Forced masking and freedom of speech is for all or no one: Links 1, April 22, 2022

1. city news – Quebec extends mask mandate until at least mid-May

(The Premiere of Quebec is known to be much more of a communist than Ford in Ontario, who at least appears to be reluctant to enforce these kinds of measures)

2. Obama admits that “we have clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people world wide”

3. Very interesting Tucker Carlson last night. Opener is about the curious increase in black Americans deaths in traffic over the past couple of years, during the lowest traffic on roads in a lotta years.

(Once again, Tucker’s dart is stuck on the little metal ring between the fifty and the bullseye. The question for most people is why are these Democrat/Leftist leaders so incompetent? The problem is the question leads you away from the answer. It isn’t that they are incompetent at making things better, its that they are very good at making things worse. Communists are trying to crash the system to get people to demand the solutions they are offering. Understanding that makes it all pretty easy to get.)

4. Computing Forever explores the idea of depop by food control. Communists after all, traditionally use starvation for people control.

5. Avi Benlolo: Al-Quds Day, the annual hate fest against Jews, must be stopped

(This is quite a thing in Toronto)

Iran’s fingerprints are on much that counters our prevailing values in this country. This week, a groundswell of voices from Canada and around the world joined The Abraham Global Peace Initiative in calling on Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory to stop the hateful and antisemitic Iranian-backed “Al-Quds Day.”

We will hear condemnations from our leaders to appease the Jewish community — especially in an election year. But ultimately this annual hate fest against Jewish people will continue despite the fact our provincial and federal governments are investing millions of dollars to combat antisemitism. Antisemitism at Al-Quds Day events and on our university campuses is not being addressed in law and public policy. Instead, money is being thrown back at the very community that is being attacked, for it to mount a counter-offensive alone. This is equivalent to asking assault victims to stand up for themselves.

(Personally I am for freedom of speech. Including this, as well as people’s right to counter it with more demonstrations and speech. For those familiar with Ontario’s new bill 100, we now know that things like Al Quds day will continue without restrictions but anything which interferes with the communist revolution in Canada, be it by whatever name they beard it with, will be met with severe penalties immediately and with no due process, no application of rule of law. As I understand it, if you protest in a way the government doesn’t like, its terrorism and you can lose your home, vehicle, savings and freedom. All without trial So ask not for whom freedom of speech is curtailed. It is curtailed for thee.

Thank you all for your continued efforts, thoughts and support of this site. Some interesting things coming this evening.

Rod Serling:

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    • 1. Tick
      2. Tick
      4. While I am a fan of “Computing Forever” I have come across some stuff from his guest in the past, some quite interesting if alarming, but since once he went full blast the Jew Hatred thing, I avoided him. I had a feeling that “Computing Forever” was embarassed a few times, but too polite to pull him up.

    • 1 – Incredibly, 70+% of Quebecers want the mask and they intend on wearing it even if the mandate is lifted.

      The other day, VLAD posted an excellent video on a cattle lane design for use in slaughterhouses. I can’t find it. That video should be used in psychology classes.

  1. 4 – Tomatoes and cooking oil will become a rarity in Europe. Some countries are limiting the number of bottles of cooking oil one can purchase. I read it earlier today, no link, sorry.

  2. MSNBC – Poll: Majority Of Americans Still Support Mask Mandate

    “This Trump-appointed judge has brought us right back to the Trump years when we had a tyranny of the minority,” says Ayman Mohyeldin.

    “A minority of Americans voted for Trump, a minority approved of his mishandling of the pandemic, and a minority support dropping masks on public transport.”

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