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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. “COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct Timeline: Major Dates, Events, Entities & Legislation” by Political Moonshine on September 29, 2021

    “Video: Political Moonshine Interview on the Prather Point With Jeff Prather”
    by Political Moonshine on May 24, 2022

  2. This past weekend saw a strange storm sweep through Ottawa, continuing on up the St. Lawrence river. There may have been a few tornados, but not enough to inflict as much damage as occurred. It was reported that the wind travelled straight instead of swirled, which resulted in uprooted trees even six-feet in trunk diameter, many broken telephone poles and power lines, and disrupted internet and cell phone service. It felt like an apocalyptic weekend. The city is still cleaning up.

    It’s hard to find open gas stations. Fist fights broke out with people fighting over the last drops of regular, not wanting to pay for premium. Of course, such behavior was rare, with the majority of people showing their best natures and helping out their neighbors. It does make one wonder, though, how far civility will stretch when tried.

    Weather is an act of god, right? If He takes down a few microwave towers and you lose some mobile phone and internet service, what do you do? In my own observation you become more productive. Without the distractions on-line you read more paper. Those are also called books. You clean and organize. You take a break from the information battle space. You come back stronger.

    It also seems to me like an opportunity for our Dystopian government to, at least, observe peoples’ reactions to this disruption. They pay people good money to sit and watch, don’tcha know. Like assessing a dry run to something more. Taking notes. But that’s just my imagination being pushed by a strong wind. See what happens when trust is demolished like a cow barn in a storm? Whatever cows survive are left wandering in the fields, like untethered thoughts going willy-nilly. I don’t blame the cows for this at all. They have been lied to so many times. They will continue wandering all the way to Davos looking for answers for why their barn is gone, and they will not trust much.

    Here is one cow wandering:

    • Saw a sigh on the side of a barn “Every cow matters.” Methinks I should make him a sign “Politicians produce more methane than cows”

    • We ran a check on every test out there and its green across the board. can you supply a screen shot of the error please? From our end its 100% solid.

  3. europravda – Zelenskyy addresses Davos summit for a second time

    Zelensky says that his country will not give up its land to end Russia’s war.

    • CBC – Ukraine war deepens global food crisis

      Russian forces have destroyed crops and blockaded ports along the Black Sea, affecting the food supply in Africa and the Middle East.

      • Not a Bishop in good standing with the Catholic Church. He joined the SSPX (Archbishop Lefebvre’s society) and was even too extreme for them, they dismissed him from the society. He’s also been convicted in Germany of Holocaust Denial.
        That doesn’t mean that everything he says is not true. But he’s not someone I would go to for information!

    • Press Conference: First Movers Coalition Announce Expansion

      Join Secretary Kerry and key government officials and global CEOs as they announce a major expansion of the First Movers Coalition to decarbonize the global economy.

      Learn how public-private action can help accelerate rapid decarbonization across global supply chains.

    • REBEL NEWS – Exposing hypocritical key figures at the World Economic Forum

      Avi Yemini spoke to us from Davos, Switzerland to discuss the WEF’s secretive nature and the sanctimonious players taking part in the gathering of the elite.

    • FRANCE PR4VD4 -Davos 2022: IMF chief Georgieva urges action on food crisis

      The world is facing its worst food crisis in history.

      Millions of tonnes of wheat are stuck in Ukraine, worsening an already precarious situation for many countries that depend on exports from the region.

      IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva tells FRANCE 24 Business Editor Kate Moody that only “very strong international mobilisation” will save the lives of millions of people.

      Also in our update from Davos: EU member states move towards an embargo on Russian oil, but with no consensus on the timeline.

    • Davos: Europe must ‘flex’ muscles, says Lagarde

      European Central Bank Chief Christine Lagarde said in Davos that Europe must ‘flex’ its muscles during times of adversity, in reference to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

    • Shaping a Shared Future: Making the Metaverse | Davos

      Many companies are investing in so-called metaverses, suggesting a powerful growth trajectory for the extended reality (XR) ecosystem.

