and went to work for Epstein’s cohorts the following day. Epstein, who was found dead in August 2019 of an apparent suicide in the Manhattan Correctional Center while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges, had hired a stable of high-powered lawyers, including former independent counsel Kenneth Starr.

      Reinhart was later named in a civil lawsuit that accused him of violating Justice Department policies by switching sides in the middle of the Epstein investigation, suggesting he had used inside information about the probe to build favor with the notorious defendant, the Herald reported in 2018.

      In a 2011 affidavit, Reinhart denied he had done anything improper and insisted that since he was not involved in the federal investigation of Epstein, he was not privy to inside information about the case.

      However, in a 2013 court filing, Reinhart’s former colleagues contradicted him, saying that he had “learned confidential, non-public information about the Epstein matter.” Reinhart noted to the Herald in response that a complaint filed against him by a lawyer for Epstein’s victims had been dismissed by the Justice Department.

      In his 12 years as a federal prosecutor, according to his official biography, Reinhart “managed a docket that covered the full spectrum of federal crimes, including narcotics, violent crimes, public corruption, financial frauds, child pornography and immigration.”

      Reinhart is one of three federal magistrate judges in the West Palm Beach offices of the US District Court for the Southern District Court of Florida, along with William Matthewman and Ryon McCabe.

      Two recent warrant applications were assigned to Reinhart and entered into the court system on Monday, the Miami Herald reported, but those warrants and information about who they targeted remain sealed. Records show another warrant was issued by Reinhart on Friday, but its contents were also sealed.

  2. Spencer Fernando wrote:

    CBC Host Implies It’s “Unfair” For Police To Inform Public About Gangs Because of Political Correctness

    Yet again, the fact that we are forced to give our tax dollars to CBC is a disgrace.

    What should a country prioritize:
    In informing citizens against gang violence, or political correctness?
    To all common-sense Canadians, the answer is obvious. But not for CBC.

    during a recent segment on how men from South Asia dominate the list of gang members that Vancouver authorities warned the public about, a CBC anchor implied that it was “unfair” to release the list because of how it could impact the “perception of young men of colour”.

    APPALLING – – This demonstrates how insane and broken our society is. the fact that we still talk about political correctness when dealing with serious topics
    demonstrates how the “woke” ideology puts people at risk and weakens our nation, since we are unable to accurately discuss and assess reality.

    Human beings take in the world around us, and then communicate our perceptions with others. In no way, we can share information, learn, grow, and respond to what is taking place.

    Political correctness impedes this process, because it encourages people to purposely block out aspects of reality that are “uncomfortable” to discuss or notice.

    We see this the way the Liberals discuss ‘gun crime’. It would be politically incorrect for the Liberals to discuss where most gun crime is coming from, and where in the country it takes place.

    It is easier for them to ignore reality and instead go after law-abiding gun owners instead.

    As a result of this, crime continues to rise, and the freedoms of law-abiding Canadians are continually under assault.

    Canada must reject political correctness. When discussing crime political correctness should play ZERO role.

    Facts are what matter, as only by acknowledging reality can we respond to this effectively.

    Canada must reject political correctness, and a key part of making this happen will be defunding the CBC so we aren’t forced to pay for such disgraceful and absurd narratives.

  3. President Trump Posts Apocalyptic Ad Mourning America Hours After FBI Raids His Home – And He Makes One Inspirational Promise
    By Alicia Powe
    Published August 9, 2022 at 7:30am
    Just hours after Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida was raided by the FBI, the former president posted his eerie new ad on his social media platform late Monday night warning America is in decline and “a failing nation.”

    Despite the unprecedented tyranny that’s taken hold of the U.S. over the past two years, the legitimate president assures, “The best is yet to come.”

  4. Hillary Clinton Mocks Law-Abiding Americans and Flaunts Her Lawlessness Following Mar-a-Lago Raid with New Swag Campaign
    By Jim Hoft
    Published August 9, 2022 at 9:00am
    President Trump’s home was raided on Monday by Joe Biden and his laawless regime.

    President Trump released a statement following the raid.

    Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” President Trump said in a statement. “After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate

  5. “Enough!” – House GOP Pledges Investigation Of DoJ With November Win After FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-A-Lago

    TUESDAY, AUG 09, 2022 – 06:25 AM
    Authored by Gary Bai via The Epoch Times,

    House GOP leaders have pledged to take action on the “weaponized politicization” of the Department of Justice (DOJ) “when Republicans take back the House” in the midterm elections, after federal agents raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property on Monday.

    “I’ve seen enough,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in a statement late Monday. “The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.”

    “When Republicans take back the House, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned,” McCarthy added.”!%22%20%2D%20House%20GOP,unturned%2C%E2%80%9D%20McCarthy%20added.

  6. Crisis at the National Archives
    By Thomas Lipscomb
    June 10, 2018
    Crisis at the National Archives
    the middle of directing the difficult task of transferring the historically important records of the Obama administration into the National Archives, the archivist in charge, David Ferriero, ran into a serious problem: A lot of key records are missing.

    A first-rate librarian, Ferriero has been driving a much-needed digital overhaul and expansion of the National Archives over the nine years of his appointment. This will greatly improve the ability of digital search locally and remotely, as well as accessing the files themselves.

  7. europravda – Hollywood in Ukraine: are celebrities making a difference?

    Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have visited Ukraine and met President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

    But can these meetings be dismissed as glorified photo-ops or are they part of a wider strategy?

