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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • Excellent, insightful, revealing, thank you!

      I hardly think the visionaries of the WEF included bright lights such as Justin Trudeau in their Young Global Leaders alumni. Therein is but one loose brick in their wall. And Khan, himself, pointed out the danger in applying game theory en mass on humans.

  1. 1.5 hrs of market and political commentary by a funny fellow who has a good compass. Among his observations is that, taken in the aggregate, none of the line efforts we have been subjected to (including aspects of Keynesian MMT) are coincidental (even though he doesn’t use this terminology because it may not be in his wheelhouse, which makes his visceral observation more valuable imho). Further, which has been my own feeling, the timing of the Ukraine war followed by this current Taiwan issue is not coincidental. I extend his impression by hypothesizing that, if it is accurate to believe the White House was won by the Chicoms by coup and that the current admin is doing what it can to destroy the U.S., then it may be the invasion of Taiwan will come sooner rather than later. This will see a similar act by China to do what Russia did and back their currency with hard assets. This would be a devastating blow to the USD, bringing on Western hyperinflation. Note, too, the expansion of countries interested in joing the BRICS and you’ve got the majority of the world’s population far outweighing western central banks in forming a new monetary paradigm. Well worth the time:

    • I agree, non of this is coincidental there is a pattern to all of these actions. Look for the patterns and you discover part of what is happening. The Left has been working to destroy the US since they took control of the Dems on the 1970s. Once you accept this fact their actions make sense. Putin and Xi are drawing the worlds attention while the Western nations work to reduce the worlds population.

    • Johnnyu: PLEASE, I beg you. I’m looking at your text and I don’t want to read it.

      Why? For such an intelligent guy, you should know that to capture the reader’s attention, a paragraph should not exceed 5.5 lines and include two sentences at a minimum, punctuation included.

      I don’t want to criticize you because you are great. But here we go. Look and learn.

      Your text, improved for reading:

      – 1.5 hrs of market and political commentary by a funny fellow who has a good compass.

      Among his observations is that, taken in the aggregate, none of the line efforts we have been subjected to (including aspects of Keynesian MMT) are coincidental (even though he doesn’t use this terminology because it may not be in his wheelhouse, which makes his visceral observation more valuable imho).

      Further, which has been my own feeling, the timing of the Ukraine war followed by this current Taiwan issue is not coincidental. I extend his impression by hypothesizing that, if it is accurate to believe the White House was won by the Chicoms by coup and that the current admin is doing what it can to destroy the U.S., then it may be the invasion of Taiwan will come sooner rather than later.

      This will see a similar act by China to do what Russia did and back their currency with hard assets. This would be a devastating blow to the USD, bringing on Western hyperinflation.

      Note, too, the expansion of countries interested in joing the BRICS and you’ve got the majority of the world’s population far outweighing western central banks in forming a new monetary paradigm. Well worth the time: –

  2. Germany, once again, like in 1939, force-tagging of “unworthy” Corona-opposition
    Article = Corona autumn: mandatory identification for unvaccinated people in public – FDP includedhttps://philosophia–

  3. EXCLUSIVE: Lawless Maricopa County Updates Election Results by 5,000 Votes — Then Shuts Down — Says They Will Post More Results Tomorrow Night — WTF IS GOING ON?
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published August 3, 2022 at 10:14pm
    Something stinks. Bad.

    Maricopa County, Arizona, finally released another ballot count shortly after 7 pm on Wednesday and promised more results tomorrow after 7 pm.

    This is outrageous. The polls closed yesterday at 7 pm, and they’re still counting? We call bullsh*t.

    They were late. The Gateway Pundit reported that they had not updated the results on their webpage after claiming they would.

  4. Why It Is Critical to Understand What the Other “Guy” Thinks
    By Larry Johnson
    Published August 4, 2022 at 7:00am

    me start with a simple analogy. You are tooling down the road on a BMW S1000RR “crotch rocket” at 100 miles per hour. You see Toyota sedan a couple of hundred yards (i.e., 183 meters) ahead with an elderly codger at the helm getting ready to pull out into traffic. Do you think it matters if he sees you? Damn right it does. If he pulls out in front of you a collision is inevitable unless you dump the bike, which means you will skip along the pavement like flat rock flung over a still body of water. Or, you’ll hit the car and be launched into low orbit and wind up as bloody pulp. Neither is pleasant to contemplate. It would be nice to know what he is thinking, right

  5. Surely Red China has calculated the possibility of at least one missile malfunctioning as it flies over the island, crashing. Since we must presume this to be true, and that it has also calculated the possible subsequent elevation in military confrontation, we can know that war and the start of invasion is an acceptable outcome.

    • While the US media focuses on the U S response China has to consider what Japan, India and Australia responses will be. All three know they are high on China’s to do list.

  6. Ballistic Missiles Soar Over Taiwan, “Hundreds” Of PLA Fighters Breach Airspace, As 5-Day Drills Commence
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, AUG 04, 2022 – 07:44 AM
    China has kicked off its latest round of war drills Thursday aimed at encircling and pressuring Taiwan in the wake of this week’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit to the self-ruled island, the day after she departed and continued on her Asia tour to South Korea.

