Why is Wells Fargo shutting out Canadians? IRGC General has a clear vision of the West? More: Links 1, April 15, 2022

1. Really looking forward to an explanation for this:


2. What do you do when you find yourself in near total agreement with a general in Iran’s IRGC?

3. OK follow me for a minute here. This may be a tough one.

When the Breathalyzer first came out for testing motorist’s ability to drive, I was against it. In fact, I felt it was tantamount to  racism. The reason being that you were determining if a person was in a certain demographic and making them a criminal for no actual action or deed of theirs, but only because you determined that people in that demographic are more likely to cause a crime. You were a criminal in potential, which is the argument that groups that claim to represent black people make. Clear discrimination based on demography and potential. rather than the actions of the individual in question.

What makes more sense to me back then, and frankly still, was the old fashioned tests you see in movies. A person is driving erratically, and they are pulled over and made to do a series of tests to determine their ability to do basic hand eye, reflex speed and so on. If they can’t then they should be arrested and tried for being in control of a motor vehicle while physically unable to operate it safely, no matter what the cause. Anti-depressants, legal opiates prescribed properly, or marijuana, the stench of which is now ubiquitous on the streets of Canadian cities. Or even health issues that the driver was aware of at the time of starting the car.

What I didn’t see, was the slippery slope aspect.

The questions write themselves. How accurate is it? How will this be used? Will people be stopped in their day to day activities and be given this test, and if the black box determines you have Covid, will your rights-come-privileges be suspended and you will be a ward of the state till you pass this test? There is something deeply wrong with the existence of this device. Its deployment may be an added convenience at first, but so will digital currency.

4. New TorStar CEO: Vaccine passport system is like communism

Marina Glogovac, the newly-minted CEO of the Toronto Star, has publicly stated that she considers vaccine passports to be akin to communism, and that she will not support any establishment that asks her for proof of vaccination.

(If she deleted her tweets and had to change her public view, its not “like communism”. It just is.)

5. Alex Berenson: The NY Times says Tommy Lanza, 41, died of Covid. So why does his obituary specifically say he didn’t?

And even after two years, why is finding anyone under 50 who died of Covid (and wasn’t profoundly obese or ill) so hard?

On Tuesday, the New York Times offered what feels like its 12-millionth sob story about Covid, the disease worse than all the others.

This time, the Times wrote about grandparents forced into raising their grandchildren following the Covid deaths of their own children. […]

Here’s what the report actually said. First, the Covid Collaborators didn’t count parental deaths at all. They guessed how many people who died of Covid might have had children, based on national household surveys.

Ignore the fact that the number was simply an estimate, though. The report still didn’t say that 167,000 parents had died of Covid. It counted the number of children who had lost “parents, custodial grandparents, or other caregivers.”

The number of children who had a parent die was about 70,000, according to the report. But that figure doesn’t translate into 70,000 parents dying either. These were kids, not parents – meaning the death of a parent with five kids would pump the report by five deaths.

So how many parents have died of Covid? The report never offers any estimate – but it appears to be between 20,000 and 30,000. Even that estimate will be biased high. Young people who die of Covid are much more likely to have severe chronic health conditions and thus less likely to have kids. […]

And it is not how Lanza’s death was reported at the time. The local Staten Island newspaper went out of its way in his obituary to explain that he had died of pneumonia, he had NOT died of COVID-19. (It also said he had died at home, not in an ambulance.)

Thank you all for gracing these pages. May you all have a refreshing and meaningful Easter Weekend.

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  1. ITEM 1 – WELL FARGO BANK – Making their life less complicated.

    “Wells Fargo is not the first to move away from international business. In 2014, RBC shut down its wealth management operations in the Caribbean and closed some of its international advisory and private banking groups in the U.S. and Canada.

    Several years ago, Merrill Lynch limited the number of countries where advisors could do international business and instituted higher minimums for clients in certain countries. Three former Merrill advisors filed a class action lawsuit against the firm, claiming the new policies for international clients hurt their business.

    “A lot of the big firms are moving away and making it more difficult to work with clients overseas because there’s a level of risk associated with it,” said Barbara Herman, a senior vice president at Diamond Consultants. “You’ve got money laundering rules, all kinds of federal rules that you have to be mindful of. Then you also have rules in the local country—the client’s local country—to deal with that can oftentimes make it difficult to work with a client in another country. It can be fraught with challenges that create legal exposure as well as a financial risk.” ”

    More: https://themazatlanpost.com/2021/02/02/wells-fargo-will-no-longer-open-accounts-for-non-resident-how-will-it-affect-expats-living-abroad/

  2. 3. The Breathalyzer, by making it easier than a 20 minute walk and touch your nose test, had freed up more time for observing poor drivers.