  8. An Ottawa police officer is facing misconduct charges for allegedly inserting herself into child death investigations looking for connections to the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Article content
    Investigators with the Ottawa Police Service’s professional standards unit allege Const. Helen Grus committed discreditable conduct when she took on a private investigative project to find the vaccination status of parents whose infants or children had died.

    Between June 2020 and January 2022, Grus allegedly accessed nine child or infant death cases in which she had no investigative role. On Jan. 30, 2022, Grus also allegedly interfered directly with an investigation into an infant’s death by contacting the father of a deceased baby to inquire about the mother’s COVID-19 vaccination status without the lead investigator’s knowledge.

    The charges against Grus were filed as exhibits at a disciplinary hearing on Monday morning, but she has not yet submitted a plea. Grus has also been served with a notice of increased penalty, meaning that if she is found guilty of discreditable conduct, the service may seek dismissal or demotion as a penalty.

  9. Arizona Republican Nominee Kari Lake Responds To FBI Attack On Mar-a-Lago: “As Governor, I Will Fight These TYRANTS With Every Fiber Of My Being”
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published August 9, 2022 at 2:15pm

    TRepublican Nominee for Arizona Governor, Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, has responded to the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, naming it “one of the darkest days in American history.”

    The Gateway Pundit reported that President Trump’s Florida home was unexpectedly raided by the FBI, and his safe was broken into on Monday night.

    prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024,” President Trump said in a statement.

  10. Hohmann: FBI Attack on Mar-A-Lago Reminds Immigrant of Cuba 1959
    By Jim Hoft
    Published August 9, 2022 at 1:30pm
    lot of Americans are saying they woke up this morning, August 9, and did not recognize the country in which they have lived their entire lives.

    received a text from one friend whose family escaped Cuba before the communist revolution there. The text was very short:

    “Cuba 1959.”

  11. Senator Tim Scott on FBI Raid of Trump Home, ‘We Need to Let This Play Out’
    August 9, 2022 | Sundance | 241 Comments
    It’s not very often that you get to watch a DeceptiCon evolve in real time. Usually, with history as a guide, DeceptiCon extremists hibernate in the evolutionary process for years, only leaving a minuscule trail from which to find them until they detonate like stealth terror cells. However, Tim Scott has prematurely detonated himself.

    Appearing on CBS news to kickstart his 2024 presidential ambitions, and react/respond to the FBI raid on President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Senator Tim Scott advances the DeceptiCon narrative, “we need to let this play out” etc.

  12. Harmeet Dhillon Reminds Everyone “If you still have respect for the DOJ and the FBI at this point, particularly the FBI, you are not paying attention”
    August 9, 2022 | Sundance | 450 Comments
    Harmeet Dhillon responded to the raid on President Trump’s home with this quote: “If you still have respect for the DOJ and the FBI at this point, particularly the FBI, you are not paying attention

    is important to keep the current political context and timing of the illicit FBI raid in mind.

    It was only two weeks ago when Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter [pdf HERE] to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray, notifying them of whistleblower allegations from within the FBI that senior leadership in both Main Justice and FBI are involved in a coordinated effort to cover-up criminal activity related to Hunter Biden.

    The whistleblower allegations, in combination with the documented history of DOJ and FBI misconduct, culminate in Senator Grassley stating:

    “If these allegations are true and accurate, the Justice Department and FBI are – and have been – institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the United States Congress and the American people will have no confidence in the equal application of the

  13. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday repeatedly refused to answer questions about the unprecedented raid on Trump’s Florida residence.

    More than 3 dozen federal agents descended on Mar-a-Lago Monday, rifled through offices and breached a safe.

    An agent holding a machine gun was spotted in front of Mar-a-Lago as Biden’s jackbooted thugs raided a former US president’s home

    • Supposedly the last known smallpox was in 1978 and totally eradicated by 1980. In November 2021, Billy Gates warned there would be a smallpox / monkeypox outbreak in the near future. “We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time.”

      The global freaks are the pox, they need to be eradicated from any positions of power.

  14. FBI Raid On Trump Confirms The Security State Picks Who Americans Are Allowed To Vote For
    No wonder Democrats keep bleating loudly about “our democracy” — they know we don’t live in one presently. And this FBI raid is going to make a lot more people aware of it.
    The FBI made an unannounced raid on the private home of a former U.S. president Monday night, authorized by a U.S. attorney general whom that president had denied a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. The raid happened as the former president publicly mulled another election bid, and amid growing FBI interference in state elections.

    The raid has provided needed clarity to Republicans who have participated in, presided over, and failed to bring accountability for perhaps the biggest security state hoax in American history, known as Spygate. In that operation, Obama administration officials colluded to frame and hijack the incoming opposition presidency using fabricated evidence, lies to secret security courts, media propaganda operations, and breaking numerous laws as well as the public trust.

    They framed a president and got away with it. Now they’re raiding a president. It won’t stop there if they get away with it again. If Republicans don’t end this, they’re all next.

  15. NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s Asian Stock Climbs 30% THIS WEEK After He Tags Along with Mother Nancy Pelosi on Asian Trip (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published August 9, 2022 at 7:46pm
    The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in an explosive investigative piece — Paul Pelosi, Jr. traveled to Asia and attended meetings with his mother Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her recent trip this week to the region.

    Paul was an “unnamed guest.” The Pelosi crime family was trying to keep his participation on the downlow.


    Paul Pelosi was pictured with the US delegation on several stops in East Asia. As part of the US delegation, though, his name was never mentioned in the news during the trip

  16. The Saudi ambassador, Muhammad al-Qahtani, fell over backwards and died while he was giving a speech at a conference in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in which he praised him as “the dean of humanity”.

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