Australia, The Flu, adverse effects, and the gene-therapy shots mislabeled as ‘vaccines’

First, this article from The Age in Australia:

‘Very, very sick’: Hospitalisations on rise as doctors warn of nasty flu season

An increasing number of Victorians are falling very ill with nasty bouts of influenza, leaving them bedridden for up to 10 days as hospitalisations and intensive care admissions for the disease rise.

The Age can reveal 99 Victorians have been hospitalised with the flu so far this year, including 43 children. At least seven Victorians, including one child, were so ill with influenza they required ICU admission.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Victorian chair Dr Anita Munoz said the speed and severity at which influenza was circulating so early in the year had GPs on high alert.

“The flu is very virulent, and it seems to be quite aggressive this year. People are getting very, very sick and their illness is lasting a long time, about seven to 10 days in most cases,” Munoz said.

“Certainly, we are even seeing people who are ironically vaccinated for coronavirus, but they are going into hospital or ICU with influenza.”

(My guess is the word, “Ironically” was a condition of publication. Please read the rest at the source link. One can’t help but wonder if the flu virus might be what one may consider a “challenge” from the ADE perspective.)

Then, please download and read this PDF From The Spectator about Australia’s grotequeries such as the use of a dead child to push the gene therapy shots when they didn’t even know the cause of death.

At this point, all covid measures and the gene therapy shots have as much to do with public health as this Toronto  ‘parade’ does about rights for non-heterosexual rights.

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2 Replies to “Australia, The Flu, adverse effects, and the gene-therapy shots mislabeled as ‘vaccines’”

  1. – This sounds like another one. Healthy guy. Would it be a heart attack? –

    Mystery is surrounding the death of an American jet ski world champion dubbed ‘Eric the Eagle’, who was found floating in the water near his undamaged Kawasaki after ‘disappearing’ during a race.

    Eric was racing in the Marie-Galante jet ski race near Saint-Louis, Guadeloupe, where conditions were ‘moderate’.

  2. I think this part of a strategy to persuade Australians to take ,the combined influenza and COVID19 injection ,which will be available in time for next year’s Australian flu season.

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