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8 Replies to “The WEF had it planned all along”

  1. I don’t watch people who do stealth advertising: doing real content, then while you are still paying attention, moving seamlessly into flogging some product. Brain filth.

    • Actually I gotta agree with you there. I was considering putting a warning at where to stop watching.

      Had to get some work done and forgot about it. But I totally agree with you on that.

      Frankly I may remove it.

      • It’s a tough call. Does his trying to sell something at the end compromise all he said before? Frankly I think he does good work and watch him quite often. Having to make a living is just the hard reality. MSM sells BIg Pharma ads constantly and no one seems to think their content is tainted. Bit of a contradiction here.

        • Its the seamless shift from content to add that is annoying. Normally you can tell when it goes to commercial. This fellow starts 2/3rds of the way in with an advert as part of his patter and takes it right to the end. Its deceptive.

  2. I wonder what Klaus the Slob was like at school; was he bullied? I wonder if he was the ugly kid that no one wanted to sit next to.
    Did he exhibit any antisocial or psychopathic tendencies; like hurting animals, for example?
    Or did he just appear as a normal, nondescript child who no one really paid any special attention to?
    But there must have come a time in his early life when he came to the attention of some malevolent characters; I wonder who they were and how did they twist his young mind into something unGodly?

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