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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. This Elliot Wave analyst predicts a deflationary crash bringing gold to sub-$1000/oz. The current ratio corresponds to sub $12 silver. This will be driven by supply chain damage, war, and the subsequent flight to safety manifested in USD holding. The severity of this Great Depression-like drop will be followed by unprecedented government printing stimulus that will bring PMs back to multiples of their current values. His charts tell him all of this will happen in the next 8 months to three years.

    He is a contrarian but is not alone. Jim Rickards and Michael Pento see similar scenarios. It is critical to listen to these contrarians in order to triangulate one’s position. Criticism of his forecast is best found in the comments beneath the video.

    Are precious metals performing their wealth preservation function adequately? Given our current real inflation circa 15% one can argue they are not, especially given their recent falls. Also, given their paper suppression one can see why they could be disfunctional. Or, are they, indeed, maintaining their value and only reflecting the Elliot Wave crystal ball? Are PMs possibly the embodiment of future trends by sensing the accumulated impulses of millions of daily trades in all markets, and in doing so telling us that we are on the cusp of a deflationary crash, and that they are, in fact, properly priced in their protective role?

    Only your hairdresser knows for sure.

  2. Yom Hashoah: Remembrance Day, 2022

    This year the Central Theme is “Transports to Extinction: The Deportation of the Jews during the Holocaust”:

    “In keeping with the policy of the “Final Solution,” during World War II the Germans and their collaborators uprooted millions of Jews from their homes and deported them to their deaths. This meticulously organized operation was an event of historic significance, obliterating Jewish communities throughout German-occupied territory that had existed for centuries.

    “Vast numbers of Jews were sent straight to the extermination sites, while many others were first taken to ghettos and transit camps. Thus, the cattle – or railway – car, the principal mode of Nazi deportation, became one of the most iconic symbols of the Holocaust.

    “Originally a symbol of progress, globalization and human technological prowess during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the railway car warped into the emblem of the backsliding of human values into the abyss of wholesale mass murder on an unprecedented scale.
    Last year:

  3. Sirens wail as Israel remembers victims of the Holocaust

    Israelis nationwide bow their heads in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their allies in World War Two; ‘We must not forget and we will not forget,’ says visiting German Bundestag president
    Only 60% of Israelis see Holocaust as unique historical event, poll finds

    The Israeli Voice Index finds that 81% of Israeli Jews stand during the memorial siren that sounds on the morning of Holocaust Remembrance Day, 60% watch special telecasts, and 33% actively participate in events honoring those who perished in World War II.

  4. Sirens wail as Israel remembers victims of the Holocaust

    Israelis nationwide bow their heads in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their allies in World War Two; ‘We must not forget and we will not forget,’ says visiting German Bundestag president
    Only 60% of Israelis see Holocaust as unique historical event, poll finds

    The Israeli Voice Index finds that 81% of Israeli Jews stand during the memorial siren that sounds on the morning of Holocaust Remembrance Day, 60% watch special telecasts, and 33% actively participate in events honoring those who perished in World War II.

      • The Germans are clever.
        In response to demanding warmongers, they’re sending advanced heavy weapons. That will be USELESS for the foreseeable future.

        “There are probably less than ten people in the current Bundeswehr who still know how to operate and maintain a Gepard. There is thus little chance to find German crews for them.

        “If the Ukrainians really want to use these outdated systems they will have to train fresh crews for at least a year. Otherwise those guns will be ineffective and of little use.”

        “Neutral Switzerland has vetoed the re-export of Swiss-made ammunition used in Gepard anti-aircraft tanks that Germany is sending to Ukraine.…

        “Germany earlier announced its first delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine to help it fend off Russian attacks following weeks of pressure at home and abroad to do so.

        “The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs… blocked Germany from sending munitions for the Gepard tank to Ukraine.”

    • sky news UK – Can Russia be pushed out of Ukraine entirely?

      Is Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’ ambition to push Russia out of the whole of Ukraine realistic?

      • Ottawa Prof. Ivan Katchanovski [my format edits]

        Various signs, such as explosions, shelling of state security building & statement by #Russia military commander, suggest that pro-Russian separatist #Transdniestria in #Moldova & #Russian troops there can enter…

        [Reports of] shooting & drones from #Ukraine direction in village of Kolbasna in this separatist region of #Moldova. One of largest weapon depos in Eastern Europe is located there. It is guarded by #Russian troops.…

        Transnistria is unrecognized pro-Russian republic with ethnic #Ukrainian president & population of ethnic #Russians, #Ukrainians & Moldovans. #Transdniestria was part of Soviet #Ukraine between WW1 & #WW2, while rest of #Moldova was part of #Romania.

        Turkic-speaking Gagauz… are Orthodox and expressed pro-Russian attitudes. Ethnic #Ukrainian president of #Transdniestria / #Transnistria is no longer in power…

        The Ukrainians… would have a definite military advantage in Transnistria given the small number of Russian troops stationed there.

        Moldova being dragged into the war would be a “dangerous development … Romania will also [enter the war] … due to its close linguistic and historical ties with Moldova – where the majority of the population speaks Romanian.”

    • CBC – Canada pushing allies to seize, redistribute Russian assets

      Former Ukrainian infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelyan discusses the damage in Ukraine from the war, Canada’s proposal for legislation and rebuilding Ukraine.

    • Clint Ehrlich, A mega-thread [my edits]:

      The West is pushing Ukraine to attack inside Russia.
      It’s a great tactic – but a horrible strategy.

      Putin can respond by declaring war on Ukraine, making millions of conscripts available. The conflict would grow to an apocalyptic scale matching WW2.

      There have already been a series of mysterious fires and explosions inside Russian territory…

      To date, Vladimir Putin has insisted that what is happening in Ukraine is a “special military operation.”