    According to China’s People’s Daily, this has included PLA command dispatching “hundreds” of fighter jets to enter airspace off the northern, southwestern and southeastern airspaces of the island, at a moment Taiwan’s defense forces are on a heightened state of alert. On Wednesday some half a dozen jets were reported as having breached the ‘median line’ separating the Taiwan Strait. Beijing is promising in essence this is only the beginning.

  7. (Richard: This report comes out when the worlds food supply is being reduced by war and political stupidity.)

    Hunger In Africa: The Situation Is Serious
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, AUG 04, 2022 – 04:45 AM
    278 million people in Africa suffer from chronic hunger.

    As Statista’s Martin Armstrong details below, this corresponds to 20 percent of the continent’s population. By comparison, ten percent are affected when looked at globally.

    You will find more infographics at Statista

    According to Welthungerhilfe, the main drivers of hunger include wars, climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Most recently, the Russian attack on Ukraine further exacerbated food supply problems. Even before that though, the situation in many African countries was serious, as this map based on the 2021 World Hunger Index illustrates.

    The index “annually measures and compares the severity of hunger and malnutrition in the world, different regions and individual countries.”

    The situation is particularly dire in Somalia, with seven other countries rated as “very serious” – Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, the Central African Republic the Comoros and Madagascar.

    Only a handful of countries can be classified as “low” or “moderate” on the severity scale

  8. YGermany’s Uniper Warns Of Possible “Irregular Operation” At Major Power Plant As Rhine River Runs Dry
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, AUG 04, 2022 – 06:20 AM
    Germany’s Uniper SE, the country’s largest utility (recently bailed out by state-owned lender KfW), warned Thursday that plunging water levels on the Rhine River have reduced barge shipments of coal to a key power plant, exacerbating an energy crunch as power prices soar to record highs, reported Bloomberg.

    The river at Kaub, Germany, is around 21.6 inches (55 centimeters) on Thursday and is expected to drop to 18.5 inches (47 centimeters) by Saturday, according to the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration. Currently, Europe’s most crucial waterway is 5.9 inches (15 centimeters) from being impassible, the threshold where barge traffic is 15.7 inches (40 centimeters).

  9. (To Richard: To hat the maximum effect out of the modern weapons you need intelligent well trained personal.)

    Question German Artillery Donated To Ukraine Is Already Failing After Just Weeks Of Use
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, AUG 04, 2022 – 02:30 AM
    By Magyar Hirlap of Remix News

    Barely a month since their delivery, the first German armored self-propelled guns have already ceased service in Ukraine, according to a report by German newspaper Der Spiegel.

    German Ministry of Defense was informed by Kyiv last week that an error message appeared on the cannons and that several of them needed to be repaired. According to the Bundeswehr, the reason behind the malfunction may be that the Ukrainians are firing the guns more intensively than the technology is capable of.

    This means that the stress on the loading systems may be too high. Another problem could be that the soldiers reportedly fire the units from too far away with the special ammunition; the smart grenades used by these cannons were meant for shorter-range, precision hits.

    The Bundeswehr explained that misuse of the weapons could have contributed to a more accelerated wear and tear. Despite the problems, however, they agreed to supply Ukraine with additional weapons packages.

    At the same time, the arming of Ukraine by the West raises several problems. The unlimited flow of weapons can see arms easily end up on the black market or lost. Several European countries have already warned that weapons have on occasion been redirected to other nations. The authorities in Sweden, for example, revealed that anti-tank weapons have already appeared in the circles of criminal gangs in Sweden.

  10. Arizona Enters Day Three Still Counting Ballots
    August 4, 2022 | sundance | 130 Comments
    According to election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, they will provide further updates on their ballot counting efforts on Thursday after 7pm. The election was Tuesday. Apparently, in Arizona it takes several days to count election ballots or something, and we are not supposed to

    According to Maricopa County election officials they have counted 715,941 ballots

    According to the Arizona Secretary of State office, they are reporting 698,981 votes for governor were cast in Maricopa County [402,023(R), 296,958(D)]

    There are 16,968 more ballots reported from Maricopa County than votes cast for governor as reported by the Secretary of State.

    • Voters in Maricopa County Now Reporting Their Votes Were Thrown Out and Didn’t Count
      By Jim Hoft
      Published August 4, 2022 at 8:35am

      Something stinks. Bad.

      As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier — Maricopa County, Arizona, finally released another ballot count shortly after 7 pm on Wednesday and promised more results TOMORROW after 7 pm.

      This is outrageous. The polls closed yesterday at 7 pm, and they’re still counting? We call bullsh*t.

      They were late. The Gateway Pundit reported that they had not updated the results on their webpage after claiming they would.

      And now Republican voters are tweeting out that there vote has been nullified and erased.

      John Rhodes tweeted out: Anyone else in Maricopa County having this issue? Says signature for early ballot verified but you can see my vote didn’t count. Dropped of on Election Day at voting location.

    • This morning, I read more ballots will be counted on Saturday and whatever entity is responsible for the voting process in Arizona will give a news conference on Saturday evening at 7h PM.

