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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Destruction can be accidental or by design, but deconstruction can only be intentional. How you see it is up to you. I posted this a couple of days ago about Adjustment Reaction:

    In economics and politics, however, it ultimately doesn’t matter how you perceive them–their truths or their lies–because eventually their effects land at your doorstep:

    So many negative coincidences mean no coincidences.

    • You are right the left is doing their best to destroy Western Civilization, they know that they have to destroy the moral foundation of our civilization as well as our history before this destruction can be accomplished. The attacks started around 1900 and have grown in intensity ever since, we are in the end game of this war. A war that until recently most people didn’t realize was being fought. We all recognize the effort to destroy the US but most people don’t know that Britain was taken down by a similar campaign. The attack shifted to attacking the US and grew intensity during the House Unamerican Activities hearings, that was when the propaganda campaign that Communism was no threat to the West took off and the anticommunists we’re tarred with the false accusation of paranoia. We are seeing a variation of this campaign being waged against President Trump and his followers but this time the left has overplayed their hand and we have a chance to restore freedom to the Western Nations.

  2. Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors

    CAPSULE: A retrospective longitudinal multicenter comparison reveals temporary sperm concentration reduction 3 months post BNT162b2 vaccination and later recovery. Semen volume and motility remain stable.

    This article has been accepted for publication and undergone full peer review but has not been through the copyediting, typesetting, pagination and proofreading process, which may lead to differences between this version and the Version of Record. Please cite this article as

    The development of covid-19 vaccinations represents a notable scientific achievement. Nevertheless, concerns have been raised regarding their possible detrimental impact on male fertility

    To investigate the effect of covid-19 BNT162b2 (Pfizer) vaccine on semen parameters among semen donors (SD).

    37 SD from three sperm banks that provided 220 samples, were included in that retrospective longitudinal multicenter cohort study. BNT162b2 vaccination included two doses, and vaccination completion was scheduled 7 days after the second dose. The study included four phases: T0 – pre-vaccination baseline control, which encompassed 1–2 initial samples per SD; T1, T2 and T3 – short, intermediate, and long terms evaluations, respectively. Each included 1–3 semen samples per donor provided 15–45, 75-120, and over 150 days after vaccination completion, respectively. The primary endpoints were semen parameters. Three statistical analyses were conducted: 1) generalized estimated equation model; 2) first sample and 3) samples’ mean of each donor per period were compared to T0.

    Repetitive measurements revealed ?15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 (CI -25.5%–3.9%, p = 0.01) leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction (CI -35% – -6.6%, p = 0.007) compared to T0. Similarly, analysis of first semen sample only and samples’ mean per donor resulted in concentration and TMC reductions on T2 compared to T0 – median decline of 12 million/ml and 31 million motile spermatozoa, respectively (p = 0.02 and 0.002 respectively) on first sample evaluation and median decline of 9.5×106 and 27.3 million motile spermatozoa (p = 0.004 and 0.003, respectively) on samples’ mean examination. T3 evaluation demonstrated overall recovery. Semen volume and sperm motility were not impaired.

    This longitudinal study focused on SD demonstrates selective temporary sperm concentration and TMC deterioration three months after vaccination followed by later recovery verified by diverse statistical analyses.

    Systemic immune response after BNT162b2 vaccine is a reasonable cause for transient semen concentration and TMC decline. Long-term prognosis remains good.

    This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

  3. DAILY MAIL – WHO chief ‘believes Covid DID leak from Wuhan lab’ after a ‘catastrophic accident’ in 2019 despite publicly maintaining ‘all hypotheses remain on the table’

    Director-general Tedros Adhanom confided to a senior European official: source

    The Mail on Sunday first revealed concerns about Wuhan’s Institute of Virology

    Worldwide death toll of Covid pandemic now estimated to be above 18million

    WHO initially branded lab leak fears ‘a conspiracy theory’, accepting China story

      • No city has been hit harder than Donetsk, relentless bombing of civilians. NO coverage in Western media, though it’s plenty newsworthy.

        Aimed at demoralizing the DPR and to distract forces from militarily strategic positions elsewhere. More than 60% of current RF infantry is actually militia from Donetsk and Lugansk. Not especially well-equipped.

        Cries for increased defense for civilians there have been met with repeated warnings of “reprisals in decision-making centers if this doesn’t stop…”

        The policy has been to keep the city a less legitimate target. And a LOT of stuff is being held back across the board.

        A couple days ago a sort of scripted call for help was reported, with the Belarus Stalin chiming in. Since the withdrawal from Kiev, he’s kept quiet.

