Interview with Co-founder of Canadian Front Line Nurses

In a fortuitous meeting at Strathcona park on July 1st, we managed to get an interview out of co-founder of Canadian Front Line Nurses. An organization dedicated to providing proper health care despite bureaucratic interference and mandates. Nurse Sarah Choujounian stresses a wholistic approach to medicine whenever possible. She was also the first nurse to be fired for refusing the injections. Injections which increasingly appear to be a ferociously dangerous health choice.

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  1. Thank God for nurses like her.

    Then Canadians are “informed” by Economics graduate / Health Minister, Jean Yvette Dulcolax or is it Duclos, trying to make some sense:

    “Canadians will be required to get a Covid shot every 9 months for the foreseeable future”. Previous definitions of “fully vaccinated” made no sense” the global clown told reporters. “We will never be fully vaccinated (poisoned) against Covid-19”.

    Then we have Canada’s “top doc”, Theresa Tam, saying “Misinformation causes real harm and potentially kills” and I must say I totally agree with this “misinformed” global puppet.
    Has she EVER heard of herd immunity? Will she EVER speak out about the number of people who have died from the so-called vaccines? Does she have any idea of the number of Canadians who are vaccine injured, paralyzed, stroke victims, Bell’s Palsy, miscarriages, shingles or does she think these conditions are “just going around”?

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