One Israeli is fully awake, The Big Lie and more: Links 1 for June 23, 2022

1. One Israeli’s story about refusing the totalitarian and fascist measures implemented in Israel (and everywhere else in the Western world)

(In this video, he compares what actually happened which he recorded on his own phone, with the news report. A great bust of how Covid measures have allowed the government media complex to replace fact with any narrative that enhances the power of the state, and state ideology. Something which is a defining aspect of communist, fascist and Islamic polities. It also shows how the phone-camera has become the 6 gun of the wild west of the information age. Expect that to mean a form of camera control in the foreseeable future. And no, I’m not kidding.)

2. Totalitarianism means the imposition of a pseudo-reality and displacing reality itself with it. Force of course, is required in proportion to the distance between the pseudo-reality’s account of the world, and reality. To get people to eat brick dust, may take a lot of force. Less so to eat insects etc. etc.

3. Afghan And Turkish Clans Battle In Front Of Kebab Restaurant Outside Paris, Three Arrested

(Another great example of what multiculturalism actually means)

Approximately 20 people belonging to Turkish and Afghan clans clashed in front of a kebab restaurant on the outskirts of Paris, resulting in Uber Eats drivers being arrested.

The brawl, which took place in Mantes-la-Jolie near to the French capital, was interrupted by French authorities after officers witnessed more than a dozen individuals running towards the kebab restaurant armed with helmets and crutches. Police believe that there were two street battles involving the two clan groups, with one on Friday evening and another on Saturday evening,

French police tried to stop them using a dispersal weapon and dogs, but were initially unsuccessful.

Three police units were needed to restore calm and arrest three people, the first two of whom were Afghans who work as food delivery drivers; one perpetrator confessed without hesitation while another one claimed to be acting in self-defense.

“I hit someone who wanted to beat me with a crutch. I was just there to take delivery,” the man said.

A third man stated that he was eating on the terrace with a friend and had been waiting for his meal when the fight broke out.

(There is an ongoing debate about what the word, “Islam” actually means. The narrative is ‘Peace’, while the actual translation is submission. But one suspects it actually means, “The fight started when he hit me back”.)

4. Bill Gates explains that because of the stuff he cares about, we should start thinking about dropping nation states, becoming a global society, and basically putting him in charge so that we don’t get the flu. Or whatever.

(I wonder how the fishing is on Epstein Island. Someone should ask Mr. Gates what he caught there.)

5. Here is a video on James Topp’s meeting in Ottawa with 20 MPs.


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Glad to see Judicial Watch is on this one:



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  1. 4. “Biden Says Planning Ahead For Virus ‘Is Something We’ve Being Doing Fairly Well,’ Which Is Not True” GOP War Room – June 21, 2022

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