        Today big news: a decapitating strike. Fifty – so they say – commanders meeting somewhere in the west. Planning a major attack at that hot spot island RF holds in the Black Sea, near where the Moskva was sunk.

    • Family and friends there, this is now pretty much full time. My Russki digs into databases, his eyes those of a former officer in the Soviet miltary.

      We’ve been following “ML” from Belarus every day since the beginning. Latest, straightest sitrep, both RF and UKR.

      VERY granular reporting. Description of what’s actually happening is very complex, but gets easier to follow the more you watch.

      Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 19.06.2022

    • CNN – Hear ex-CIA director’s prediction about who will win in Ukraine

      David Petraeus, retired US Army general and former CIA Director, discusses where the war in Ukraine stands now and who will win.

    • global news – Russia-Ukraine conflict: Uncertain fate for captured foreign fighters

      When Russia invaded Ukraine, thousands of volunteers from around the world headed to the region to take up arms for the cause of Ukrainian independence.

      It’s believed some 2,000 of those international volunteers may have been killed in the fighting.

      An unknown number of others have been captured and are facing an uncertain fate.

      The Russian military has argued that foreign mercenaries fighting on Ukraine’s side are not combatants and should expect long prison terms, at best, if captured.

      Others have been sentenced to death.

      • AZ OSINT @AZmilitary1 · 17m

        JUST IN
        The militants of the nationalist battalion “Aidar” who surrendered to the military of the LPR began to testify against their colleagues blocking the chemical enterprise “Azot” in Severodonetsk, a source close to the People’s Militia of the LPR told TASS

        Negotiations with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries blocking the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk ended on Sunday to no avail, the militants remain at the enterprise, a source close to the People’s Militia of the LPR told TASS.

        Foreign mercenaries on Azot are blocking negotiations on surrender, a source close to the People’s Militia of the LPR told TASS

    • When The Lies Come Home

      After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse.

      Douglas MacGregor

      Having lied prolifically for months to the American public about the origins and conduct of the war in Ukraine, the media are now preparing the American, British, and other Western publics for Ukraine’s military collapse. It is long overdue.

      Kiev’s war with Moscow is lost. Ukrainian forces are being bled white. Trained replacements do not exist in sufficient numbers to influence the battle, and the situation grows more desperate by the hour. No amount of U.S. and allied military aid or assistance short of direct military intervention by U.S. and NATO ground forces can change this harsh reality.

      […] Moscow is also likely to secure Kharkov and Odessa, two cities that are historically Russian and Russian-speaking, as well as the territory that adjoins them.


      • Ukes are desperate to look like they’re winning, taking out flashy targets and covering large areas of little strategic value that look good on the map…..

        …..The map…..
        The line of contact is _2,500_ kilometers long. The line of active combat is over _1,000_ kilometers long. That’s the “frontline” where Western equipment goes to die – or gets diverted to the blackmarket.

      • I haven’t been able to follow the war until recently. Having said that remember what I said about this being a training war, Russia is loosing people it gaining priceless experience. Russia and the west are testing their weapons and the courage of their leaders. They are also signaling that the war will be fought no holds/weapons or tactics barred, the war is going to last a long time a d be bloody, a lot bloodier then the modern world is use to.

        • Russians haven’t mobilized, yet they commit a relatively small proportion of their limited forces at any one time. They’re rotating troops in and out very frequently: keeps them fresh and expands the pool of experienced soldiers. Invaluable experience – most critically – combat-hardened fighters.

          Outside observers get frustrated watching things slow down on weekends, for example. Plus partial holidays on April Fools’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. Lots of joking online about labor unions in the military calling the shots.

          Command is given to go around positions that are too heavily defended, or approach from different directions, or simply defer action entirely. These are often highly strategic positions, so that ups the volume of muh-stalemate muttering. But that’s the voice of armchair generals. (So I’m told…)


          The Western commentariat LIES about indiscriminate missile strikes doing the dirty. More often than not it’s just not practical. Exceptional quantities of the best ABM systems have been put in place over the last 8 years.

          Top-of-the-line stuff that’s made our allies in the Gulf jealous. They’ve been trying to BUY it for years, but keep getting put off by deep state Iran-huggers. Taken serious hits on oil production facilities, tankers, and civilian infrastructure without so much as a condolence call from their Uncle Sam.

          How much media coverage has there been about these attacks?

          A real sore spot.
          But G-d is Great….

          ….It just so happens that the Nation State of the Jewish People is highly proficient in missile defense, a veritable showcase.

          Hello, neighbor!