      Because Russia has not declared war, it has not begun a full-scale military mobilization.
      But cross-border attacks change the political calculus. They make it seem that the Russian homeland is under threat.…

      A full Russian military mobilization would vastly change the strategic picture inside Ukraine. [I]f Russia begins a full national mobilization, its troops will *vastly* outnumber Ukraine’s forces…

      The immediate target of Putin’s nuclear rhetoric is the West. But the subtext is that *any* potential adversary should be ready to be struck with Russian nukes. That includes China if it were to make territorial incursions into Russia’s Far East.

      What we are discussing is, of course, military mobilization on a scale that has not been since World War 2. But the groundwork for such a mobilization is already being laid by the domestic political rhetoric within Russia.

      Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has argued that the country is now fighting a proxy war against NATO, where Ukraine is simply the battlefield…

      At the same time, Russia’s government has sought to invoke the memory of WW2 to justify the current conflict…

      The symbol “Z” has been rebranded as standing for 77 years since the Great Patriotic War.

      In reality, Putin still remains determined to delivery victory. And supporting Ukrainian attacks inside Russia gives him the blueprint he needs to reset the war…

      Putin would position himself as a war-time President equal in status to Stalin – the man who took on NATO in Ukraine and won…

    • MSNBC – Adm. Stavridis: Zelensky, Biden Are Leaders In Hope

      Adm. James Stavridis discusses Russia’s military advances in eastern Ukraine along with the history of French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

    • TIME – Inside Zelensky’s World

      The nights are the hardest, when he lies there on his cot, the whine of the air-raid sirens in his ears and his phone still buzzing beside him. Its screen makes his face look like a ghost in the dark, his eyes scanning messages he didn’t have a chance to read during the day. Some from his wife and kids, many from his advisers, a few from his troops, surrounded in their bunkers, asking him again and again for more weapons to break the Russian siege.

      Inside his own bunker, the President has a habit of staring at his daily agenda even when the day is over. He lies awake

      more :

      NBC – Amal Clooney Pushes For Ukraine War Crimes Justice

    • KIEV – APRIL 28 2022 – Missile attack in Kiev on the defense plant “Artyom”

      The Artyom plant produces a fairly wide range of ammunition: missiles for anti-tank systems, for the Vilkha MLRS and anti-ship missiles for the Neptune coastal systems, as well as air-to-air guided missiles

  5. global news – Hepatitis of “unknown origin” found in some kids around world, including Canada

    Data from the World Health Organization shows at least 190 cases of severe disease have been identified in 11 countries, with the largest number of them detected in the United Kingdom.

    So far, these particular cases still have no known cause.

  6. Dr. Phyllis Chesler:
    Nostalgia for the Slaughterhouse

    A new documentary about the making of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ evokes wonder at our idealization of a past that wasn’t very nice
    “In this time period (1917-1921), there were “over a thousand pogroms in about five hundred localities.”

    “[P]ogroms came in waves, one after the other, and each one may have “lasted for ten days while the town changed hands … (then) the pogrom would start over with the most vigorous brutality.”

    “The carnival of violence, complete with scenes of torture, rape, and murder, played out on the second day of the pogrom as ‘celebratory street theater.’ Pogrom perpetrators purposefully drove Jews into the streets and hunted down their victims … acts of torture took place in front of an audience of pogrom perpetrators, the local population, and frightened Jews.

    “The ritualized violence reiterated the previous pogroms, but often in a more grotesque and horrifying form. The elderly couple…stripped naked and forced to run through the streets as hunted animals, cheered by the Cossacks.

    Pogromschiki bayoneted their victims, careful not to kill them, but to leave the wounded to suffer and bleed to death in agony that lasted sometimes for several days. Elderly parents were left to die, while their families were not allowed to help them…”

    Remember: This all took place … in western Ukraine…
    But, I must ask: What other group has a need to romanticize or soften the terrifying violence against them? Does this function the way Jewish humor does—to lessen the sting of shame or bitterness?

    Can we imagine African Americans waxing nostalgic about being in chains on board a ship during the Middle Passage? Or romanticizing lynching or rape on a plantation? Or the sale of children away from their mothers…?

  7. CBC – Ottawa police prepare for weekend biker rally

    Ahead of a planned motorcycle rally, Ottawa police say they’ll be stepping up their presence in the downtown core, enforcing bylaws to prevent a repeat of the protest convoy in February.

  8. – VERY DISTRESSING NEWS, One World Order –

    “What could possibly go wrong when the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, organizes a “minister level launch of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet.” Put more succinctly, that would be 50 nation intelligence ministers getting together to decide what they will permit on the internet.

    Apparently, a collective partner rule book is forthcoming. Big Tech will be given specific instructions on how to comply.

    The global rulebook on how to handle, define and eliminate ‘disinformation’, ‘misinformation’ and ‘malinformation’ on the world-wide internet.

  9. The people who own the Globe and Mail are billionaires, why does the Canadian government subsidies the Globe with the “little peoples tax dollars?”

  10. DAILY MAIL – REVEALED: NYC medic who became star tweeting about working on COVID frontline treating kids in hospital is actually a SCHOOL pediatrician with cushy 9-5 job

    Dr. Risa Hoshino has been accused of lying about working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic

    The social media physician, who claimed to be working inside a hospital treating children COVID-19 cases, was found out to be a school pediatrician

    The city-employed pediatrician reportedly worked a cushy $170,000 Monday-Friday job, which she mostly worked remotely

    She would often tweet about wearing an N95 mask for 12-hours and share heartbreaking stories of sick children on Twitter

    Meanwhile, her Instagram would show her having dinner with friends and bikini shots on the beach

    The doctor also claimed to work for Mount Sinai, despite not having any affiliation with the hospital since completing her residency in 2017

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