Major victory against the Government-pharma complex in the USA

LAUSD parents can now file for damages from the illegal COVID vaccine mandates

A judge has ruled that the LA Unified School District wasn’t authorized to mandate the COVID vaccines or force kids into independent study. If you were injured, I can help you recover damages.

An important decision on vaccine mandates was just signed and released this morning.

The case was filed by a father on behalf of his son who attends the Science Academy STEM LAUSD magnet school. The lawyer in this case was Lee Andelin.

LAUSD will likely appeal the decision, but it’s unlikely they will prevail.

The decision means that:

  1. LAUSD was wrong in requiring the COVID vaccines
  2. For all but ten vaccines, a personal belief exemption must be respected.
  3. LAUSD can no longer send kids away from their school and to independent study because they are not vaccinated.
  4. Only the Department of Public Health can mandate vaccines, not the schools
  5. The ruling applies to all students, not just the student filing the complaint
  6. Parents whose children were injured, either by having to have their child vaccinated (regardless of whether your child has a vaccine injury or not) or whose child was shifted into independent study, now have an opportunity to sue for monetary damages.

Judge Strikes Down L.A. School’s Vaccine Mandate as Illegal, Blocks It from Segregating Kids into Independent Study

The Los Angeles school district has been handed a legal setback against its policy to force children to get ‘vaccinated’ for Covid-19 or else be segregated into independent study.

Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff’s ruling in the Superior Court of California was rendered on Tuesday morning.

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2 Replies to “Major victory against the Government-pharma complex in the USA”

  1. I work in law in Los Angeles for the past 40 years. This is why they closed the courts down at the start of the plandemic and only recently reopened at the beginning of this year. The jab mandates were clearly illegal and hopefully now the rest of the Plaintiff’s bar will smell blood in the water.

  2. The start for all truth to come out and much needed justice to be served among all involved on the COVID injections. The entire situation those behind the COVID agenda should all be held for crimes against humanity. This has caused the collapse and conflict among the whole world, has taken all person’s RIGHT’S BY GOD abused by some rich elite that have corrupted individuals by the root of all evil (MONEY)! We are all tenants on earth and to claim right’s as an individual to own property rights or minerals right’s or the authority over another person besides their own person and deprive them of Life, Happiness, Health, and freedom to prosper through the works of their own persons hands. Criminal’s have used religion, history, Science, advanced tech. to create their agenda of control for their benefit. All while those of good heart struggle to live. My personal opinion by observing through my own eye’s and thought’s of my own. This was a good start maybe it can be what shed’s light on all that has been done and a start of the way God Blessed Us to all live in harmony. He blessed the land to provide all we needed to accomplish by depending on Our Creator not Man. Care for the land and animals depend on yourself and trade by equal value. God Bless and prayer’s for everyone.

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