        • That’s what I was thinking was happening, Putin is training his Army for a move either east or west. Is/when the big war starts Russia will have the only military experienced in large scale combat. The US has a lot of blooded troops that are use to small unit combat but not what we would be facing in Eastern Europe.

          The Russians are using Macarthur’s Island hopping tactic, cutting the heavily defended positions off from supplies and letting them wither on the vine. It takes the enemy troops out of the equation while keeping your causalities low.

  4. yahoo Russia escalating provocations in Syria — WSJ

    The Russians have conducted a series of operations against the U.S.-led coalition in Syria this month, the newspaper said.

    The al-Tanf garrison, near Syria’s border with Jordan in southeastern Syria, is where U.S. troops are conducting a mission to train and advise local fighters. Ahead of the attack, Russia told the United States that it would launched airstrikes in response to an expected attack on Syrian government forces, which “could have resulted in injuries and destroyed a vehicle.”

    Shortly afterwards, Russian warplanes, including two Su-35s and one Su-24, flew over al-Tanf and proceeded to strike the combat outpost. The advance notice of the strike was a message to U.S. officials that the Russian military was not actively targeting U.S. troops but was harassing the U.S. mission in Syria.

    About 200 U.S. troops are currently based at the al-Tanf garrison.

    The U.S. military was not near the base during the strikes, and there were no casualties as a result. But the operation marked what a U.S. military official described as a “significant increase in provocation” this month.

    Also this week, the Russians deployed two Su-34 fighters to a location where the United States conducted a raid in northeastern Syria to “apprehend an Islamic State bomb maker.”

    The head of the U.S. Central Command, General Erik Kurila, said that “Russia’s recent behavior has been provocative and escalatory.” At the same time, Washington seeks to avoid a conflict with Russia in Syria, Kurila said.

    However, Russia’s escalation in Syria could potentially result in a direct clash with the United States, experts warn.

    alarabiya – Moscow’s provocations in Syria risk conflict with US, military officials warn

    Russia’s forces carried out a number of operations against the US-led coalition in Syria this month, raising concerns that they may result in a direct conflict between US and Russian forces in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

    According to US military officials, one of these operations was carried out on Wednesday when Russia conducted an airstrike at the al-Tanf garrison, southeast of Syria.

    US troops at the base, which is close to Jordan’s border, manage a mission to train and advise local fighters to combat the resurgence of ISIS.

    After Russia informed the US through a communications line that it was carrying out the operation in response to a supposed attack against Syrian government forces, its military aircrafts struck “a combat outpost at the garrison,” a US military official said.

    US officials believe that informing the US of the strike before carrying it out implies that Russia “wasn’t actively targeting American troops but was harassing the US mission in Syria.”

    Although there weren’t American troops in the proximity of the base when Russia conducted the strike which did not cause any casualties among US or coalition troops, a US military official said the operation amounted to a “significant increase in provocation” this month.

    According to the report, such moves by Russia have raised concerns among US military officials as they fear that a “miscalculation might escalate into an unintended conflict between the US and Russian forces in Syria.”

    Army Gen. Erik Kurilla, the head of US Central Command, noted that the US aims to avoid conflict with Russia in Syria, adding, however, that Moscow’s latest moves are tantamount to an escalation.

    “We seek to avoid miscalculation or a set of actions that could lead to unnecessary conflict: that remains our goal,” Kurilla said in a statement.

    “However, Russia’s recent behavior has been provocative and escalatory.”

    Tensions have run high between the US and Russia after President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine in what Moscow calls a “special military operation.”

    Moscow claims its operation against its pro-Western neighbor aims to “denazify” the country. Ukraine and the West, however, reject this as a baseless pretext for an invasion.

    • DAILY MAIL – Prepare to fight and beat Russia in a Third World War, Britain’s top general warns:
      New UK Army commander tells troops to brace for European land war in tub-thumping message as tyrant Putin menaces ex-Soviet states

      Britain’s top army general has warned UK troops to prepare to fight and beat Putin’s armies in a land war

      General Sir Patrick Sanders warned soldiers ‘we must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again’

      It comes as Russian tyrant Putin menaces NATO countries and taunts ex-Soviet states in Europe

      ‘It is my singular duty to make our Army as lethal and effective as it can be. The time is now and the opportunity is ours to seize.’

      Boris Johnson has urged world leaders to hold their nerve for a long war in Ukraine, or risk the ‘greatest victory for aggression in Europe since the Second World War’.

      ‘We’ve got to make it clear that we are supporting the Ukrainians in their ambitions… to expel the Russians, expel Putin’s armies, from everything that he has obtained since February 24, and make sure the Ukrainians are not encouraged to go for a bad peace, something that simply wouldn’t endure.’

