Iran starts digital ID for food, and LOTS of Vaxx news: Links 1 for May 20, 2022

1. IRAN implements digital ID. You have to have it TO BUY FOOD

2. “We must remember every doctor who stopped patients from having a life saving medication.” – Dr. Daniel Nagase

3. Australian Doctors speak out AT LAST (90 minutes)

4. Airline passengers being sprayed with neurotoxin, Permithrin

5. Interview with Dr. Vlad Zelenko which touches on the usual issues of the gene therapy and the source of Covid, but as he is from Ukraine, he offers a few offhand observations about the Russia Ukraine conflict. This is about a half hour, but it flies by.

Thank you all, and EB in particular who found most of these items.

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  1. Spraying passengers with Permethrin: in the mid-1970s, I worked with a woman who visited Karachi, Pakistan. Before deplaning, a crew vaporized all the aircraft, seated passengers included. She was shocked as it was a pesticide.

    Some countries are filthy but Pakistan tops the list.

  2. The MONKEYPOX issue: They forecasted it, they prepared for it… although it’s not deadly, it will inspire terror among the masses. Once again, people will be locked in as symptoms first appear on the face and the hands. They are really playing with the collective psyche. This was all planned, IMHO.

  3. MONKEYPOX: ALERT, Ding ding ding !!!

    ** Canada’s public health considering monkeypox vaccination in Quebec **

    Canada’s federal public health department is considering sending monkeypox vaccines to Quebec after a few cases were detected in the province.

    The public health agency of Canada is considering whether to send monkeypox vaccines to be administered in Quebec where a few cases have been detected, La Presse reported on Friday.

    Dr. Howard Njoo, the Deputy Chief Public Health Officer said the agency is talking with the province of Quebec to determine a “possible use” of the monkeypox vaccines.

    La Presse reported that two cases were officially detected in the province, while approximately 15 possible cases were being investigated. The news outlet also reported that all infected individuals were men engaged in sexual relations with other men.

  4. 4/ It used to be routine on return trips from Latin America to spray the passengers in the aircraft with some sort of disinfectant or other. We never thought twice about it.

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