The State of Sweden

This is the first in a series of films totalling 6.

We will post one a day or so, as they are, we are told by Swedish Journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist, very difficult to watch. But for those who wish to binge them, they are linked above.

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6 Replies to “The State of Sweden”

  1. Many important clips, a very all round documentary, but its hard to see the the total idea with the film. And without that, 10.5 hours is quite a long time to stand out. Our common good friend Ingrid wrote:

    “It took me several weeks to watch all of this, because it’s so chocking and upsetting what they have done to Sweden and the rest of the West. I urge you to watch it, little by little. “(Ingrid Carlquist)

  2. I started watching it… realized the background sound was unnerving me (as it was intended), and the blatant disregard by immigrants was just awful. Gangs going around and raping, etc. I had to keep telling myself that these are cherry picked stories all packed together, showing the worst of the worst. I can’t imagine watching all six parts!

    • The background noise is just irritating. It’s really unnecessary. I only watched a few minutes, that totally put me off. The story should tell itself.

  3. Watched all six parts and can say the prognosis is terminal .
    Sweden is the ‘bad apple rot’ rogue state that will take the rest along with it in it’s demise.

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