Vaxx, Hungary, destroying England, Dissolving the old, forcing the unworkable: Links 1, August 4, 2022

1. Bristol Harbour Festival too white and middle class

(When will people realize that these attacks on the middle class is defacto communism, however they disguise it with rhetorical tricks. Click video it should work despite the odd poster frame)

2. It appears that the cluster of doctor deaths in Toronto is now up to 6. No connection to the the vaxx though, although the hospitals they worked for all recently made the 4th shot available. In Canada, “available” may be a euphemism for take it or you’re fired though, in fairness.

3. A nurse describes her own journey with the vaxx

There appears to be more and more people who were advocates of these shots to one degree or another that are coming forward to speak against them.

4. Lionel Shriver: ‘They used to say this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, they don’t anymore’

5. Tucker gets a spokesman from Hungary to respond to accusations against Viktor Orban

Thank you all for your kind attention to what we believe is reality, heavily under threat from weaponized and collectivized institutions and media, imposing a pseudo-reality at the expense of not just our individual rights, but our belief in the existence of the individual at all. Don’t believe me? Why are flags of sexual identity more common in many places than of national identity. Solve et coagula.

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  1. Forensic report shows pregnant women more likely to die of suicide than COVID
    Forensic investigator takes government statistics and weighs them against the COVID vaccine product monograph to make an informed risk versus benefit analysis.

    Edward Dowd ( ) in one video discussed criminal pathologist behavior in the stock market and noticed the same behavior in the medical/gov bureaucracy who just keep doubling down on the COVID fraud hoping the whole mess will just quietly go away…. good luck with that.

    There are many very angry people out there , with more becoming aware as more real life data comes out.

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