Tucker Carlson for May 18th, 2022

I think my favorite part of this episode, is the reveal that:

“Almost 50% of President Biden’s 22 MILLION followers, are Bots. Fakes. Spam accounts”.

Yeah he won that election fair and square. Assuming all those bots vote. And you know, I think they did!


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  1. Sad to watch history’s greatest nation choking in the grip of a commie dialectic so effective that even talk of the weather is shelved under Dewey identity politics. Can’t go on with this for long. Tower of Babel stuff but without building anything but raw kneejerk emotional responses from people who survive off the money tree. Racism can’t exist when it’s a luxury none of us can afford. Racism a luxury? Ask the real racist new White House flak, not the farmer too busy figuring out how to grow this year’s crop.

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