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2 Replies to “2000 mules: New documentary by Dinesh D’Sousa”

  1. I’m looking at it now. I’ve been wanting to view the entire movie.

    I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for Donald J. Trump knowing he won big time and now, seeing all his work being undone. His only satisfaction would be a major Republican win in both houses come this November leaving only Old Joe with a pen.

    Today, Mother’s Day, Jill Biden isn’t with her family. Instead, she is visiting the Zelenskys in Ukraine. I would call that sealing Old Joe’s, aka The Big Guy, 2% cut on the heels of Nancy and Adam’s visit to set up the terms of the deal.

    The Democrats will want to get rid of him eventually, especially if he only has a pen.

  2. If Nov 3rd has not been fixed, Conservatives will lose just like then.
    Look at what just happened in France. Again they were watching vote totals go down…
    Votes NEVER go down in a tally.

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