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2 Replies to “Canada’s Theo Fleury with Tucker Carlson today June 2022”

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    Theo’s lense–that western leaders are mentally defective to a degree of illness–does not sound preposterous to me. That he says Dear Leader is being blackmailed is compatible with every mafia’s modus operandi that has ever existed. That this leverage is rooted in hidden sexual deviancy is more likely the source of leverage than most other imaginable kinds. And even if Boris Johnson, for example, is just addicted to power like the rest of the woke crowd, the woke mental illness that defers conscience to the collective (ty PC) confirms Theo’s clear thinking.

    Another lens is that of Paul Craig Roberts. He says Russia made the mistake of going light on the Ukraine in the beginning. They didn’t want this war but were finally forced to respond to the U.S.’s 2014 Ukraine takeover. The Russian response has only encouraged western neo-cons determined to make war for the purpose of breaking Russia up. Now Russia faces a vastly-expanding Nato because they also signaled weakness by their inaction to the Kalingrad provocation. So if we combine Theo’s position with Robert’s position we get clever mental defects waltzing us towards nuclear war.
    First 30 min:

    The clear-thinking money man’s lens now sees the world in terms of a transitioning from one world reserve currency to another. This has happened numerous times before, but this time the two camps in the running have vastly different ideas about what works best.

    Davos wants to perpetuate fiat but in a digital form because it offers complete control to a degree that can only satisfy a neurotic. Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Iran, and others prefer the hard money, commodities-based system that they understand to represent the only real, practical form of money. The mental defectives surely exist in this club, too, but they are not Keynesians and do know a ponzi scheme when they see it. 1 hr:

    So by triangulating lenses we get a picture showing Theo’s mental defectives are quite in harmony with the Keynesian debt-is-money insanity. We see the struggle between eastern and western globalists is rooted in money, and the primary, current manifestation of this disagreement is in the Ukraine war. We also know that, given the failure of fiat currencies worldwide, the Davos digital model is dead before it begins unless a) real money no longer matters because everyone is enslaved or b) the Davos digital issuance becomes gold and silver backed.


    Happy Dominion Day!


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