Rasmus at it again, WHO MUST be stopped, more weird Vaxx-adverse events: Links 1, May 15th, 2022

1. In his zeal to show how Islam is setting the laws for what Swedes may think. say and do, and not the Swedish people via legislature or otherwise, Rasmus Paludan has been in and out of Sweden many times, too many to easily keep track of, in the past few months. This video was published May 13th, 2022 so, yesterday. Probably happened yesterday. Note the choir in the background chanting in unison, the only hymn Muslims do. And of course its a threat.

For great write-ups on Rasmus’ adventures in Sweden, please click through to https://rairfoundation.com and put Rasmus in the search field at the top right. And of course, Gates of Vienna, who has tracked Rasmus from day 1. I would like to add, that in the last few years I have had the opportunity to report on, and observe and participate in several Christian run events. Some of them by quite religious Christians. When I managed to get a look at the Bibles they carried, they where wonderfully highlighted, underlined, notes in the side, and otherwise marked up in order to help remember and understand passages in that holy book. This means to Christians, the Bible is valuable because of what it says. It warms my heart to see those bibles.

But muslims trying to kill people, or threatening to kill people, and frequently actually killing people where they have real political control for damaging a book which is the property of the person doing the damage, that makes it a fetish. Not a holy book. And the value is in the thing itself, imputed by the believer with value it simply does not have by virtue of what it is or what it says.

2. Stop Canada from Signing the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty

It is difficult to overstate the seriousness of the WHO’s plans to create a new global “Instrument on Pandemic Preparedness.”

In short, signatory countries will be obligated to cede national policy, security, and enforcement control to the WHO and their leader “Dr.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in the event of a declared “pandemic.”

Tedros is a menace and extreme left-wing ethnic nationalist who ran the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a paramilitary group and now banned terrorist entity from Ethiopia. 

Now, he has cooked up a plan to get every country on the planet to sign on to a scheme that would put the world under Tedros’ thumb. The kicker? The measures would activate whenever the WHO declares a pandemic, which is at their own discretion.

Dr. Trozzi also has an ask to sign a petition against this newest, and probably most obvious push for global communism since the UN Migration Compact from a few years ago.

3. A video on what the WHO Pandemic treaty is, and what we can do about it. (One hour video)

4. Unprecedented Number of Women Experience Rare Gynaecological Event

Over more than 100 years, fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding — during which the uterus’ thick mucous lining is shed, intact — have been reported. But over a 7.5 month period in 2021, 292 women experienced it, raising questions about whether Covid-19 vaccines could be to blame.

Decidual cast shedding – clinically known as membranous dysmenorrhea – is so rare that most people have never heard of it, including most health care workers.[i] It describes a gynaecological event during which the decidua, or the thick mucous membrane that lines the uterus, is shed in full, intact form.

The “cast” that is shed from the vagina is fleshy and red or pink in colour, typically with a triangular shape that mirrors the internal shape of the uterine cavity. Over the last 109 years, fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding (“DCS”) have been reported in the medical literature[ii] – until now.

Nearly 300 Women Experienced DCS Over 7.5 Months in 2021

The MyCycleStory survey was distributed via social media from May 16, 2021, to December 31, 2021. Menstrual abnormalities have become commonplace following the rollout of Covid-19vaccines,[iii] and the 91-question survey targeted women aged 18 and over who were experiencing menstrual anomalies. Of the 6,049 women who responded, 292, or 4.83%, reported experiencing a DCS incident during the 7.5 month data collection period.[iv]

Of this group, 96.2% also said they had experienced health problems or menstrual irregularities since January 2021 — coinciding with Covid-19 vaccines being released in the US. According to the study, which was published in The Gazette of Medical Sciences in April 2022:[v]

5. Forbes, May 13, 2022: Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Fades Just Weeks After Second And Third Doses, Study Finds

Immunity against the omicron coronavirus variant fades rapidly after a second and third dose of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to peer reviewed research published in JAMA Network Open on Friday, a finding that could support rolling out additional booster shots to vulnerable people as the variant drives an uptick in new cases across the country.

Levels of omicron-specific “neutralizing” antibodies—which can target the virus and stop it from replicating—decline rapidly after a second and third dose of Pfizer’s shot, according to the Danish study of 128 people who had received two or three doses.

Antibody levels, which are associated with protection against infection and disease, fell within weeks of getting the shots and were much lower than the level of antibodies specific to the original and delta coronavirus variants, the researchers said.

Compared to original and delta variants, the proportion of omicron-specific antibodies detected in participants’ blood dropped “rapidly” from 76% four weeks after the second shot to 53% at weeks eight to 10 and 19% at weeks 12 to 14, the researchers found.

Thank you all for all your time, effort, and willingness to accept and contribute new thoughts on truly heartbreaking situations and paradigms. Ideally of course, to try and establish truth, and therefore just and practical policies.


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  1. Sweden new citizens!!, what a bunch of savages!!, go back where you come from , truly don’t belong in western civilization!!, and this the fault not only reckless politicians but stupidity and naivety of ordinary people..

  2. #1 That sounds very post modern at the end VT.
    That the value of a book is only what the owner or reader makes of it.
    The value of the Bible is that it is God’s Word, that it is true. (Though I have to admit there’s a lot of misinterpretation, which is why you need an authority to give the genuine interpretation. Most of us don’t have the time it would take to do the necessary research to start from scratch, and we weren’t there when events happened, we take many things on faith, when we have reliable witnesses.)
    Two books with opposing views of God can’t both be true, and therein lies the difference.
    To know which is true and which not is discernible by what the book says, and by methods other than those in the books themselves.
    Faith for the Christian isn’t blind belief.

    • Interpreted that way it could be Postmodern. I mean it in the sense that it is the ideas, thoughts, contents that matter, not the physical book.

      If you deleted a digital copy of the Quran would Muslims riot? Probably not as its not a fetish object. The actual book is, if it meets their standards for what makes it authentic.

      Most Synagogues have a hand made scroll, where each letter is meticulously drawn with painstaking precision. It is still not a fetish object, although it is of great value to the staff and congregants because of the labour involved.

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