North Korea to head UN nuclear disarmament group: Links 1, May 31st, 2022

1. Please go to Twitter to read this stunning thread. Hillel Neuer has done a stellar job for many years doing what he likely hopes is keeping the UN’s more pernicious tendancies in check. But in fact in practice appears more to be exposing what the UN actually is, rather than keeping it in line. A line which it isn’t really on for many many years now.

2. Ontario Liberals pledge to add COVID-19 vaccine to school immunization list

The Ontario Liberals say they would add COVID-19 vaccination to the immunization schedule for schools, if elected.

Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says the best way to get back to normal is to make classrooms safer.

He says he would add COVID-19 to the list of nine other vaccines on the school list and would require all front-line educators to be immunized.

But Del Duca says current exemptions will continue to apply.

(To be clear. Exemptions from within a system intended to make everyone comply with a diktat, is like trusting the EXIT sign in a mousetrap. The fact is the exemptions are very rarely allowed and applied, and when denied the reasoning is far from logical. Usually they contain several falacies. Because the intention is not to allow exemptions, and to normalize government authority in areas where it never had any before. The mere mention of exemptions is to anaesthetize people into thinking they still have choice, even if its a wink wink nudge nudge one. The Ontario election is June 2nd, Thursday this week.)

3. Pastor becomes overtly political, as opposed to covertly which one imagines they all have to be, since now governments have encroached in all areas of our moral lives.

4. Kink is mandatory. Classical, and biologically correct normalcy is damn near illegal. And what do all these things have in common? Trans? (which results in chemical and surgical sterilization of children before they can reproduce) New policies on easy and available suicide? Anti-Judeo-Christian policies? Forced celebration of every possible kink except straight sex?

The elimination of babies.

5. Get this. Phoneys trying to push the use of masks, ended their study on September 4th. So early in the school year their data means nothing.

Thank you all for your kind attention to this effort, and for contributing efforts of your own on the Reader’s Links post each day.

Ontario readers, please remember that the election is on Thursday, and that the Liberal party wishes to enact draconian and frankly, constitutionally illegal measures, and the NDP would be worse. The Conservative party would probably do the same things but would appear to be reluctant about it. They would however, stimulate the economy making it slightly less urgent to find another place to live.

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  1. 1.)

    This is utterly Insane, but what can anyone expect from a World whose “leaders” are through the bank megalomaniac tin-pot dictators?
    This shows again clearly that the United Nations is not here to prevent Wars and to protect the little people without a voice, but to make sure that these Wars break out on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex and the Mega Rich.
    I’m pretty sure that with a One World Government, “Wars” would even break out more often and more regularly.
    They would use it as a well tested tool to keep any opposition to their Tyranny down.
    They would call it by a different name, like “Social Discontent Management” and their Mercenaries would be called “Social Discontent Workers”.
    The End-result will be the same, “Death to those that oppose”.
    The ideal of these “International Organizations” is no more than a hollow edifice to dazzle the gullible and stupid and whose real centre is the simple, unadorned greed and lust for power of the elite Few.
    These are not Organizations that fight for the Rights of Human Sovereignty, Freedom and Dignity, it’s quite the opposite.
    These organizations are nothing more than the Slavers shackle on the stride of Humanity.
    If Humanity wants peace and prosperity, then these criminal Organizations need to go.

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