    But there is an abuse of breathalyzers too. Because they only measure quantity and not quality. And can be used as a pre-crime measure, instead of a post-crime measure. To be stopped merely for a thought-crime.

    Abused in predicting a crime, instead of an actual crime.
    Blood alcohol quantity is a political decision.
    Quality of driving remaining the only empirical evidence that a crime was commited.

    A move from policing bad driving; to policing people. From serving the people; to policing the prisoners.

    Here, the political-police would be using a ‘Clear discrimination based on demography and potential rather than the actions of the individual in question.’

    No longer innocent before being proven guilty before the law, but guilty before before being brethalyzed innocent.

    Public servants become masters.

    • Socialism (state ownership):
      “Together with the partnership of Carleton University and UNITED SIKHS, we have begun an ambitious project to understand how Random Police Stops (carding) have impacted our Sikh community. It is well known that minorities in Canada are stopped by the police more often, including our own community. This project will be understanding the various experiences of our community so that we recognize the influences of this police practice and what needs to be done by it from our communities’ stance!!!”

      Capitalism (private ownership)

      “The general rule is that if a police officer wants to stop your vehicle, or in legal terms seize you and your vehicle, he needs to have, what is called by the courts, reasonable articulable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot. This rule is derived from a United States Supreme Court case, Terry v. Ohio. Consequently, this type of stop has come to be known as a Terry Stop.”

      “A police officer is not allowed to rely solely on a “gut feeling” as a basis for stopping someone”

      “If the officer does not find any evidence as a result of the illegal stop, the typical result is you drive away angry, and the officer goes on his merry way. Of course you may have a legal claim against him for violating your civil liberties, but the difficulty of bringing that type of claim against the state dissuades most people from ever trying. In other words, if you really were doing something wrong, then you can get off by having the evidence suppressed. If you were innocent of any wrong doing, you effectively have no remedy.”

    • If someone doesn’t like you and spots you driving, they call the cops claiming drunk driver. It happened to me one afternoon after leaving a plant nursery.

      It was a hot heatwave day with no breeze. I have no A/C and I have seasonal allergies and asthma. The cop told me to remain in my car as the cop had requested a 2nd officer for a breathalyzer test.

      I couldn’t stay in the car, I was mass-sweating and going full-blown asthma in the horrid sun- and heat-filled car.

      The cop ordered me to remain in the car for a full 20+ minutes.

      When I was finally allowed to exit the car for the breath test, I couldn’t breathe out for the test.

      Four cop cars were called and I was alone with no breath. I tried the three tests, to no avail, I couldn’t breathe. So, they called for a tow truck. I begged the officer for a 4th test. I then went on the boulevard, knelt on my knees, and clasped my hands up in prayer to God to give me air for the test. The cops were floored.

      The first cop then agreed to an exception and I was allowed a 4th attempt. I breathe out so hard, but no air. And then, a miracle happened. Thirty seconds later, the breathalyzer clicked and a Zero Alcohol result. Everybody was dumbfounded. It was a Holy Intervention.

      Things you don’t forget in life.

  3. 4. A Police Officer stops a random driver, and administers all the tests, drugs, alcohol, covid etc. and informs them this information will be kept on their record. The new tiredness test has them yawn into a bag. How many hours sleep, who were they with, the usual questions.

    The police officer in the other car checks their Person Licence.

    They all match. And the driver is free to go.

  4. 2. Neadertals are already being replaced by Dhimmi man, Soviet Person, and Born Again LGBTQ+ narcissists.

    Their minds are gone

    Why are people looking for the corpse?

  5. 2. What do you do when you find yourself in near total agreement with a general in Iran’s IRGC?

    Wow. Good question.

    We need Homo Sapiens. Wise Humans. Blonde, red, black, white, tall, short, and all the in-betweens, whatever. It’s the inability to think independent thoughts, because of the Dhimmi, Soviet, Born Again programming. The corpse is all there is unless they can arise from the dead. New Man or Zombie Apocalypse. Our choice. Happy Easter.

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