A little personal indulgence: Freedom Convoy, Trucks for hope

Trudeau’s faux mandate-slackening was quite a depressing thing for me. Like his father’s application of the Metric system, it was a signal that what was a right and an integral part of our culture, history and laws, are subject to fiat and convertible to privilege.

(Some Canadians might remember that when Trudeau implemented the Metric system, he made it an imprisonable criminal offence to measure goods and do commercial traffic in the Imperial system)

In other words, while as free people we always had the right to come and go within and without our own nations, now they have become whims of the state, the right of movement to be doled out based on how well we adhere to government diktats or more likely, conform to the evolving state ideology of communism/progressivism/socialism/woke.

I remember something Ronald Raegan said when a high ranking American official defected to the Soviet Union. An exceedingly rare event compared to the other way around, but nonetheless it happened at least once. When asked about it by a reporter, Raegan answered: (From memory) The United States is a free country. People may move to wherever they wish. This man may find the Soviet Union is not so generous.” Something very much like that.

Last night I felt i needed to do something just for me to deal with the closing darkness of authoritarianism, even when it lets slack the leash, as it reminds us that yes, there is now a leash. So I made this video. Please watch and enjoy, or skip it as a triviality.

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  1. Thank you for remembering the truckers and their contributions to the eternal fight for freedom!

    I noted in an article this morning on the DailyMail site that a kid killed his mother because he didn’t want her to see him try to take out Trudeau.

    A kid!

    He turned himself in later after changing his mind. But that sentiment can’t solely reside in a child. Someone is going to test his own words saying nobody has a right to defend themselves.

    • DAILY MAIL – Riverdale actor, 24, who shot and killed his mother as she played piano says he carried out murder to spare her having to witness his plot to assassinate Justin Trudeau

      Prosecutors said on Monday that Ryan Grantham, 24, fatally shot his 64-year-old mother, Barbara Waite, ‘to save her’ from seeing his assassination plot unfold

      After shooting Waite in the back of her head as she played piano in 2020, Grantham covered her body with a sheet and placed rosaries and candles by her

      He then stored three guns, ammunition and 12 Molotov cocktails in his car and headed to Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, prosecutors claimed

      Grantham had planned to travel more than 50 hours to kill Trudeau

      He changed his mind and considered committing ‘an act of mass violence’ at his former university

      He turned himself to Vancouver police before harming anybody else and pleaded guilty in March to second-degree murder


  2. Personal Indulgence? Words will not do your video justice because it’s on a vertical plane. I think you should post it every day. We need it.

  3. Stout hearted fellow for sure, but the better music background would have been Wagner’s Die Goetterdaemmerung.

  4. A 40 year old woman chose to have a child? That right there IS the primary flaw with the very ZOG system which our ancestors unwittingly allowed to entrench itself to the point it is today (with ZOG owning all Western nations AND communist nations). Wake up people. ZOG truly is the enemy of nations and their people.

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