Questioning the good-faith negotiations of the city of Ottawa and Canadian governments at all levels

In this interview, we talk to one of the organizers of the events planned for June 30th in Ottawa, the arrival of James Topp.

Taken at face value, it would almost seem that when playing by the city, or indeed any level of government’s rules, they are not attempting to work with us for the best outcome, but in fact seek the information they need to make sure your event is a failure.

It seemed that way with Rolling Thunder when at the last minute, the Veterans were not allowed to ride around the War Memorial, and it seems that way on the attempt to have a family picnic a couple of miles from Parliament Hill and the Downtown core. When the permit was issued, it had impossible conditions. Then the city said the park would not be available for family picnics, even though that is what it’s for, and that indeed NO CITY FACILITY would be available for the veterans or supporters of James Topp.

Quite a contrast to what they let you do if you claim to be a member of a sexual activities group that cannot possibly produce offspring.

Perhaps it isn’t as it seems. Maybe this is just bureaucracy at work and, like is so often stated, “don’t mistake incompetence with malice”. I gotta say though. After watching 15 years of various lines of effort against Western thought and civilization it is exactly the opposite. Do not mistake malice for incompetence. Because they cannot get it exactly that wrong, that often, with such predictable results unless that was the desired outcome.



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  1. Perhaps set things up in 5-6 different locations and see what the response is then. Use different names to set things up, and then schedule stuff at the least restrictive place at the last minute.

  2. I’m putting this here because it is VERY IMPORTANT.

    So, back in 2019….

    GUESS what just happened: That same farm just went up in flames burning live some 1,200 pigs. I can’t find an English link.

    These said animal activists are in bed with other groups. I’m not saying they did it but something smells.

    • Quick, bring the BBQ sauce!. Lots of meat facilities are going up in flames. Activists are feeling emboldened, and they’re carrying out the agenda that meat will be only for the elites.

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