      This smells super-corruption, there is no other way to say it. They’re trying every which way they can to knock out the MAGA Kari Lake gal because they know that if she wins, their job is in peril.

      BTW, Lake was leading in the polls by at least a 25% margin. And now, they’re down to a fine thread MAGA Lake vs RINO Robson.

      • Super corruption is a massive under statement. We are trying to solve this problem at the ballot box. I don’t think that is possible.

  11. In 2020 there were 24 million more ballots then there were registered voter . They got away with it then, they think they can get away with it now.

  12. GERMANY – BERLIN -Fire erupts at bomb disposal site in Berlin forest

    BERLIN, Aug 4 (Reuters) – A forested area almost the size of three football pitches was on fire in western Berlin on Thursday after a blaze broke out at a bomb disposal site during a city-wide heatwave.

    The fire service said that the blaze had spread across 15,000 square metres in the German capital’s Grunewald, a vast woodland area home to upscale villas, popular swimming lakes and the sealed-off ammunitions dump.

    Emergency services reported a number of explosions in the area, where a 1,000-meter radius has been blocked off.

    A spokesperson for the fire service said no residential areas were affected.

    The bomb disposal site in Grunewald, a secured area, is used to defuse old ordnance, as well as weapons and fireworks, the spokesperson added.

    Berlin frequently carries out bomb disposal operations due to ordnance still being discovered from World War Two.

    The blaze and resulting explosions have prompted authorities to restrict road and rail transport in and around the Grunewald forest, with trains connecting Berlin to the nearby city of Potsdam cancelled.

    “Do not enter the woodland,” the fire service warned in a tweet.

    Earlier on Thursday, smoke could be seen billowing in the distance over sailing boats at the German capital’s Lake Wannsee.

    Berlin is facing a weather warning currently. The German weather service DWD forecast one of the hottest days of the year yet with temperatures on Thursday expected to reach between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius.


    Explosions at munitions site trigger fire at Berlin’s Grunewald forest

    Several explosions at an ammunition dump caused a large fire in one of Berlin’s largest city forests on Thursday morning.

    Around 100 firefighters were on site to control the blaze in the Grunewald forest in the west of the city, German news agency dpa reported.

    The fire has so far affected some 15,000 square metres of the forest, the city firefighting unit said, while a one-kilometre perimeter has been set up as the situation remains high-risk.

    The fire was spreading quickly, and massive explosions could be heard from the site where old ammunition from World War II, fireworks and explosive ordnance are stored, and controlled explosions are carried out.

    “The situation is dangerous,” Thomas Kirstein from the Berlin fire department told reporters. He called on residents to stay away from the forest.

    Due to flying debris and the threat of further explosions, the fire department said it had not yet begun to systematically extinguish the fire.

    Berlin authorities called for additional task forces to help extinguish the flames, including special forces from the German army. Water cannons, helicopters and special evacuation tanks were also due on the scene.

    The commuter train service to the city’s west was partially interrupted, and one of the city’s most important highways, the Avus, was closed.

    Homes were not directly threatened by the flames, but the fire department warned that the fire could further spread due to the dry conditions of the forest and the exceptional heat that was expected on Thursday with temperatures of up to 38°C.


    DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Germany: Fire, explosions at Berlin police munitions facility

    Firefighters have responded to a blaze in the upscale Grunewald forest in the west of the German capital. A munitions storage facility was affected and emergency services reported explosions at the scene.

    A fire broke out in Berlin’s Grunewald forest early on Thursday following an explosion at a munitions storage site, with the German capital still facing searing summer temperatures.

    The threat of further explosions and flying debris meant firefighters were hampered from systematically extinguishing the fire. Personnel were forced to keep a distance of a kilometer (more than half a mile) from the flames.

    Berlin fire department spokesman James Klein explained to DW the challenge that was facing firefighters.

    “What we have here is an ordnance site. So ordnance is stored and also fireworks and other objects that can also explode, detonate.”

    “There are different items stored there, so there can be smaller and larger explosions. We are optimistic, because the heavy ordnance also located there, is stored accordingly, cooled and in steel containers, so that we can protect them.”

    Homes were not directly threatened by the fire, although the officials warned that dry conditions and the exceptional heat expected on Thursday meant that the blaze could spread. However, firefighters said they would prevent damage to properties.

    Klein explained that the fire brigade would form a ring around the exclusion zone so they were ready to tackle the fire as it spread. We now have fire engines positioned all around the 1000 meter radius and then, when the fire gets to the radius, we can also start the firefighting work directly, so that the fire doesn’t get out of hand there,” he said.

    “The forest is bone dry,” said Jan Thomsen, spokesman for the Berlin Senate’s Department for Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection.

    National rail operator Deutsche Bahn said that the fire was having an impact on local and long-distance trains.

    A stretch of Autobahn highway between Spanischer Allee and Hüttenweg was also closed in both directions, as were two smaller streets, according to the local traffic authorities. Fire authorities said it was likely the section of road — known as the AVUS — would remain closed for the rest of Thursday.

