The only metric in play in the West, Nitrogen pollution? And the cancellation of America: Links 1, July 3rd, 2022

1. Antifa Terrorist Who was Carrying Loaded Gun at Violent Protest Has Charges Dropped on Day of Sentencing — While Jan. 6 Protesters Rot in Prison for Standing Outside US Capitol

(There is so much reality and importance in this Daily Mail headline, it’s hard to believe it exists)

Tara Walker is an Antifa terrorist who was arrested in March 2021 after the terror group smashed up an apartment building in NorthWest Portland.

Police arrested the Antifa members with guns, knives, hammers, and other weapons. Thirteen were arrested including Tara Walker.

(There is only one metric at play in most of the Western World now. If you are a revolutionary, you can do what you want in that cause, legal or illegal and bear no consequence and likely be rewarded for it. If you are a counter-revolutionary, which is to say defending classical thought, rule of law, and equality before the law and especially personal liberties and human rights as they were always understood, then you will be punished. Either through extra-legal means like ostracism or harassment or silenced through social media, or have your livelihoods destroyed and many other means, Or, via the legal system when they can warp words and concepts to make something perfectly within your rights into a crime. Just try and use a red flag law on Tara Walker for example.)

2. Former Italian Goalkeeper, 36, found dead in his home of sudden illness

Former soccer goalkeeper for Torre Pedrera, and father of two young children, Maicol Orlandi was found dead alone in his home just days ago of what is being reported by local news outlets as a sudden illness.

Concerns were raised over the whereabouts of the 36-year-old after Orlandi failed to arrive for work, with colleagues raising the alarm with his family.

Orlandi, who was from a well-known family in the produce trade, was discovered deceased in a room of his home in Romagna City by his father, who had previously made several attempts to contact his son by phone.

Local news source News Italy 24 reported that a mobile police squad attended the scene. While no evidence of violence or foul play was observed, police investigations are considering all possibilities regarding Orlandi’s sudden death.

(I bet that not all possibilities are considered and double that the actual cause will be avoided)

3. Peter McCullough: “The World Council for Health has called for a world-wide recall of all Covid ‘vaccines’ because of over 40,000 deaths”

4. Governments in The Netherlands decided to close farms and cattle ranches to stop “nitrogen pollution”. It’s a good thing for those politicians that the farmers don’t put that nitrogen to use. And this is why governments must never be allowed to get so large.

5. Fireworks displays are being rescheduled or canceled across the county for various reasons.  But is the real reason because America haters don’t want to celebrate this great nation?  Biden cancels Mount Rushmore fireworks again!

(The surprisingly rapid cancellation of America)

Fireworks displays have been canceled or rescheduled in many U.S. cities and counties this year due to supply chain issues, labor shortages, and concerns over potential wildfires, meaning a third straight Independence Day with dark skies for some, according to news reports.

Fireworks shows have so far been in canceled in Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona; North Lake Tahoe and Imperial Beach, California; College Park and Ocean City, Maryland; Lakewood and Parker, Colorado; and Galveston, Texas; among others.

TRENDING:Pima County Arizona Democratic Party: “F*ck the 4th”

“The first two years were pandemic-related and this year, it’s supply-chain-related,” said Adam Waltz, a spokesman for the City of Phoenix, told The New York Times. “It’s just disheartening.”

Thank you all for your kind attention. Please feel free to leave your own analysis of the events of the day and across the developed world as you see them. Ours are made clear under item 1 in brackets. Any comments or additions or arguments on that also appreciated. Because if that is the metric, then knowing it may afford some measure of protection from it. After all, you cannot defend yourself from that which you cannot see.

While it’s hard to trust anyone still on Youtube with political opinions, this seems worth the time. Hard to see how Pfizer would want this on social media.



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  1. 2-The left thinks they have a strong enough for control on power that they no longer need to make any attempt to hide the multi-tiered judicial system which allows the leftists to do anything they want with no fear of being charged with or punished for their crimes. Their arrogance is so large that they can no longer conceive of the People resisting their attempts to establish a communist government in the US.

  2. Vladimir Zelenko, Orthodox doctor who promoted COVID-19 treatment, dies at 48

    Zelenko, who went by Zev, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1973 and moved to the United States with his family four years later…. He graduated from Hofstra University and then earned a medical degree at the University at Buffalo before opening a practice in Monroe, New York, home to a large Hasidic community in Kiryas Joel…

    Even as Zelenko’s ideas took hold within Orthodox communities, leaders of the Kiryas Joel community spoke out publicly against him, urging locals to follow the Centers for Disease Control’s advice to stop the spread of the disease…

    Zelenko announced in May 2020 that he would be leaving the community where he rose to fame, saying, “Things have happened. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do…”

    Zelenko also demonstrated support for the president who helped catapult him into the public eye, attending the Trump rally in the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021…

    Zelenko is survived by a wife and two children, as well as six children from a first marriage and his parents.

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