Tucker Carlson opening monologue for June 29th, 2022: To brass tacks

In this opening monologue by Tucker, he gets down to brass tacks on several really important issues. Please watch this one. Maybe even spread it to people who do not agree with us about the nature of the Democrat party. People need to understand what is actually going on now.

Here is the whole show. There are some very important gun crime stats in the next part of the show, using a lot of real world examples.

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One Reply to “Tucker Carlson opening monologue for June 29th, 2022: To brass tacks”

  1. Theo Fleury says Justin Trudeau has no soul. I truly believe that. You can see it when you look at him. Even when he laughs, it seems empty, there’s no emotion.

    People think he’s stupid; I don’t. His wife is an intelligent person and intelligent people don’t marry stupid people.

    People with no soul can’t handle mockery, and such is the case for Justin. Finally, an intelligent person with no soul is an evil individual.

    I hope Theo doesn’t get into trouble for speaking out.

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