More proof positive that the FBI rigged the 2020 US federal election

Deeply sorry to ask people to watch this. But when you do, please remember that the FBI had this hard drive before the election and made sure none of its contents could be leaked to the public.

Also ask yourself had the FBI had a similar video of Trump’s son, any of them, and hid it, would the Democrats or left claim the election was rigged on that basis alone?

Even if we forget about EVERY accusation against the integrity of that election, (except for 2000 Mules as that video was checked out by a cybersec expert I know and trust, and he was confident the data was legit and it was in fact stolen that way) and just look at the few scraps from Hunter’s laptop we know about, and add to that, Twitter kicked off President Trump before the election, suppressed his followers massively, and made his talking points bannable offences.

Facebook even would not allow Trump or the Republican Party to raise funds for the election.

That election was stolen way way before a single fake ballot was cast.

And the FBI increasingly look like the largest criminal organization on Earth.

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10 Replies to “More proof positive that the FBI rigged the 2020 US federal election”

  1. We know all of the worst things possible are true- including everything on Crackhead Hunter’s filthy laptop and more.

    We know every which way the election was stolen and we find out more every day.

    We know that the Bidenistas have one goal only – to completely destroy MAGA Nation and the rest of the country.

    The question is- where the hell is the serious push back from the GOP or ANY political party or group?

    It is now every man for himself and every woman for herself. We can forget about the cavalry coming over the hill to save us.

    • Look on Mike Lindell’s site for a testimonial from a whistleblower in AZ that said that Democrats (and some Republicans) had 35000 votes injected in each race (possibly per county?) to win races since 2014. Walter Daugherty. That’s why you can’t rely on Republicans to get help. Because they are benefitting too.

      Documentary coming out next month called “(S)election Code”

    • We are trying to do this the legal way, we both know this isn’t going to work. I know that a Civil War is going to start in the near future, a Civil War that will last for several decades. In the long run we will win but a lot blood will fertilize the tree of liberty during the war.

      • The abortion issue before the Supreme Court has already resulted in so much vandalism and firebombing of areas linked to the anti-abortion proponents. Wait till end of July when the ruling is announced. Expect massive disruption.

        • The US Supreme Court’s term ends at the end of June. Expect even more rioting to occur soon. I think tying this to liberal democrats is going to be even more devastating for them as the midterms come up.

        • You are right the rioting will. Start them and continue through the midtérm election. When Trump supported Repubs take over Congress the violence will get worse.

  2. Yup. Agreed.

    I think it is Obama, not just Biden. Biden was picked as the useful idiot (quite literally). And I think Obama was chosen long before.

    • I agree, he was groomed to destroy the US, this is why he was so angry when Trump reversed every thing he had done.

  3. Stop and think about what all of the evidence says about the extent of corruption is the US government. This level of corruption wasn’t reached quickly and it won’t be removed quickly or easily. Firing the swamp critters won’t be enough, there will have to be long prison sentences.

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