Dutch Government acts out against Dutch Farmers who they have illegally disenfranchised in the name of AGW

AGW of course means Anthropogenic Global Warming. And the farmers are accused of generating nitrogen. Nitrogen is 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. So I think we can all agree that science has nothing to do with political decisions anymore if they ever did since the beginning of the communist revolution across the Developed World. (Please see table below)

What we get are lying slogans instead of anything factual enough to give a predicible result. Those who do accurately predict the results are called “conspiracy theorists”. Usually followed hard-on by being called, “Racists, misogynists, far right White supremacists” and any combination of, plus any other adjective that adds odiousness.

On to the Netherlands then:

Tensions are high in the Netherland. Now Dutch Cops are pulling weapons on unarmed citizens and shooting. Stills are from videos posted below:

This article actually mentions that police shot at demonstrators:

Farmers’ blockades ‘will cost supermarkets tens of millions’

There will be a great deal more on this soon no doubt at all. Please check this post’s comments for related materials, the Reader’s Links and later today, RAIR Foundation for a more detailed and less chaotic post on the issue.


?? The newscaster reads out what was editorialized. And that was wrong. In the Dutch news, the shooting at a tractor is presented as if it was in self-defense. That is not correct.
?? The speaker mentions that they were not warning shots, but targeted shots (nl.: “directed”), because the tractors were driving towards the police officers (nl.: “agents”) in a targeted way. This was not the case. The tractors drove past the police.
If the tractor with trailer had driven just a little slower, the tractor driver might have been hit.
??A striking thing about the shooter is that he was filmed for quite some time with his gun drawn and also pointed it at at least one passenger car.
??Dutch farmers are apparently being deliberately defamed by media misrepresentations.

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9 Replies to “Dutch Government acts out against Dutch Farmers who they have illegally disenfranchised in the name of AGW”

  1. Netherlands: the farmers have nothing to lose. That’s the part their government forgot. I wonder if the Netherlands is a testing ground for emission reduction. It’s a small country. If the farmers give up, next on the list might just be Canada or New Zealand’s turn.

  2. Some remarks on the dutch anti-nitrogen measures:
    1) Nitrogen in this context is short for nitrogen-based compounds such as ammonia (animals) and NOx (machinery). Pure nitrogen is of course abundant in the atmosphere and is harmless.
    2) The measures are required by EU rules passed years ago. This means that these problems will arise in other EU countriesas well. It’s already starting in Flanders, but german farmers seem exempt for now.
    3) The dutch government for years didn’t enforce these measures, until an activist went to court and won. Now it’s forced to buy out all these farmers, which it probably can’t afford.
    4) Agriculture is an important part of the dutch economy, and involves not only farmers, but also banks, universities, research institutes, food processing and transport companies, multinationals etc. Their representatives are lobbying behind the scenes as I write this, trying to protect their economic interests. They have a lot of clout!
    5) With these numbers, and the situation in Ukraine, you have to wonder about food safety:
    [..] produces large surpluses in the food-processing industry and accounts for 21% of the Dutch total export value. The Dutch rank first in the European Union and second worldwide in value of agricultural exports, behind only the United States, with agricultural exports earning €80.7 billion in 2014, up from €75.4 billion in 2012. In 2019 agricultural exports were worth €94.5 billion.[..]
    One-third of the world’s exports of chilis, tomatoes, and cucumbers go through the country. The Netherlands also exports one-fifteenth of the world’s apples.
    A significant portion of Dutch agricultural exports consists of fresh-cut plants, flowers, and flower bulbs, with the Netherlands exporting two-thirds of the world’s total.

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