NATO has a message, Vaxx fail data, and Hungary now in a state of WAR: Links 1, May 24th, 2022

1. Euro NATO Chief has a very important message. But was cut off by COMINTERN media, Euronews before he could give his explanation for his indisputably true point.

(NATO has two heads. A US one, which actually makes decisions and matters, and a European one, which doesn’t. Which brings me to an idle and only quasi related thought. The people of the Donbas clearly want to be part of Russia, and the president of Ukraine in 2014 gave a scathing litany of hatred against the people of the Donbas worthy of Trudeau against the unvaccinated. We all know how the narrative goes on this. Russia’s near constant aggression against Western nations and institutions via cyberwarfare not withstanding, if one looks at pre-2019 media on the area, its pretty clear that the Donbas region of Ukraine wants to be Russian, and is treated horribly by Ukraine. Horribly. But NATO is using it as an excuse to get NATO equipment as close to Russia and on as many sides as possible. Offensive capabilities at that. Then we have China and Taiwan. Taiwan, which is ethnically Chinese, clearly does NOT want to be part of communist China. It considers itself to be an independent nation, and the people are clear on wanting that.

China has been making unsubtle noises about military action to force Taiwan back into total Chinese subservience. And one wonders if the US will use the same degree of force or more to protect a people that want to be away from an actual communist totalitarian nation, as opposed to stopping an authoritarian nation from unifying a people that seem to want to be within Russia. And to be clear, I have no delusions about political freedom in Russia. Im pretty sure if there was a Freedom Convoy in Moscow the way there was in Ottawa, the consequences would be a lot more unsubtle that what we had in Ottawa, and Ottawa was very unsubtle by Canadian standards. As for any other aspects of the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is a near impossibility to say what is true beyond what is reported post 2019. But it sure looks like there are no clear moral superiors. Here is another video from 2017 of Ukrainian leaders speaking about their views on the Donbas region.)

2. Alex Berenson: What do Oklahoma and Portugal have in common? Not much, besides mRNA vaccine failure

Given Portugal’s long history of fascism, keeping politics out of it was probably a good idea. But I digress. Virtually no one left to vaccinate. Wow. Portugal must be a Covid-free paradise these days!

Or maybe not:

3. Canada via enemy-propaganda site, CTV propagates the Monkeypox scare.

(“A half truth is the damndest of lies”. Note they don’t say that all the outbreaks appear to be from homosexual activities involving massive amounts of anonymous promiscuous behaviour. But vaccines are touted as being part of the solution. Read Alex Berenson’s post on this yesterday, posted to this site. The fact is, like HIV, the disease can be stopped by small rational behavioural changes.)

4. Digital ID/Currency: To quote a friend of mine, “Meat vill be a trrreat fir zee elite”

5. TEN confirmed cases in Canada of severe hepatitis in CHILDREN

Wouldn’t it be fun to know what the total number of cases in this cohort (age range and health status) before the experimental gene therapy mRNA shots were administered to them all. The WHO says its not the vaxx, yet there were none of these cases during the first year of Covid when it may have actually been a pandemic. They seem not to have existed till the vaxx. If it wasn’t from direct inoculation, could it have been from shedding within the household, also known as “Contagious Vaccinosis”?

Thank you all for your kind attention. There is a lot of material being worked on behind the scenes. Some of it of tremendous importance, and others of interest in that it reflects the state of Canada and the US rather well. 

Also, Viktor Orban, PM of Hungary, has put his nation in a state of war as of Midnight Hungarian time on the 24th. There is not a lot of info yet but we are working on translating a video he made about it. From what tiny info we have now, it appears to be a reaction to what Brussels, AKA the capitol of the European Union, may be planning against Budapest for its unwillingness to equip Ukraine for war against Russia. Hungary however has agreed to, and has taken in a massive amount of refugees from the Ukraine. More than any other state.

This could be serious.


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