      What principles should be followed to ensure that consumer and business applications are built in a way that establishes a safe, interoperable, inclusive and accessible environment?

    • europravda – EU sanctions should not hurt the middle class, warns Belgian PM Alexander De Croo

      …. it’s still ‘too early’ to talk about raising EU common debt to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction.

    • europravda – Brussels proposes plan to confiscate frozen Russian assets to help rebuild Ukraine

      Member states will have to adapt their domestic legislation to enable the confiscation of yachts and houses.

  4. DAILY MAIL – Government green-lights the development of ‘gene edited’ crops and livestock in the UK – and says they will be sold UNLABELLED in supermarkets

    New legislation to speed up development of ‘gene edited’ crops to be introduced

    It could pave way for bird flu-resistant chickens and climate change-proof wheat

    Under previous European rules, gene editing of livestock and plants was banned

    Will cut pesticide need and make farming more environmentally friendly — Defra

  5. WSJ
    Iran nuclear files Mossad seized in 2018 included stolen IAEA records

    Iranian nuclear documents seized by the Mossad in 2018 included secret records from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran had accessed and used to create cover stories to hide parts of its nuclear program, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

    Middle East intelligence officials told the WSJ that the IAEA documents, marked confidential, and accompanying Iranian records were circulated between 2004 to 2006 among senior Iranian military, government and nuclear officials, as the IAEA was investigating the country’s nuclear program.

    David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security and a former UN weapons inspector, told the WSJ that Iran’s acquisition of the IAEA documents “represents a serious breach of IAEA internal security.

    “Iran could design answers that admit to what the IAEA already knows, give away information that it will likely discover on its own, and at the same time better hide what the IAEA does not yet know that Iran wants to keep that way.”

    Among the documents were handwritten notes in Persian and attachments with Iranian commentary on the IAEA documents. Documents reviewed by the WSJ stated that Iranian officials credited unspecified “intelligence methods” for obtaining the confidential records.

    In one note on an Iranian corporate record, a top Iranian official pressed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the father of Iran’s nuclear weapons program who was assassinated in 2021, to create a “scenario” to explain to the IAEA why corporate-registration records had been changed for a civilian company Iran had claimed was working on a uranium mine.

    While the company was recorded in Iranian documents as having ceased to exist in December 2001, one of the documents seen by the WSJ ordered Iranian officials to change that date to May 2003. This change allowed Iran to tell the IAEA that the work on the uranium mine was done by the civilian company for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, which supported Iran’s claim that the mine was civilian and unrelated to any military nuclear work.

    Middle Eastern intelligence officials and former IAEA officials told the WSJ that the mine was built to be able to produce material for a potential nuclear weapons program.

  6. Defense Ministry reinforcing kindergarten buildings near Gaza border

    The Defense Ministry on Wednesday announced that it had begun the physical reinforcement of of kindergartens’ defenses in Israeli communities close to the border with the Gaza Strip, a year after several education centers were damaged in rocket attacks.

    The construction work began earlier this week, when the ministry’s Engineering and Construction Division, along with the Israel Defense Forces’ Home Front Command, started reinforcing existing defenses at a preschool in the southern town of Gvar’am.

    The ministry said within a year it would reinforce 33 kindergartens in 17 towns close to the Gaza border, including the southern city of Sderot, a frequent target of rockets from Gaza.

    Some of the preschools are being reinforced after the buildings were damaged by rocket shrapnel during an 11-day war with Gaza terror groups last May…

  7. WaPo – Defiant Pakistani ex-PM Khan urges followers to banned rally

    ISLAMABAD — Pakistani police have fired tear gas and scuffled with stone-throwing supporters of ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan ahead of planned marches Wednesday toward central Islamabad. The defiant former premier had called followers to rally outside Parliament to bring down the government and force early elections.

    The marches have raised fears of major violence between supporters of Khan — now Pakistan’s top opposition leader — and security forces. The government of Khan’s successor, Shahbaz Sharif, has banned the rally and warned Khan he could face arrest if he went ahead with the demonstrations.

