Sense, Sentience and Stupidity, and one way Trudeau really can improve the health of Canadians: Links 1, June 13th, 2022

It has been a very busy but less than ideal day in terms of productivity. But there are a few things I want to post before going to bed. The first thing I wanted to make a post of all on its own. I had a title and everything. Ill just put it here:

1. Sense, sentience and stupidity

By now everyone has likely seen the latest scare headline about a Google employee who claims his chatbot is a real boy. Fully sentient. Actual I not just AI.

Plot spoiler: It isn’t.

I had a chance meeting with another Google AI employee who had a few interesting things to say. For one, this chatbot is based on a 1990s basic reflection model simulator. If PC is watching this site still, he may be familiar with Roget’s Client Centred Therapy. This was a method of counselling the distressed that even a parakeet could do. Or a reel to reel tape deck. It involved reflecting back to the person more or less what they said as if it was a probing question.

This chatbot is a more advanced version of it, but its still just a kind of ‘all done with mirrors’ cognitive trick.

Then I spoke with a Cybersec expert who said the whole hacker community is having a laugh riot over it. Apparently, it was written in something called, “Lambda”. Apparently, you can make your own lambda chatbot with this website.

Its funny I was told, because its simple. No one could make a sentient being with Lambda. And, and this is the kicker, the man at the centre of this story HAS to have known this. So what his motives are is up in the air. He is apparently away on a personal event. So did his girlfriend insist it was sentient and make him go along with her? Was he trying to do disinformation for yet another line of effort to put everyone in a fear frenzy? No idea. But what I do know is, Turing isn’t a very good test, and his bot is not sentient.

The Daily Mail does a decent job here.

2. Israel raises Istanbul threat level to highest level, tells nationals to leave now

Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau has raised its alert level for Istanbul to the highest possible level, calling on any Israelis in the city to leave immediately or risk their lives.

The announcement comes hours after Foreign Minister Yair Lapid announced the travel warning at a faction meeting, saying there was a “real and immediate” threat of an Iranian kidnap/murder plot targeting Israelis, and calling on Israelis to avoid any unnecessary travel to Istanbul or Turkey in general.

“Two weeks ago a travel warning to Turkey was raised, after defense officials raised fears of Iranian attempts to harm Israeli targets around the world, especially in Turkey,” reads a position paper from the National Security Council backing the decision.

3. There is a logical fallacy called, “Reductio ad absurdum”. As I understand it, its where an attempt is made to discredit an argument by claiming its opposite would lead to absurdity or contradiction. I wonder if in a way, the following statement is an example of it:

“If you want to know if a thing is true, just check to see if Twitter bans it”. – Me.

Of course this is not a valid or true argument. Just because Twitter bans a LOT of things that are true, precisely because they are true, doesn’t mean all true things are banned. Only the things that interfere with their agenda are banned. Like this claim about Justin Bieber by Dr. Steve Kirsch. 

3. I am a firm believer in wearing a mask if you are Justin Trudeau. In fact, I think we need a petition demanding that Trudeau always wear a mask for the rest of his natural life. Because if he really wants to improve the health of Canadians, he needs to stop showing his face. You have no idea how many people have told me that seeing it makes them sick.

4. For anyone who is looking for more cheerful news on the effects of the Gene therapy shots, this forecast about the various Covid injections causing specific neurodegenerative diseases is not for you.

It was written by several scientists, chief among them, the famous and esteemed, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Luc Montagnier .

5. Trudeau has tested positive for Covid again, and is in hiding again. His critics are unfairly attacking him for his cowardice, using Covid as a way of avoiding confrontation. This is very shallow of them. They should be attacking him as he is allegedly fully vaccinated, has had Covid at least twice now, and still won’t let unvaccinated Canadians fly or take a train.

There is a rumour published by his basset hounds at the CBC that the travel restrictions will end tomorrow until a new variant can be named and reinstated, but for people looking to get away for the summer, they might be able to for a while. I guess Trudeau has some friends who decided not to get the shot and who he wants to accommodate.

There. Doesn’t he look better with a mask on?


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4 Replies to “Sense, Sentience and Stupidity, and one way Trudeau really can improve the health of Canadians: Links 1, June 13th, 2022”

  1. 4.)
    Truth is irrelevant to the narrative told to the serfs
    Death is a small price to pay for public health.

    I asked yesterday evening some one I know that his jabbed up to his eye-balls if he would take a medicine that has a 2366.666% higher fatality rate than the disease it’s supposed to fight.
    The answer was NO.
    Then I told him that he had already done it by taking the jabs and he went straight into denial mode and official narrative.

  2. The year is 2030 and I am in the market for a new robot. A butler, specifically, to complement my comfortable station in life, and because it has become quite fashionable to own one. Not wanting to pay retail I peruse the used ads. I have owned an older model for seven years and am tired of it. No matter the amount of effort that manufacturers and their advertising departments pour into selling these things with “lifestyle”-type seductions, their products remain, basically, glorified toasters. Their eyes are as dead as those of day-old fish, reflecting me, myself, and my loneliness in old age.

    “Added joints for life-like movement,” says one ad for the Hewitt Packard BP-13. “Humour chip included,” says the Apple model. I fall for none of it, scrolling down the page, until I get to this one: “Discounted! Lowball offers ignored. Ericsson A-100 model. Good companion but has developed bad chain-smoking habit. Can no longer take the stink. $39,500.”

    That’s the one for me.

    Infusing the inanimate with animating qualities, good and bad, to make them seem to be something they are not, had been our history for the last 10 years, at least. Filling unsexy, unpolitical facts with a mysticism that obfuscates at once the boring truth and the ruse, lending them dynamism and life they could not otherwise hold, had been the line effort of pandemics, climate change, and war. This was the only way superstitious publics could be fooled into the fear and folly of their manipulation. Real science is for real scientists–people with the zeal and determination for slogging through the well-defined scientific process. This is antithetical to mysticism. The algorithms driving our technocracy were fish-eye dead. They reflected nothing but our tired own mugs. The technocrats tried to sell us magic and sorcery.

    I will call him Bernard. This is a good butler name. Or Phil.

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