Diary of the 1917 communist revolution, Elon Musk’s greatest tweet, Police promise “unprecedented” response to Canada day protests: Links 2, June 18th, 2022

1. Interesting remembrances of a Russian diary from 1917. The communist revolution.

2. Ottawa police promise “unprecedented” response to Canada Day demonstrations

With several freedom demonstrations planned for this year’s Canada Day in Ottawa, Ottawa police are gearing up and say they will have an “unprecedented” response.

According to the Canadian Press, “An Ottawa police officer says this Canada Day will be “unprecedented and unique” with a never-before-seen security posture as the main events take place off Parliament Hill, and protests are planned throughout the day.”

“Police are aware of the demonstrations and are “planning accordingly,” said the officer.”

Additionally, Canadian Heritage says they’re working with police, having held a technical briefing today for their Canada Day plans. Journalists were only allowed to attend the briefing on the condition that the names of officials involved not be disclosed.

Ottawa police have further stated that they stand for Canadians’ right to protest but will “not allow for the conditions that led to the unlawful protests in February to reoccur.”

As usual, the Government disinformation service, Global ‘News’ tries to use one of the oldest tricks observed by this website. The sleight of hand of juggling levels of abstraction. The idea being that you can make any argument for any position if you change the level of abstraction from which the actual issue is, to some other level the taxa. In this particular case, The Government, using Global news but they do this constantly with CBC and CTV and CFRA and so on, try to get you to look at a subset of the problem or a reflection of it so you don’t look at the actual issue. Here, they try to make the issue about the mandates and restrictions, when its actually about the government creating the power for themselves to impose them. When Trudeau temporarily lifted some of the restrictions against the unvaxxed, his lawyers tried to argue that this makes all the lawsuits against the government no longer valid. One such lawsuit was filed by none other than Maxime Bernier who spoke about it both in a recent speech in Ottawa to be posted soon, and in an interview with RAIR foundation also to be published shortly.

The counter-claim is exactly what it should be. The restrictions and loosening of them, is simply not within the constitutionally granted powers of the government at all.

The answer should be known by the end of September this year. Meanwhile watch for this trick when watching the news, and also the con the argument of false equivalence. (I’m having difficulty finding the Latin term for this at the moment. I guess they are Winston Smithing the Greek and Roman roots of our method out of existence) In this fallacy, they often include the trick of false level of abstraction but it goes to any kind of attempt to delegitimize something by an absurd comparison to something else. By example: ‘Hitler wore pants. Trump wears pants. ergo Trump is Hitler.’

3. Possibly Elon Musk’s greatest Tweet to date:

4. Trudeau continues his vendetta against recalcitrant Canadians who refused his illegal orders to take experimental gene therapy

5. Digital ID or digital prison? On Smart Cities. Please be aware, Ottawa is a “Smart City” and worse, is also a “Strong City”.

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  1. The sleight of hand of juggling levels of abstraction

    Related example: using “political fighting” as a smokescreen for “education reform.” You will note that when a US school district elects new members, it’s all about the dreaded “politics,” when–in reality–it is all about eliminating racism (CRT/DEI) and homosexual/trans-sexual grooming, replacing that crap with ‘reading, writing, arithmetic,’ which has been ignored for roughly 50 years in the US.

    But the aggrieved teachers, administrators, and reporters make it all about “politics.”

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