    A police spokesman said it was not yet clear how the explosions had taken place. The site is used to store and conduct controlled explosions of ammunition or weaponry secured by Berlin police’s weapons disposal units.

    The 3,000-hectare Grunewald is one of Berlin’s largest green spaces, starting on the western edge of the city and stretching out towards Potsdam.

    europravda – Ammunition dump blasts spark forest fire in Germany

  13. Briefing by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Head of Nuclear,Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces

    August 04, 2022

    The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation continues to analyse the military and biological activities of the US and its allies in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world in the light of new information obtained in the liberated territories.

    Work continues on the study of biological samples from Ukrainian soldiers who have voluntarily laid down their arms. As we noted earlier, high concentrations of antibiotics were found in their blood, as well as immunological markers indicative of exposure to the renal syndrome and West Nile pathogens, which were being studied by the Pentagon as part of the Ukrainian UP-4 and UP-8 projects.

    Particular attention should be paid to the discovery of narcotic drugs, including opioids such as methadone, codepsin, codeterp, as well as ephedrine-type substances: t-phedrine and tri-phedrine, at positions abandoned by Ukrainian military personnel.

    The synthetic drug methadone is used in the treatment of drug addiction as a substitute therapy.

    As a reminder, in Nazi Germany during World War II, especially between 1943 and 1945, pervitin tablets, an amphetamine derivative, were given to soldiers in order to reduce the psycho-emotional burden, primarily to SS troops.

    The drug was also used en masse by US troops in the Korean and Vietnam wars.

    A side effect of such addictive drugs is primarily excessive aggression, which explains the extreme cruelty towards civilians displayed by some Ukrainian servicemen, as well as the shelling of towns in Donbass.

    In view of the available information on the use of potent stimulants by AFU servicemen, we are studying incoming samples for the presence of this class of compounds. Their traces persist in human organs and tissues for a long time (e.g., in hair – up to six months).

    The results will be handed over to the Investigative Committee and used as evidence in investigations into war crimes committed by the Kiev regime.

    A few weeks ago, during the special military operation, Rubezhnoye in Lugansk People’s Republic was liberated. Documents have been found in the laboratory of the Pharmbiotest medical centre located at 9 Pochaivska Street, confirming that research had been carried out in Ukraine for several years on behalf of the so-called Big Pharma. Clinical trials of unregistered drugs with potentially serious side-effects have been carried out on local residents.

    We examined the premises of the centre responsible for clinical trials of medicinal products on volunteers. Evidence was found in them that Western customers regularly visited Pharmbiotest and were allowed access to all stages of the research process. For the convenience of their work, the inscriptions on equipment, room names and working documentation have been duplicated in English.

    To avoid reputational risks and legal costs in case of failed trials of new drugs, US and European companies conducted clinical trials on Ukrainian citizens. Volunteer pay was minimal and fatalities could easily be concealed. Neither have there been any serious inspections or oversight by the local authorities.

    This is in line with the Western concept of delocalising the most internationally controversial research. In Ukraine, military personnel, low-income citizens and one of the most vulnerable categories of the population, patients in psychiatric hospitals, have been used for this purpose.

    We continue to analyse the documentary material uncovered in Rubezhnoye settlement laboratory.

    We have already informed that more than 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, were taken from Ukraine to the US, Georgia and European countries.

    Against the background of the US administration’s assurances that the genetic information obtained from Ukrainian citizens will be used “…exclusively for peaceful purposes…”, I would like to quote a statement by Jason Crowof the US House Intelligence Committee at the North American Security Conference in July.

    Crow warned Americans about the dangers of giving their DNA to private companies for testing because: “…there is a possibility that test results will be sold to third parties… and the information obtained could be used to develop biological weapons targeting specific groups… or individuals.”

    Given the US administration’s interest in the study of “narrowly targeted” biological agents, such statements force a fresh look at the causes of the new coronavirus pandemic and the role of US military biologists in the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pathogen.

    In May 2022, Jeffrey Sachs – a leading expert in the respected medical journal The Lancet and professor at Columbia University, the leading academic institution for global biosecurity, told a conference in Spain that “…the coronavirus was artificially created and is very likely to have been created using American advances in biotechnology…”.

    According to our experts, this is evidenced by the uncharacteristic variability of the genovariants that cause different peaks in the incidence of coronaviruses, significant differences in lethality and contagiousness, uneven geographical distribution, and the unpredictable nature of the epidemic process as a whole. It appears that despite efforts to contain and isolate the disease, the pandemic is being artificially fuelled by the introduction of new variants of the virus in a particular region.

    We are considering the possibility that the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was involved in the emergence of the new coronavirus. Since 2009, the agency has funded the Predict programme, which has investigated new species of coronaviruses by capturing bats that carry the viruses. One of the contractors for the project was Metabiota, a company known for its military-biological activities in Ukraine.

    Characteristically, in 2019 – before the first COVID-19 cases appeared – the US Johns Hopkins Institute hosted an exercise called ‘Event-201’, which practised dealing with an epidemic of a previously unknown coronavirus, which, according to the legend of the exercise, was transmitted from bats to humans via an intermediate host, pigs. This is how the ‘Spanish flu’ virus, which has killed tens of millions of people, became pandemic.