    The country’s Supreme Court ruled later Wednesday that Khan’s rally could go ahead — but only at a specifically allocated public grounds and on condition the demonstrators disperse after an address by the former prime minister. The court also asked Khan’s lawyer, Babar Awan, to ensure that the rally remains peaceful.

    However, Khan persisted, urging supporters to head toward the square near Parliament for the rally that he plan would evolve into a sit-in there until the government resigns. By late evening, the former prime minister had not arrived in Islamabad while police were making security arrangements for an alternate location for the rally, far from the parliament building.

    The government also summoned troops to guatd important buildings, including the parliament and offices of the president and prime minister in Islamabad, according to a notification issued by the Interior Ministry. The measures come following clashes between demonstrators and police.

    Earlier in the morning, riot police fired tear gas and pushed back hundreds of demonstrators who hurled stones as they tried to pass a roadblocked bridge near the city of Lahore to board busses bound for the capital, Islamabad. Dozens of Khan’s followers also briefly clashed with police in Islamabad, where the demonstrators set fire to bushes lining a main boulevard, sending smoke and flames rising into the sky.

    Altercations were also reported elsewhere, including in the port city of Karachi, where demonstrators burned a police vehicle.

    At least a dozen demonstrators and several policemen were injured. Ahead of Wednesday’s marches, authorities used dozens of shipping containers and trucks to block off major roads into Islamabad.

    Khan, a former cricket star turned Islamist politician served as prime minister for over three and half years until last month, when he was ousted by a no-confidence vote in Parliament. Since then, he has held rallies with thousands of people across the country.

    Khan says his removal from office was the result of a U.S.-organized plot and collusion with Sharif, whose government has vowed a stern response if Khan violates the ban. Washington has also denied any role in Pakistan’s internal politics.

    Despite the ban, Khan is insisting his rally will be massive and peaceful — and continue until the government agrees to hold fresh elections this year, not in 2023 as scheduled. Organizers had planned for crowds to travel by car and bus to Islamabad’s city limits, then march on foot from there.

    Khan himself traveled by helicopter to a highway some 100 kilometers (62 miles) northwest of Islamabad, where he condemned the police crackdown and urged supporters to join the rally.

    “My message for the nation: Everyone must break out of the grip of fear to achieve freedom,” he wrote on Twitter, before starting out by vehicle from the Swabi interchange. His convoy still faces a series of roadblocks ahead that would require heavy machinery to remove.

    Khan called on supporters to remove the earth-filled containers and circumvent any blockades in order to enter Islamabad. “I will be among you Wednesday afternoon,” he had vowed Tuesday.

    Thousands of Khan’s supporters along with leaders of his Tehreek-e-Insaf party massed in Peshawar, the capital of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where his party rules. From there, his followers must cross a bridge at the province’s border that the government has blocked, before assembling on the outskirts of Islamabad.

    The government launched a crackdown and arrested more than 1,700 Khan supporters, according to Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. The minister lauded his countrymen for rejecting a massive rally and apologized to citizens for any inconvenience due to the blockades.

    “Imran Khan had claimed that he would gather 2 million people here in Islamabad today, but he is marching toward Islamabad along with only 6,000 or 7,000 demonstrators,” Sanaullah told a news conference Wednesday. “We are fully prepared to handle him.”

    Authorities have deployed additional police and paramilitary troops on highways and in Islamabad, with tractor trailers parked across both lanes of traffic in several areas.

    The measures were announced after a policeman was killed Tuesday during a raid on the home of a notable Khan supporter in Lahore.

    In a separate development Wednesday, dayslong talks between Islamabad and the International Monetary Fund concluded in Qatar without Pakistan securing a revival of a $6 billion bailout package from the global lender.

    After the talks, the IMF urged Pakistan to remove subsidies on fuel and energy. The subsidies were approved by Khan’s government in February, forcing the IMF at the time to withhold a crucial tranche of about $1 billion.


