Russia-US rhetoric increases in ways that make nuclear war more likely, Robert Malone speaks to Texas Senate: Links 1, July 2, 2022

1. It appears that Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau went to the same law school

2. Last night near Parliament Hill

3. This guy wins Twitter for today and it’s only morning

4. A couple of thoughts about the war in Ukraine escalating into the use of WMDs

The above is a small few minute segment from a longer video that can be seen here.

5. Some testimony to the Texas Committee on health by Dr. Robert Malone in 3 parts below.


Thank you all, who continue to examine multiple possibilities such that the maximum possible number of options remain open to yourselves, and by extension, all of us.

This is from a parody account, so no need to respond with reality. If you want to play along though, you can click through and site your own examples.

My example would be when I went into a coffee shop a few years ago, and saw 2 single person bathrooms next to each other. On each door was a list of the total set of possibilities of who could use it, and of course, it was the same list on each door.

I asked to speak to the manager about it. And when he appeared I suggested they take off all that nouniage and replace it with the word, “bathroom”. Since that would save time and mean exactly the same thing.

They were of course very annoyed with me. Because the point of course is to broadcast sanctimony and anti-Western dialectics with each cup of diarrhetic they sell. It’s to make sure you cannot relieve yourself without thinking about the assault on our taxonomy, especially when its totally unnecessary.

At some point I posted the photo to this site. Ill see if I can find it.

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  1. I don’t understand why Sweden and Finland asked for NATO membership. They had more to gain by remaining neutral. If a nuclear or chemical war erupted, they would have been relatively safe as the USA and Russia would have done their best to avoid harming them. But now is a different story.

    • They weren’t worried about a major war, they are worried about another Russia v Ukraine war with their countries taking Ukraine’s place.

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