    The implementation of the COVID-19 scenario and USAID’s emergency wind-down of the Predict programme in 2019 suggest the deliberate nature of the pandemic and US involvement in its emergence.

    During the special military operation, documents were seized indicating that USAID and its main contractor, Labyrinth Ukraine, have been participating in the US military bioweapons programme since 2019.

    Note the letter from the head of the AFU Sanitary and Epidemiological Department to the director of Labyrinth Ukraine, Karen Saylors. In it, the Ukrainian Armed Forces command declares its readiness to cooperate with USAID on administering vaccines to military personnel and on collecting, processing and transmitting information of interest to the US side.

    The choice of the US Agency for International Development to coordinate the work may have been prompted by increasing Russian concern over the activities of Ukrainian bio-laboratories, an attempt to “take the US defence agency out of the loop” and avoid accusations of developing biological weapons.

    It has been established that Labyrinth Ukraine is a division of the US company Labyrinth Global Health, and its founders are former employees of Metabiota, a key Pentagon contractor in the military-biological field.

    Labyrinth Ukraine took part in UP-9 and UP-10 projects, which studied the spread of African swine fever in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

    I would like to point out that as part of the US Department of Defense’s biological threat reduction programme, one of Labyrinth Global Health’s research areas has been the study of coronaviruses and monkeypox virus.

    On July 23, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of monkeypox an international health emergency, and to date the disease has been reported in 76 countries, with over 26,000 cases.

    Thus we see a clear trend: infectious disease agents that reach the Pentagon’s zone of interest are subsequently pandemic, with US pharmaceutical companies and their patrons, the leaders of the US Democratic Party, as the beneficiaries.

    We have previously documented the use of biological weapons by the United States in Cuba. It was about the deliberate spread of Dengue, African swine fever and diseases of economically important crops on the island. I would like to give another example from the US military biology dossier.

    In 1997, the Cuban government brought to the attention of the world community the fact that the United States had violated the requirements of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. The charge was based on the testimony of a Cuban pilot who recorded the spraying from a US aircraft of a quarantine biological agent, the palm thrips, which could damage one of Cuba’s key agricultural industries.

    Although it was possible to initiate an extraordinary meeting of BWC States Parties on this issue, the incident was not investigated due to the lack of a Convention verification mechanism, which the Russian Federation insists on establishing.

    Such impunity has contributed to the continued use of bioweapons technology by Washington in Latin America, including the assassination of undesirable politicians.

    On July 18, 2022, the President of the Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, publicly declared the involvement of the United States in the assassination of former head of state Hugo Chávez.

    According to information available to Venezuela, U.S. security services have been working since 2002 on possible ways to eliminate the Venezuelan leader, who has pursued an active anti-American policy. Numerous assassination attempts involving members of the US embassy in Caracas were uncovered and thwarted.

    In violation of international law, the United States has been involved in the development of drugs that, when administered in the short term, cause chronic disease and develop various forms of cancer. According to the Venezuelan side, a similar drug was used to poison Chávez by Claudio Díaz, a member of the presidential entourage. She fled Venezuela with the assistance of US intelligence agencies and was subsequently removed to the US to avoid possible publicity about the details of her cooperation with US intelligence agencies.

    A causal link between the Venezuelan leader’s death and the development of biological weapons is confirmed by forensic evidence and the testimony of Cuban doctors who treated Chavez about the atypical course of the disease and its resistance to the use of medicines.

    Thanks to the special military operation, the threats posed by US bio-objects have come to the attention of many international and governmental organisations.

    Mass demonstrations against Pentagon-funded biolaboratories have taken place in a number of countries around the world. The Eurasian Economic Union’s civil society organisations have passed a resolution to close such biosites.

    In this context, we are already seeing a change in the approach of the US military’s work in the biological field in other countries. For example, states in which the US conducts dual-targeted research have been asked to sign a collective statement of cooperation with the US solely to “…enhance global health security and reduce the impact of infectious diseases on populations…”. It is the word “global” and the rest of the text that draws attention: “led by the United States”.

    However, additional funding will be available through the Biohazard Reduction Programme for countries loyal to the US initiative.

    The Russian Ministry of Defence will continue to analyse the documentary evidence of the US bioweapons programme in Ukraine and will keep you informed of the results.


    NBCP Briefing Slides (August 4, 2022)

    NBCP Briefing Documents (August 4, 2022)

    1. Drug trials on Ukrainian citizens

    2. Coronavirus research, origin of CoVID-19

    3. Labyrinth Ukraine

    4. Biological Incidents

    • “We Need Emergency Resources Now:” NYC Health Chief on Fighting Monkeypox | Amanpour and Company

      ( 18 min )

      The rapid spread of monkeypox has caused a state of emergency to be declared in New York, Illinois and California. New York City, according to Mayor Eric Adams, is the “epicenter of the outbreak.”

      New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the effects of the virus and what can be done to prevent its spread.

    • CBC – Monkeypox concerns front and centre at annual AIDS conference

      Concerns about rising monkeypox cases and a lack of vaccine equity were front and centre at the annual International Aids Conference.

