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4 Replies to “Computing Forever on Putin and a multipolar world”

    In St Petersburg, the world’s new powers gather to upend the US-concocted “rules-based order” and reconnect the globe their way.
    First, the coming of the “new G8” – four BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China), plus Iran, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico, whose GDP per purchasing parity power (PPP) already dwarfs the old, western-dominated G8. The contrast between the St. Petersburg debates on a possible re-wiring of our world – and the Three Stooges Taking a Train to Nowhere to tell a mediocre Ukrainian comedian to calm down and negotiate his surrender (as confirmed by German intelligence) – could not be starker.
    Almost imperceptibly – just as it re-incorporated Crimea and entered the Syrian theater – Russia as a military-energy superpower now shows it is potentially capable of driving a great deal of the industrialized west back into the Stone Age. The western elites are just helpless. If only they could ride a corridor on the Eurasian high-speed train, they might learn something. Pepe Escobar

  2. Re Putin: of course, he’s involved with the WEF. If you’re not part of the team, you end up being swallowed. But there is good news; as with all groupings, infighting emerges as disagreements eventually set in.

    • Figure there have to be sleepers amongst the Young Leaders. Eyes and ears and maybe operatives.
      Deep-state policy talk-shops increasingly hosting shrill tankies suggests possible *credentialed* plants.

      A ye olde establishment guy like Richard Haas sounds nervous when he’s hosting informal CFR chats. He’s awful, but he’s nobody’s fool.

  3. Russia enforced the vaccine mandates as did China.So neither Putin nor China are the solution to medical tyranny.Neither will be the cavalry riding to free us.
    Interestingly Ukraine did not enforce COVID mandates.

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