Jack Posobiec arrested by WEF police!

Try to find today’s broadcast of the The Charlie Kirk show.

In it he interviews Jack Posobiec right as he was released from custody from the World Economic Forum Police. Not the Davos, or even Swiss police, but the WEF ones. A group of them pointed MP5s at Jack and his crew, and demanded to see his footage.

As Charlie points out, no NYT reporters had any problems at Davos. Just The Rebel and Jack Posobiec and anyone reporting on the event that may not be for the agenda.

This use of arbitrary police forces that have no actual basis in law remind me of the hundreds of olive clad pseudo cops in Ottawa, used to bust up the legal peaceful protest of the Freedom Convoy.

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One Reply to “Jack Posobiec arrested by WEF police!”

  1. Ah, Klaus Schwab’s “SS” already out on the street?
    Now only the guy’s in slouch hats and black leather coats are missing to come knocking on peoples doors.
    Just a matter of days I’d say.
    I guess now we know for certain where the Railway tracks are leading and the people can sweat it out at the Endstation.

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