Tucker exposes the “poster girl for the Marxist Revolution”

Frank Gaffney of Centre for Security Policy, points out last night’s Tucker Carlson did a fine job of exposing the poster girl for the communist revolution all but complete in the US today. Here is what the former undersecretary of Defence under Raegan had to say:

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Nina Jankowicz has been plucked from obscurity to be the famous person she yearned in song to become. In her new role as arbiter of what is unacceptable “mis- and disinformation,” she has become the poster girl of the now-intensifying Marxist Revolution in America.

Tucker Carlson observed last night that Ms. Jankowicz’s past antics – notably, her sometimes salacious and deeply partisan renderings of popular music, her screeds inveighing against ideological opponents and, yes, her own actual and absurd disinformation – obscure, like Joe Biden’s affable senility, serious “Stalinist” tendencies.

What can possibly go wrong with having such a person given free rein in a law enforcement capacity to go after political opponents – even school board-criticizing moms now officially called potential “domestic terrorists” – simply because she deems their exercise of First Amendment rights to be impermissible?

The short answer is “plenty.”

This is Frank Gaffney.

Here is Tucker’s show from last night:

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4 Replies to “Tucker exposes the “poster girl for the Marxist Revolution””

  1. POLITICAL VIOLENCE coming to a church near you on Sunday.

    Earlier today the Far-left group “Ruth Sent Us” doxxed the home address of the six conservative justices of the US Supreme Court.

    They are hoping Democrats will join them to harass and threaten the SCOTUS Justices and their families.

    This is a new low for the violent left — famous for their $2 billion in destruction from their violent 2020 protests.

    This godless pro-abortion group announced this week they storm Catholic churches on Mother’s Day and interrupt Catholic mass. They plan these church protests on Mother’s Day of all days. Doesn’t that seem particularly ghoulish?


    • She is most definately Very Dangerous.
      And has Serious Mental Problems.

      Can you Imagine a Republican Administration Official Behaving this way.

      • In context of the number of churches burned to the ground it’s perversely moderate, but then church goers can’t be objected to without the church, can they.

  2. You have to wonder if Gentiles are allowed in an positions of authority within the US Federal government anymore.

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