A few interesting videos and hate-graffiti at Vanier Church: Links 1, May 1, 2022

1. Great Reset commercial

2. Mark Steyn with a doctor on Covid measures medical consequences

3. Another woman stumbled across this lone sign carrier. She asked the counter-protestor, “Why do you object to this protest” to which she replied, “I do not like being kept hostage in my own home”. The woman replied, “That’s funny that is exactly how I feel and its why I support the freedom convoy”. No answer came after that.

4. Please see this RAIR article on events in Ottawa this weekend. From the state denying Veterans a ride around their own war memorial. to leftist hate-graffiti on a Vanier  Biker’s Church. 

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5 Replies to “A few interesting videos and hate-graffiti at Vanier Church: Links 1, May 1, 2022”

  1. Video: “These are Massive Crimes”. Congenital Malformations, Covid Vaccine Impacts on Pregnant Women. Naomi Wolf

    “In this [DOD] database… the rise in congenital malformations increased dramatically, from a baseline rate of 10,906 cases per year in 2021… to 18,951 congenital malformations for [just] part of the year of 2021. For part of the year of 2021, [congenital malformations] nearly doubled in the fetuses of our brave women… who submitted to what our President said they had to do.

    As the Commander-in-Chief [forced] this experimental vaccine, their babies suffered! Their babies suffered!”

  2. Japan reports first possible case of ‘unknown hepatitis’ in children
    CGTN – April 25, 2022

    This reminds of a December 3, 2015 interview with T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.
    He is the author of “The China Study.”
    HR 2-4 The beginning of the interview he talks about the Philippines, hepatitis, the rise of liver cancer in affluent children compare to the least fortunate children who did not develop liver cancer. The difference is the affluent children could afford a western rich (casein) diet.

  3. 1/ Very Trots and tankies.
    The Labor-Movt=>Watermelon-WEF illuminated as a secular, universal religion. The Great Reset is indeed a Reset, i.e. regressive; and “Great” in the sense of monstrous. Themes and memes in this vid are familiar, just reformatted for today’s media.

    “Its key word was ‘new’, as in Die Neue Zeit(New Times), title of Kautsky’s Marxist theoretical review, and as in the Austrian labour song still associated with May Day, and whose refrain runs: “Mit uns zieht die neue Zeit” (“The new times are advancing with us”)…

    “[May Day] was about nothing but the future, which, unlike a past that had nothing to give to the proletariat except bad memories. “Du passe faisons table rase” (“Of the past we make a blank slate”) sang the Internationale, not by accident. Unlike traditional religion, ‘the movement’ offered not rewards after death but the new Jerusalem on this earth.

    “The iconography of May Day, which developed its own imagery and symbolism very quickly, is entirely future-oriented. What the future would bring was not at all clear, only that it would be good and that it would inevitably come…”

    “[A] a passage of millennial hope:

    Soon frontiers will fade away! Soon there will be an end to wars and armies! Every time that you practice the socialist virtues of Solidarity and Love, you will bring this future closer. And then, in peace and joy, a world will come into being in which Socialism will triumph, once the social duty of all is properly understood as bringing about the all-round development of each.


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