More evidence that the mRNA shots may lead to significant harm: Links 1, May 6, 2022

1. About that “one extra step” Mr. Gates…


2. France introduces digital ID days after Macron’s re-election

Just days after winning the federal election, President Emmanuel Macron authorized the creation of a digital ID for France.

The “Digital ID Guarantee Service” (SGIN) was signed into decree following his victory over Marine Le Pen, which will allow France to be ‘compliant’ with the European Union’s digital ID.

The backlash from the ‘Les Patriots’ group, which seeks independence from the EU, was immediate.

3. Increased cardiac emergency events in Israel (45 minutes)

(You can listen at 1.25X speed as he speaks slowly)

Related: Uptick in cancers and viral disorders

4. Blackstone reaches $4.7 billion deal to buy

(Anyone send their DNA in to those guys? Cause guess what…)

Blackstone Group is betting on your family tree.

The alternative asset manager is set to buy about 75% of, the business known for family history research and DNA testing, in a deal valued at $4.7 billion including debt, according to people familiar with the transaction. Singaporean sovereign-wealth fund GIC, which took a stake in 2016, will hold about 25%, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. It will be the first acquisition by Blackstone’s largest ever private equity fund.

Representatives for Blackstone and declined to comment.

FamilyTreeDNA, an at-home DNA testing company, apologized for failing to disclose it was sharing genetic information with the F.B.I. to help solve rapes and murders. Some of the site’s users felt the company had betrayed them.

The president of FamilyTreeDNA, one of the country’s largest at-home genetic testing companies, has apologized to its users for failing to disclose that it was sharing DNA data with federal investigators working to solve violent crimes.

5. Contender for leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre,  comes out swinging

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There was a huge data-dump from Pfizer this week. A massive amount of pages. If anyone is aware of an authoritative analysis of what it means, or segments of it means, please post in the Reader’s Links post as you are able.


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  1. CDC VAERS Report up to April 29, 2022. The VAERS report has been historically reported at just 1%

    Adverse Reactions ho hum only 1, 255,355
    Deaths only (sarc) 27,758
    Serious Injuries only 226,703

    Adverse Reactions 5-11 10,444 19 with myocarditis and pericarditis, heart problems, ischemic strokes and 43 reports of blood clots and some deaths.

    12-17. 31,504 1808 serious and 44 deaths. 650 myocarditis and pericarditis, 66 blood clotting disorders
    Latest a 14 year old girl from Tennessee #2238618 died after 2nd Pfizer dose.

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