“Canadians will never be fully vaxxed” – Health minister: Links post 1, July 4th, 2022

1. Jordan Peterson discusses Trudeau and Canada with Rex Murphy. The single person on CBC that recognized reality. I guess this makes him CBC’s plausible deniability.

2. Very short blast about climate change

3. In the Netherlands, Farmers are uprising against the same sort of irrational and communist measures we see everywhere now. They are attempting to take away people’s farms and livestock because cows produce nitrogen. The left loves to ban elements. In any case, the farmers are fighting back in creative ways and its getting zero attention anywhere on the MSM.

Ill start adding Tweets as I find them. Keene Beaxtie claims he is going to the Netherlands to report on it first hand. Lets hope he does and does a good job.

4. Canadians should be aware that the Trudopian government of Canada now has made it clear that you can never be fully ‘vaccinated’. Those who had two doses are now or soon going to be considered unvaccinated. So if you took this crap as an alchemical solution to transform what was your rights into state-granted privilege, know that you are on a treadmill you may never get off.

5. The Post Millennial was on site today on Parliament Hill for a protest against the US Roe V Wade decision.

Thank God for this guy. There was not enough absurdity till he started in on the women for excluding men in the abortion debate since none of the wording included ‘transwomen’, who also, apparently need abortions. In that case I agree. Abortion on demand for all biological men who want an abortion.

Thank you all for your kind attention to these efforts.

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  1. Surprise, surprise !!!

    My double-jabbed and single-boosted neighbors are now no longer headed for boosters. They’re looking for Ivermectin.

    It was quite a conversation for me as they were into the jabs. I mentioned Ivermectin and they had heard about its miraculous properties and were wondering about it. So, I told them how it had saved my life.

    People are waking up. That’s the good news for today,

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