All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 15, 2022

1. UK stoked on the Finns and Swedes joining NATO

2. Moscow responds to NATO advancing towards its borders

Moscow To Strengthen Its Troops On Border With Finland Should NATO Deploy Offensive Arms

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 15th May, 2022) Moscow will strengthen its military presence on the Russian-Finnish border in the event of Helsinki joining NATO and the alliance deploying striking weapons on its territory, Viktor Bondarev, the chair of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, said Sunday.


“We will strengthen the border, increase the presence of the Russian troops on the border if offensive, striking weapons of NATO are deployed in Finland, in our immediate vicinity,” Bondarev said on Telegram.

Finland announced the official decision to join NATO earlier on Sunday. The decision will be discussed in the Finnish parliament on Monday, and the voting is expected to be held on Tuesday.

The decision was followed by Sweden, which is expected to officially apply for NATO membership together with Finland.

3. Finnish president reveals what he claims was the contents of a phone call between himself and Putin:

Please check back on this post and the comments under this post as the day progresses for more on this critically important and basically impossible to analyze world threatening theatre of operations

“This is one of those wars you want both sides to lose”. -US General when asked about an Iran-Iraq war.


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  1. “in the war between Itan and iraq, I regret there will be ine loser” Henry Kissinger in response to a question at a c..May 1985 talk in downtown San Diego, sponsored by Beth Israel, the oldest synagogue in San Diego.

  2. Russophone teenagers around here are spotting videos – posted by both sides – that are straight out of online wargames. So all the time they spend playing isn’t a total loss. And they’re learning appropriate cynicism.

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