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3 Replies to “Truly awesome clips on what those lying b**tards said about the shots till after everyone took them”

  1. Y’know, there’s a similarity between the way credit was rolled out over the last 12 years and the way these “safe and effective” injections were rolled out. Easy money from bankers promises prosperity.

    Almost-free money seduced millions into $200k cars, million-dollar mortgages, and $75k watches. Easy money, easy life. But it’s a trap. Let the credit out for as cheap and long as the people will take it, then shoot up the cost of money hard and fast. They’re snared by debt, insolvent, and the banks get the hard assets for nothing. This was done in the early 1930’s. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, but savage.

    The medical trap promised safety, too.

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