COMINTERN agency, Euronews deceptively edits NATO chief to placate audience

This is an update to the post from earlier where the European head of NATO appeared to have made some pro-freedom noises. One of our most perceptive readers has sent in the following comment about this video, which changes its context by 180 degrees.

We have caught Euronews lying to its audience before, and in an equally brutal manner. From memory, one of the best examples is when they showed muslim girls seeming to wave lovingly at the Pope as he drove by them in the Central African Republic (CAR) and cut the audio out so you couldn’t hear that they were actually mocking and deriding him.

They actually used some of the same video and did a voiceover to convey the opposite of what happened. Much like CBC, Global, CNN and CTV do.

Below, the email about the European NATO Chief with much thanks to Kalloi:

The context of the speech under the video you posted actually means the exact opposite of what the title of the video suggests:
‘Freedom is more important than free trade’.
NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg urges countries to look beyond their economic interests in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as world leaders gather in Davos for the World Economic Forum 2022.
Translation: we are gonna crush the economies of the West (and the rest) by not trading with Russia, using the “freedom” of Ukraine as an excuse; and when you are all on your knees we will enslave you, muhahaha. 
So the Comintern (Euronews) deceptively cut a part of the speech out of contex in order to deceive the viewers, and gave a title to the video that means the absolute opposite of what is being planned in Davos and what Stoltenberg really means, to confuse and mislead folks so that the globalists can rob and enslave them more easily in the framework of the “4th Industrial Revolution”. 
Nothing short of criminal — a war crime in fact, considering the magnitude of the economic warfare being waged on the citizens of the NATO countries and the curtailing of human rights. “Freedom”, my @ss! — How utterly ironical — it is almost as if they are mocking us by uttering that word! They are literally laughing at us while they are deceiving and mistreating us. This little event on Euronews goes to show that it is all a carefully crafted and conscious entrapment of the population; these people (the global parasitic overclass mistakenly called as ‘elites’) are 100% psychopaths. 

If anyone can find the full unedited speech, please post it to the comments here and we shall add it to this post.

UPDATE: Here is the whole speech:

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2 Replies to “COMINTERN agency, Euronews deceptively edits NATO chief to placate audience”

  1. That’s how the enemy reversed the positive image of Israel after the Six Day War to the most comprehensively villified nation on earth today.

    Malicious propaganda so coordinated, on such a massive scale can’t be countered with accurate information. There is no “other side”. This is psyops, manipulation of emotions impervious to logic. Another mass-line attack in the hybrid war we’re losing now.

    The following references just happen to be Chinese, but the Nazis did Zersetzung, and the U.S. Army Field Manual in 2007 was straightforward in calling it “PSYOPS”.

    Win Without Fighting’: The Chinese Communist Party’s Political And Institutional Warfare Against The West

    Chinese Disinformation Efforts on Social Media

  2. Euronews are not Journalists, they are Propagandists and following wholeheartedly in the footsteps of Joseph Goebbels.

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