    • sky news australia – Australia secures 450,000 monkeypox vaccines

      … it is world leading in doing so…

      “So this government making sure it does not make the same mistakes as their predecessors when it comes to vaccines,”

    • USA – High risk communities encouraged to get monkeypox vaccine

      More than 25,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported globally. About a quarter of those are right here in the US, including five children.

    • WSJ – Why Monkeypox Is a Global Health Threat

      Morris Valentne Flatlander 22 hours ago

      Doctors have noticed a very serious uptick among cowboys, indigenous people, construction workers, sailors, police officers, and bikers!

    • CBC – Foreigners seeking monkeypox vaccine in Canada

      Tourists are coming to Canada for the monkeypox vaccine, which is in short supply in many other countries.

      Montreal Public Health is encouraging foreigners to get vaccinated, and says so far there isn’t a supply issue.

      • Oh boy, we must hurry and get our monkypox injections before foreigners use up our supply!! This propaganda will unfortunately work on Canadians again.

        • No, this is just to far beyond –
          Nothing could be more clear:
          You’re in Sodom and Gomorrah. Grab your family and run for your life! Never look back!

    • BBC – Monkeypox: Three things you need to know

      More than 100,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine have been acquired to combat the spread of the virus.

      Vaccines minister Maggie Throup said most of the vaccines were being made available in London, with about 75% of confirmed cases here in the capital.

      While anyone can get monkeypox, the vast majority of those with the virus are men who are gay, bisexual or have sex with other men.

      George McNally 21 hours ago

      I find myself a bit confused by this interview.

      Who are these 'other men' who are not gay or bisexual but having sex with other men?

    • Monkeypox in Houston: Health department to start testing wastewater for the virus

      The announcement comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognized HHD as a national center of excellence for its wastewater testing of COVID-19.

    • ABC NEWS – How the monkeypox outbreak could impact your mental health

      ….. 5th child has tested positive for monkeypox

      Dr. Alok Patel and Wizdom Powell, chief social impact and diversity officer at Headspace Health, discuss pediatric monkeypox cases ahead of the school year in the United States.

      • Maybe because Sunday is Tisha B’Av, I feel especially anxious reading even just the titles. (All the videos are on the Boycott List, phew!)

        There’s such profound S I N

        – – – – Here Perfectchild would tease me into defining “sin”. He’d talk about thought crimes against a dictatorial code, violating arbitrary commandments enforced by self-inflicted guilt. Emotional pain, only relieved by a fraud to whom I’ve yielded my own integrity.

        Rather, I’m thinking about the video Johnny linked the other day. The sin of taking a mechanistic view of the universe, acting on a set of assumptions that exclude the spirit, the essence of G-d.

        The sterile, anti-human creed that’s (a) nonsense, and (b) so dangerous it may lead us to oblivion.

        Inhuman, not transhuman. Those who fancy themselves gods will collapse in the Towers of Babel they’ve built, and we’ll be collateral damage.

    • zero hedge –Rand Paul: Congress Is Not Allowed To Know About ‘Top Secret’ Gain-Of-Function Research-Committee

      Appearing on Fox News to discuss the first ever Senate hearing on gain of function research, Rand Paul revealed that there is a committee that is supposed to oversee such experimentation with potentially lethal viruses, but that it is above the oversight of Congress.

      Paul noted that according to scientists who testified on Capitol Hill yesterday, “the committee that is supposed to review these viruses is secret.”

      “We don’t know the names. We don’t know that they ever meet, and we don’t have any records of their meetings,” the Senator reiterated, adding “It’s top-secret. Congress is not allowed to know. So whether the committee actually exists, we’re uncertain.”

      “We do know that they’ve met three times and there are thousands of gain-of-function research proposals. They’ve only met three times, they’ve only reviewed three projects,” Paul continued.

      Three scientists testified during the hearing, they were Dr. Richard Ebright, laboratory director of the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University, Kevin Esvelt, assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, and Dr. Steven Quay, CEO of Atossa Therapeutics Inc.

      “The three scientists agreed that this was dangerous research. Two of the three absolutely said it was gain-of-function. The third said it was dangerous research and should have gone before a committee,” Paul asserted.

      The Senator added that “When Dr. Fauci said, ‘Oh, we’ve reviewed this and the experts have looked at this, and said it’s not gain-of-function,’ even that wasn’t true. There was a committee that was formed after 2017 to look at this dangerous research. They didn’t look at this research at all because they never reviewed it. So no one reviewed this to say it wasn’t gain-of-function research. They didn’t review it, period.”

      “So we learned a lot of things, but I think we reconfirmed that Dr. Fauci is not being honest with us,” Paul urged, adding “Yes, the NIH funded gain-of-function research. Yes, it was dangerous. And yes, nobody looked over this. Nobody reviewed the research. Yes, a million people died. And there still seems to be a significant lack of curiosity on the part of Democrats.”

      During the hearing, Dr. Ebright said that he stands by previous statements he has made charging that Anthony Fauci “lied to Congress, lied to the press, and lied to the public knowingly, willfully, brazenly.”