    Long march towards Islamabad

  8. Jonathan Tobin:
    How Jewish support for ‘anti-racism’ empowered anti-Semitism

    While the idea that black lives matter was never up for debate, it was in that atmosphere that so much of the organized Jewish world felt impelled to sign on to support for the movement itself. That seemed like a cost-free gesture that allowed Jewish groups to virtue signal their opposition to racism.

    What they didn’t count on was the way this effort helped intersectional ideology, which falsely analogizes the Palestinian war on Israel to the struggle for civil rights in the United States, to become the guiding force behind an increasingly powerful left wing of the Democratic Party…

    The organized Jewish world needs to take a hard look at its mistakes and admit that its desire to play the fashionable “anti-racist” card strengthened forces that are inimical to Jewish interests, as well as to the cause of equality and racial harmony for American society.

    If the Jewish community is to successfully confront the rising tide of anti-Semitism on the left that the BLM moment empowered, there must first be a reckoning about why these groups failed to stand their ground against this dangerous trend in 2020
    Tooooo late….
    ….that genie done LEFT da bottle~~

  9. The Caroline Glick Show: Radicals at war against Judeo-Christian roots of Western society

    In this week’s “Mideast News Hour” with Caroline Glick, experts discuss the implications of the Labour Party’s victory in the Australian elections for Australian-Israel ties in light of the progressive fixation with esoteric issues like transgenderism and emotional responses rather than meat and potatoes issues regarding life as it is experienced by the vast majority of people.

    • Sen. Brian Schatz (D- Hawaii), tweeted:

      “It would be great, if not a huge accomplishment, for everyone in the American Jewish community to jointly condemn the right wing antisemitic conference held in Hungary, and if there are American Jewish organizations who decline to condemn the conference, they should explain why.”

      I guess he’s talking about the CPAC last week in Hungary. In Hungary, ipso facto antisemitic to the looney left.

      So that calls for a ChiCom struggle session by American Jews? However nonsensical, if he were BLACK, Sen. Chuck Schumer would already be on his knees, denouncing whatever.

      Together with Ron Lauder – who flipped left a few years ago. He’s probably already paid some flack to write it. Just to keep his prog bona fides.

      Yes, the “organized Jewish world” is reprising its Holocaust-era activism – collaborating with the hate that’s blowing in the wind. They’ll make nice later, fund another creepy memorial, adopt another greedy mascot like Elie Wiesel.

      • Hmm. The “unorganized” conservative Jewish community in Budapest seems just fine, for now. Much good was done when Bibi was around. All the rest of it hurts my head.

  10. Beware: A new wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping New York City

    As New York enters a post-pandemic new normal, a perfect storm has been brewing – involving rising anti-Semitic incidents and growing anti-Israel movements – that will have devastating consequences for the city’s Jewish community.

    It’s clear the Jewish population is already in danger, given the citywide increase in hate crimes targeting Jews, the anti-Israel crusade on campuses like New York University and City University of New York and the success of efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state at the highest levels of these institutions.

    Put another way, these events – individually and collectively – signify a new wave of anti-Semitism that is sweeping the city as never before.

    Strikingly, anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City were up by nearly 100% in March compared with March 2021, per NYPD data. That followed an even more disturbing 400% hike in February and a 300% hike in January…

    There is a documented and inextricable link between the prevalence of anti-Israel attitudes in the public sphere – most of which are not grounded in fact – and the victimization of Jewish individuals and institutions…

    Boston, too:
    The emergence of the Congressional Pogrom Caucus

    This caucus is the result of a years-long campaign by anti-Semitic activists and organizations to burrow deep into the American establishment. Hate groups like CAIR, IfNotNow, Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims for Palestine and numerous others have been on a long march of slander, defamation and demonization directed at Israel, its American supporters and indeed all American Jews. It seeks to break their spirits, intimidate them into silence and exile them to the apartheid margins of American life.

