BOOSTERMAN! Waits to greet James Topp

We got to the War Memorial on June 30th early, rushing from Hogs Back, to the War memorial to see James Topp arrive at his destination after a 4000 Km and change run. There was lots of characters there from both sides of the political fence. But this guy won the prize for creativity and effort. He called himself, “Boosterman!” and expressed two problems in Canada. The dangers of the gene therapy shots, and also the dangers of speaking truthfully about them.

“Remember kids, don’t do drugs!”

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    • JohnnyU: People are in a process of dehumanization. They live in concrete boxes and when they look out of their windows, more concrete boxes. I know so many who are attached to their personal belongings such as their furniture and their vehicles, add the iPhones.

      So, we have another massive pandemic on the way just in time for the fall season. This time, the government won’t have to impose masking and restrictions on our movements. Out of fear, people will do it on their own.

      • Yes, Sassy, dehumanization is an essential tool. Remember, Dear Leader told us we “…took up space!…”. Like furniture to be thrown out.

        As far as monkey pox goes, maybe I’ll worry if I start playing for the “other team” but not before.

  1. Want’s Canadians to wake up…
    ROFL. Too late! 90% of the population are totally down with National Socialism.
    I’ve been working this hard out here on the left coast for 2 years, and non stop frenetically since February. The result?
    Many think they can vote their way out. If that wasn’t so delusional, stupid and pathetic, I’d be laughing my ass off.
    At least six times a week, I am confronted with mob violence from people who are so okay with Fascism, they are willing to murder; violent suppression of any but the state narrative being a feature of Fascism, but the NPC’s can’t see or understand that.
    Blue Anon TDS. So consumed are they, and so incited by state propaganda, that they are blind and uncaring of the malevolent, genocialists that compose their government.
    Anti-American bigotry. Oh, Canadians are soo much better than racist, bigoted Americans, that we can violently hate Americans and dual nationals, often to the point of mob violence. Then, Canadians can pretend to be nice, and feel smug about pretending, and they are better than Americans because they hate Americans, which is one of 2 forms of bigotry sanctioned by the state, and all leafs can enjoy that.
    New Canadians are best of all, as they are bung-full of vicious racism, but that’s OK, because every one is encouraged to hate Caucasians.
    Lets not forget the Leaf Gestapo, for which there is only one cure – cauterization.
    I’d wet back back out to my other home country ( Yes, I have two native lands, a lynchable offence if one of those lands were the United States…) in a pico second if I were not confident that the escalatory spiral will go to full idiocy. I have total confidence in the WEF, the plan, and the culpable stupidity of these flabby A-holes.
    I am staying, at a safe remove, and enjoying the show. You see, I have a plan, too.
    On the day it crashes, burns, or George Romero’s, I am executing case Mad Max.
    We are riding an apocalypse in progress, and no one want’s it to stop.
    Our righteous war is now up to a 60% probability of crossing the nuclear Rubicon, unless the MRNA plague flattens that curve first, and that accelerates every day this goes on. And China is yet circling about, the clock running down to H-Hour.
    When civil order collapses, the Reconquista begins. Quit trying to save this mess; it cannot be recovered, and it is long over due for a steam cleaning.
    Save your sequences, get your children clear, keep that flame alive, and gird your loins.
    It’s a long, gruesome, bloody slog afore us. Hard hearts, hard minds, No Quarter, and no guarantees. This is the road ahead, so tool up and stand to.
    Good Luck, and Good Hunting.

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