      “The statements made on repeated occasions to the public, the press, and to policymakers by the NIAID director, Dr. Fauci, have been untruthful,” Ebright said, adding “I do not understand why those statements are being made, because they are demonstrably false.”

      Dr. Esvelt warned that “we are so used to thinking of pandemics as a health and safety issue that we have missed the national security implications of identifying viruses that could be deliberately unleashed to kill millions of people.”

      Dr. Quay outlined how the idea that the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan wet market is highly unlikely , noting “There is no dispositive evidence the pandemic began as a spillover of a natural virus in a market,” and further declaring “All evidence is consistent with a laboratory-acquired infection.”

      “The virus has three genomic regions that have the signature of synthetic biology—that is, gain-of-function research,” Quay said in his opening statement, adding “One region has features of the two types of forbidden gain-of-function research that are associated with bioweapons development: asymptomatic transmission and immune-system evasion.”

    • NBC News – Biden Administration Declares Monkeypox A Public Health Emergency

      The declaration will help free up resources for vaccines and treatments.

    • My Russian friends are laughing, such serious allegations! Shock-!! Outrage-!!

      Of Soviet/RF lab leak catastrophes, the rest of the world knows a tiny fraction. (That’s besides prisoners used as guinea pigs for ongoing medical research.)

      Starting in the late 1920s the Soviets set up CW and biolabs everywhere. There were even special gulags, or units in gulags, where scientists who fell into the system would work on things…
      Though conditions were slightly better than for the average prisoner, very, very few survived.

      Later, most technical and scientific research was integrated within the military.

      It’s HIGHLY unlikely all those facilities were totally dismantled when the USSR collapsed. Or that Russia hasn’t maintained surveillance on enterprises in their own Near Abroad.

      Russo-Ukes keep Papa Bear up-to-date better than whoever’s supposed to be funding them.

      Same as in, for example, Kazakstan.
      Which is why they invaded five minutes after a sorta coup attempt started in January. Enormous country, yet they found the lab in a distant corner close to the border of China and secured the whole works.

    • GERMANY – Fully vaccinated and boosted Health Minister Karl Lauterbach tested positive for Coronavirus

      Germany unveils looming Covid restrictions – RT


      NEUES INFEKTIONSSCHUTZGESETZ: Maskenpflicht? Karl Lauterbach erklärt Corona-Regeln für den Herbst

  14. ctv news – Canadian Armed Forces to start training Ukrainian soldiers in third country

    OTTAWA – Defence Minister Anita Anand is expected to announce that the Canadian Armed Forces will start training Ukrainian soldiers in a third country.

    The move comes nearly six months after Canada suspended its previous training mission in Ukraine just weeks before Russian forces invaded the country.

    I also follows the return on Sunday of 150 Canadian soldiers who were first deployed to Poland in April to help with a flood of Ukrainian refugees flowing over the border.

    A senior government official, granted anonymity to discuss matters not yet made public, tells The Canadian Press the new mission will include a significant number of troops and build on the military assistance that Canada has already given to Ukraine.

    That includes training Ukrainian forces on how to use the four M777 howitzers that Canada donated earlier this year, as well as cyber assistance through Canada’s electronic spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment.

    Canada first launched a mission, along with Britain and the United States, to help train the Ukrainian military after Moscow ordered the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 and started supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

    The federal government says that mission, known as Operation Unifier, helped train more than 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers before all Canadian troops were evacuated ahead of Russia’s invasion.

    While the trainers eventually returned home, Canada has expanded the size of its military presence in Europe in response to the now war, which is in its sixth month.

    That includes the 150 service members who recently returned from Poland, and reinforcing a Canadian-led NATO battle group in Latvia.

    In April, Russia sanctioned all six former commanders of Operation Unifier, which some saw as proof of the mission’s success.


    global – Canada’s defence minister announces Armed Forces training for Ukrainian troops

    • CBC – Canadian troops to join British-led mission to train Ukrainian recruits

      Canada is prepared to commit a contingent of soldiers to the British Army’s program to turn Ukrainian civilians into fighting troops

    • sky news australia – Zelensky ‘not all he’s portrayed as’ by Western media: Bernardi

      “everything we are told” about the Russia-Ukraine conflict should be taken “with a huge dose of salt”.

      • Don’t just take it with a “huge dose of salt”!

        Take it to whoever will listen, explain it with facts to back it up. Tell people who won’t like you for saying it, even talk to people you really dislike.

        Preach it!

  15. BREAKING: FBI Arrests Four Police Officers Charged with Federal Crimes Related to Death of Breonna Taylor
    By Cristina Laila
    Published August 4, 2022 at 10:38am
    Four police officers were charged with federal crimes related to the death of Breonna Taylor.

    US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday announced the Justice Department is charging four current and former Louisville police officers in connection with the raid that killed Breonna Taylor.

  16. europravda – Powered by poo: German energy plant makes biogas from manure

    With Germany scrambling to find alternatives to Russian natural gas, an energy plant in Zerbsk is producing biogas made from chicken and cow manure.