    But it also seeks to break their very bodies. This was conclusively proven last May, when Muslim-Americans across the U.S. committed horrific acts of violence and intimidation against Jews from New York to Los Angeles, largely without condemnation.

    My own father’s business in a Jewish suburb of Boston was vandalized multiple times because he sells Israeli products. In a display of epic hypocrisy, the long marchers – and “The Squad” itself – so quick to accuse anyone and everyone of racism on the slightest pretext, remained all but completely silent throughout.

    This pogrom did not erupt merely because Israel was involved in a conflict with Hamas at the time. It was the product of years, decades of work by these activists and organizations.

    The idea that their incitement and defamation did not poison the Muslim-American community against not only Israel but all Jews is absurd. And that it resulted in mob violence – a pogrom – should be no surprise. For this alone, the Muslim-American establishment, the anti-Israel progressive left, the numerous activists who support them and the Squad itself stand condemned…

    The pogromists know that they cannot break the State of Israel without also breaking the Jews. Especially American Jews, who they see as the true source of what they genuinely believe to be Israel’s omnipotent power. They are prepared to do almost anything in service of this goal, and will not stop unless they are stopped by any and all legal means necessary.

    This means, above all, that American Jews must wake up…………

    …………They won’t wake up…………
    German Jews painted swastikas on their store windows, but on Kristallnacht none were passed over.

    As many as 80% of this generation of American Jews will choose “progressive” and lose even the most tenuous as-a-jew identity. Deracinated like the 10 Tribes, vanishing into a sea of Pashtun, Kurd, Ethiopian.

    • But the author is as mistaken as the pogromists. They don’t get it. The center of gravity has shifted again: a hundred years ago it was eastern Europe, then America; now it’s the Nation State of the Jewish people. Israel. At long last home.

      Cut flowers, no matter how lovely, wither to dust.
      The Sabra of Israel is alive, with millennia-old roots in the Promised Land. This is the real deal, not the poetic construct that’s replaced halacha with tikkun olam.

      Not the Garden of Eden, this place takes blood, sweat, and tears. But here is where Am Yisrael Chai.

  11. the gateway pundit – World Health Organization “Global Pandemic Treaty” Includes Plan For Mandatory, Universal Digital Passport and ID System

    […]If the ratifications are agreed to this week, the WHO would also be granted sole authority over what constitutes a pandemic.

    And, as we have seen over the past two years, just about anything qualifies as an ‘existential threat to public health’ including, but not limited to: misinformation, parents protesting at school boards, free speech, and – of course – racism.

    The fact that the WHO is on the cusp of unrestricted authority to decide these measures should terrify every American.

    What’s more, the changes also include plans for a mandatory and universal vaccine passport system that’s overseen by the WHO. In fact, the globalist organization has already contracted a German-based company, called ‘T-Systems’, to develop the technology.

    They’re that confident the measures will be approved.

    From the joint WHO and T-Systems announcement:

    “The World Health Organization (WHO) will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future. The WHO is setting up a gateway for this purpose. It enables QR codes on electronic vaccination certificates to be checked across national borders.

    It is intended to serve as a standard procedure for other vaccinations such as polio or yellow fever after COVID-19. The WHO has selected T-Systems as an industry partner to develop the vaccination validation services.”

    According to Garret Mehl – the head of WHO’s Department of Digital Health and Innovation, the plan for the new universal system is to issue a QR code digital ID to every single person on the planet – that way, everyone is tracked. But, don’t worry, it’s just a “trust-building” exercise, Mehl explains.

    BROWNSTONE INSTITUTE – The WHO Treaty Is Tied to a Global Digital Passport and ID System


    World Health Organization (WHO) Delegation Briefing on Digital Health

    On May 11, Dr. Garrett Mehl, Head Digital Health Technology Unit, and Andy Pattison, Team Lead Digital Channels and head of the WHO Tech Task Force, were joined by Dr. John Grove, Director, Quality Assurance of Norms and Standards, for this briefing from the WHO, co-hosted by the Bay Area Global Health Alliance and UCSF’s Institute for Global Health Sciences.

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