Islamic mass murder at gay bar in Norway, Ottawa sets checkpoints to intimidate loyal Canadians: Links 1, June 25th, 2022

1. Panel of journalists who the left has rebranded as far right on what has happened in our politics

2. Trudeau’s Canada includes checkpoints and other authoritarian means to intimidate peaceful protestors and veterans who object to the new collectivist nascent totalitarian state of Trudopia.

Shortly after 911, there were checkpoints in Ottawa at Canada day festivities, and I think after the Boston marathon attack. But that was protecting Canadians against an Islamic terror attack. This is protecting the government against opinions of Canadians who they have made angry by illegal policies like travel bans and forced injections.

3. Please read this post by KAF: It makes you wish that at the end of Bieber’s video, he ended with “Remember kids, don’t take (experimental) drugs!

4. Iranian man in custody in Oslo for mass shooting at gay bar

The link above is to the whole Twitter thread. Below the link to the one post about the killer’s origins. I wonder how long it will take to memory-hole what are the obvious Islamic motives for this attack like the Pulse gay bar in the US.

Oh and this:

The beard means he could be a freedom protestor who drives a truck, or a religious muslim who feels gay people should be killed.

I think this is enough horror for one post. Thank you all for your contributions to this effort in many ways.

Richard if you read this, please find my email to you and respond.

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10 Replies to “Islamic mass murder at gay bar in Norway, Ottawa sets checkpoints to intimidate loyal Canadians: Links 1, June 25th, 2022”

  1. The prime minister Jonas Gahr «Hamas» Støre are saying that «if this indeed is the result of islamic extremism me must make it clear that the individual perpetrator is the only guilty party…»
    Meaning: «muslims in general are innocent of this act whatever their views on/hatred for homosexuality.»
    This from one of the people who have tagged Breivik to anyone who dare to show the slightest worry about mass immigration, use the term «islamisation» etc… They have tagged Breivik to people like me for more than a decade now but are already pushing that mental health issues are the probable reason for this attack…

    I am sure that if even ten times more were killed it would still take just a few days before this point was reached: « it´s psychiatry stupid».

    • Yeah, it was civilians who got the shooter under control, not police but doormen as well as guests from various pubs and clubs.
      This is in the very center of Oslo, a few minutes lazy walk from the Royal Palace Gardens, less than a minute from the Storting/Parliament etc.

      • Good for them! You don’t usually see people fighting back in such a situation, people run or hide (I don’t blame them).
        I’m guessing the shooter was out of ammo and had dropped his weapon.

  2. “History of mental illness,” they say. As opposed to what? The normal, well-adjusted spree killers out there? Any time a libbie cuck starts in with the mental illness schtick, you know they’re trying to excuse the murderer’s behavior.

    No. Kill his ass. End of story.

    On the other hand, I don’t wish anything bad to happen to regular people just living their lives, but it seems like fruitcakes have a lot to worry about, these days. Rabid muslims, monkeypox, meningitis, the usual STD’s, and who knows what else. If I was a self-aware homo, I might take two steps back from my life and maybe reexamine some choices. Maybe dial back the fudge-packery and try to focus on something else. Just a thought. But hey, what do I know? Maybe dude butt is worth all that pain & suffering.

    • From the terrorism studies papers I’ve read, about 25% of shooters like this have a history of mental illness, which is the same as for the general population. So, yeah.

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