    • UK – LONDON – AUG 4 2022

      After Muharram was banned in Azerbaijan, Shiites in London stormed the country’s embassy in UK

      More than 80% of the population of Azerbaijan is Shiite, but the government of this country is trying to de-Islamize the people of Azerbaijan.The Shiite extremist organization Union of Servants of the Mahdi claimed responsibility for the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in London.

      The organization was created by Shiite clerics from Kuwait, who have recently been living in London.

      Azerbaijan Embassy in London stormed by radical religious group

      On August 4, 2022, the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was stormed by a group of the radical religious group, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs told

      Entering the building of the embassy, the members of the vandalism group raised religious flags and shouted radical religious slogans on the balcony of the building. After the intervention of the local police, the group members were taken out of the building and detained. Embassy employees were not injured as a result of the incident. The incident is being investigated by local law enforcement agencies. Additional information on the results of the study will be provided.

      In accordance with the Vienna Convention, a warning regarding the security of diplomats and diplomatic premises has been brought to the attention of UK authorities through diplomatic channels.

  17. MONTREAL – Three murders in 24 hours | The Muslim suspect suffered from serious mental health problems, confirms his father

    The father of Abdullah Shaikh, this young man shot dead by the police suspected of being the author of the series of murders that have occurred in the last two days in Laval and Montreal, confirms that his son was struggling with serious health problems. mental health and has already been interned in psychiatry.

    Le suspect souffrait de graves problèmes de santé mentale, confirme son père

    Le père d’Abdullah Shaikh, ce jeune homme abattu par les policiers soupçonné d’être l’auteur de la série de meurtres survenus dans les deux derniers jours à Laval et à Montréal,

  18. WARNING: This is not a pretty sight. In Northern Quebec, a stupid and vile guy intentionally ran down a moose calf, and possibly both of them on the side of the road. He was comparing them to the Native Aboriginals or whatever they call themselves.

    It is to be noted that in Quebec, I think the moose population is protected because of dwindling numbers. Hunting them is forbidden except for the Native Aboriginals because their hunt is part and parcel of their culture. That’s what happens when select groups have special privileges, sorry to say.

    Second video in the link: He’s bastardizing them, he seems to have run over both of them, stops his vehicle and backs up to finish off the second calf.

    Viewer outrage exploded and a criminal investigation has begun. His vehicle has been seized. People want the maximum penalty for him, and I agree. Disgusting act.

    Second video here:

  19. DETROIT: Poll Challenger Thrown Out Of Counting Center For Challenging Ballots and Internet Connection To Computer…Demands Detroit Police Officer Arrests Men Who Broke The Law! [VIDEO]
    By Patty McMurray
    Published August 4, 2022 at 6:05pm

    On Tuesday night, a poll challenger who was credentialed by a top-notch election integrity group in Michigan was physically removed from the former TCF Center (now the Huntington Place) for asking too many (legitimate) questions about ballots and the processes that he claims were not being followed. The Huntington Place is where absentee Detroit’s absentee ballots from the August 2,

  20. Seth Frantzman:
    The Gulf is getting the air defense it needs

    The US State Department has approved the potential sale of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system missiles, THAAD fire control and communication stations, and related equipment to the United Arab Emirates, Reuters reported this week.

    In addition, the “State Department has approved the potential sale of Patriot missiles and related equipment to Saudi Arabia in a deal valued at up to $3.05 billion,” the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

    These are big deals, both in financial and strategic terms. The deal with the UAE is worth $2.25 billion, the Pentagon said. The news comes the same day as reports saying the US Army had recently tested Iron Dome at White Sands, and this just a month after the Marine Corps also tested the missile interceptor at the military testing area in New Mexico.

    While these appear to be two different stories – American air defense sales to the Gulf and Israeli air defense technology being tested by the US – they are, in fact, related air defense stories…

    Add all this up, and one gets an emerging picture of how air defenses are reshaping US-Israel ties and the region. Where once Israel was a small country searching out better air defenses, it has now become a powerhouse of technology.

    At the same time, Washington has finally decided to advance the big sales of large air defense systems that are needed in the Gulf. This also comes as branches of the US government are testing Iron Dome…

    THAAD is essential. It was used, for instance, in January to down a missile fired from Yemen at the UAE. Saudi Arabia has used Patriots for many years. Now more and better air defenses may be on the way.

  21. Netanyahu Contests Kushner’s Claim on Surprising Trump With Annexation

    Israel’s Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday denied claims in Jared Kushner’s upcoming memoir that his plans to annex West Bank settlements were not coordinated with former US president Donald Trump’s administration…

    Kushner claims in his book that Netanyahu’s speech embarrassed Trump, recalling the former president telling him: “Bibi gave a campaign speech. I feel dirty…”

    “The allegation that (then) prime minister Netanyahu surprised Jared Kushner and president Trump… is completely false,” a spokesperson for Netanyahu said…
    Jared is a snake. Ivanka is a Demonrat. Same crowd as the skunky Clinton/MB crowd.

    The timing for release of this book is one month before the Israeli election. The Snake wants a weak Israeli Prez to maximize his own influence in Gulf affairs. BIG money here. He likes to sneak around, pulling strings behind a curtain.

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