Man fined over $1100.00 for writing Free Tamara Lich in chalk on Wellington St.

When police become state thugs

Over a year ago in Ottawa, some people at night dug up a no parking sign, which I imagine is likely a crime of some sort, and moved it into a grassy area of a public park, dug a hole and planted it, and painted it white, then put black lives matters crap on it. That was well over a year ago. It is still there. No one has moved or touched it. Trees have been taken down by the city in that park, but no one has touched that sign. The black lives matters material is long. gone, and even some smartass who covered it with a Silhouette of a dog and replaced it with, “Black Labs Matter”, that sign is also gone. But the white painted parking sign still sits there in the park well over a year later.

But this guy gets an $1130.00 fine for writing a little nothing in chalk on a pedestrian st.

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2 Replies to “Man fined over $1100.00 for writing Free Tamara Lich in chalk on Wellington St.”

  1. At what point will deplorables get the idea? You don’t write ‘F**k Kim Jong-un’ on the street in front of his Ryongsong Palace. Canadians believe that they can write similar messages to Trudeau with no repurcussions. Like North Korea and China that Trudeau has modelled Canada after, Totalitarian governments do not tolerate any expression of dissent. Picking up a piece of chalk and playing hopscotch with Government will bring down the full force of our Government’s Police and Military on your head. This is deadly serious. It is not a game. People still seem blissfully unaware of the New Era we are in. The Democratic Canada that I was born into 70 years ago, is gone. It will take much more forceful means than a piece of chalk to get it back.

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