Maybe doctors should start to think about personal responsibility before this happens

Then there is this. Another very reserved reaction considering what the pharmacist did to his child. If I were him, I would stand outside the clinic, and any clinic, and warn people going in till they arrest him. Then he can demand disclosure. A day in court. He can prove that he was not adequatly informed and his consent was not fairly given. They will avoid that. So he will likely get to stand in front of their pharmacy and hand out pamphlets and warn people as long as he has energy to do it.

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  1. This will not enhance my reputation as a peace monger and tend-the-other-cheek-ista, but I totally agree with the message of both fathers, and fervently hope these messages will multiply and, yes, escalate and be published far and wide. There are sooooooo many lives yet to be saved, “speaking up” must become “screaming out loud” , it is URGENT !!!

    • Rita, I myself am of the old, pre-christian celtic approach.
      “An Enemy forgiven, is an Enemy you’ll have to fight over and over and over again.”
      That means to me that if you want to live in peace with your neighbour, you need to get rid of those elements that cause the constant strife for good and not turning the other cheeck.

  2. And I cried for the uneducated and the ignorant fools that would submit their children to an experimental medical procedure that has the ability and will no doubt alter their genes

  3. Medical professionals knew, and know, the reality of these shots now. There may have been some excuse for giving it to elderly at one point, but the “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” as well as the myocarditis epidemic and the fact that children do not get sick nor die from Covid, makes it absolutely criminal to continue to give these shots. There are people dropping dead, including a poor 12 year old girl, in Australia, just happened. There is going to be plenty of anger and retribution when reality hits people that they lost loved ones and the governments and medical people knew the shots were bad. That’s why we have a nursing shortage now and have to import inferior nurses from Guatemala, because nurses know and they don’t want it.

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