    • We have a weak President, this means all of the aggressor nations are going to harass us every place they can. Now add in the way Biden and company are openly working to ensure that Russia/Putin is defeated in Ukraine and you will be surprised they aren’t harassing us in more locations.

      • In college I took a course by a guest lecturer from West Point on the order of battle on the Eastern European front in WW-2. The exact same terrain, same strategic positions as 80 years ago. A reality check on the nature of war.

        It also puts into stark relief the irrelevance of much of what constitutes Western establishment military thinking.

        Nato is in another orbit: the “Chief Specialist in the Warfare Institute at the Training and Doctrine Command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces” writes jargon to inform of “Options for Small NATO Countries to Prepare for Multi-Domain Operations”.

        Lithuania, toy poodle of EU/Nato.
        Lilliputian masturbators.

        Elitist arrogance informs a political decision like blocking the Kaliningrad corridor. Nuclear winter may be more climate change than they anticipated.

      • I hope it doesn’t reach the stage of a nuclear exchange or even the use of a single nuclear weapon.

        The problem is that for many decades our political leaders preached that large scale ground war was impossible because it would lead to nuclear war. The politicians decided that everyone believed this and would back off if the threat ever raised it’s ugly head. The west believing that nuclear war was impossible or unwinnable refused to plan for one. The Soviets didn’t think this way and planned for one. Putin is now taking advantage of our stupidity. Hopefully he knows that Biden too far gone to understand the threat and that Obama hates the US and wouldn’t loose any sleep if the US received a nuclear attack. I hope he does know that if we are attacked one of our 4 star generals would order our nuclear weapons used on Russia.

        • Remember way back around 2013-14, a Clarion/Center for Security Policy webinar about EMPs? Freaky scary?
          Dr. Peter Pry was on their panel. He became a consultant to Israel for their EMP defense system. So he’s not just another alarmist.

          June 10:
          On the Nuclear Brink In Ukraine

          Why it could be fatal to trust the US intelligence community as competent to provide warning of impending Russian nuclear attack. Analysis.

        • I am hoping that this is Putin testing the how gutsy Bidens puppet masters are. If Putin is in serious trouble. He would have to be in serious trouble to make a nuclear threat this early in the war.

          • Russia’s 2020 nuclear deterrence doctrine:

            “The Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it and/or its allies, as well as in the event of aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened.”

  5. Eyes Wide Open – Yikes!

    Red Pilled Again: Bernhardt Podcast #175: 10,000 – is that all?
    Barnhardt – June 18, 2022

    I’m going back to the:
    Free Range Bean Burger
    2 cups cooked organic black beans – 1 can
    2 cups cooked organic red beans – 1 can
    1 cup cooked brown rice – Lundberg Rice
    1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats Gluten Free – Quick Cooking – 28 oz
    2 small onions, chopped 4 cloves of garlic, minced
    1 tsp. cumin powder
    1 tsp. chili powder
    1 tsp. oregano or italian seasoning

    Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees
    1. Drain & rinse beans
    2. Mash beans in mixing bowl
    3. Add & mix remaining ingredients
    4. Form into burgers
    5. Place burgers on oiled baking sheet
    6. Bake for 15 minutes on each side until brown or well done crispy.
    7. Doctor it up with toppings: Catsup, Sweet Chili Sauce, Onions, Radish etc.
    Beans, rice, quick-cooking rolled oats, cumin powder etc. are available on Vitacost.

    Neal Barnard, MD cooking tips for oatmeal and rice.

    In the video Dr. Barnard mentioned the use of nutritional yeast for its cheesy flavor.
    But beware: 4 Potential Side Effects of Nutritional Yeast

  6. This is a must read for those wanting to save freedom.

    David does his normal job of educating the uninformed on how to fight the radical left, in this article he tells us to stop trying to compromise with our enemies and start fighting to save freedom for the future generations.

  7. ctv news -Are plant-based meat products actually better for you?

    Even though many plant-based meat options have fewer calories and less saturated fats, they are still heavily processed foods.

  8. europravda – FRANCE – Leftist leader Mélenchon lauds ‘collapse’ of Macron majority

    Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the leftist coalition NUPES, celebrates the ‘total’ collapse of President Emmanuel Macron’s parliamentary majority following France’s legislative elections.

    The united left is poised to win more than 150 seats in the National Assembly.

  9. europravda – FRANCE – Le Pen celebrates historic result in French legislative election

    Marine Le Pen hails a historic result for her party in France’s legislative elections, saying it will send “by far” its highest number of MPs to the next National Assembly.

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