French elections today, Peru protests over inflation, and Canada has the world’s harshest restrictions except temporarily Shanghai: Links 1, April 10, 2022

1. PJ Watson on the French elections today. Its quite well done actually. Maybe Oz-Rita can offer an opinion on this. But I suspect she will overall like it. Mind you, to see all this factual info on France and Macron in one video is quite infuriating.

(Youtube won’t let you watch it off platform. Increasingly anything Google is authoritarian and surveillance based. Best to watch it on Bitchute)

2. Army deployed in parts of Peru against the public over inflation riots.

Here is a great moment. The sign reads, ” Movement of The Resistance: God, Country, Family”. It’s almost like it’s the people against some huge force around the world trying to destroy all our cultures, all our rights, and all our freedoms and individual selves. Meanwhile, at Davos, Peru’s president seems deeply tied in to the WEF.

3. Gotta agree with this European MEP who explains that the commidification of personal medical data will make a world worse than 1984 and The Matrix put together.

We will not be as happy as the people in the Matrix are shown to be. We can see that in Peru.

4. There is no other country in the world, democratic or totalitarian, that has restrictions on travel as harsh and strict as Canada. None.

Full interview here.

5. OK so maybe its worse at the moment in Shanghai:

Thank you all for your insights, efforts and contributions to this site.

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  1. ITEM 1: I followed today’s election. What a close call this was for Le Pen! Totally unexpected. Le Pen barely made it re 2nd as Melenchon was too close for comfort, within less than one percentage point.

    “Le résultat du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle 2022 ont placé Emmanuel Macron (27,6%) et Marine Le Pen (23,0%) en tête. Jean-Luc Mélenchon est donné à 22,2% ; Eric Zemmour a recueilli près de 7% des voix. Valérie Pécresse enregistre une très sévère défaite (moins de 5%), tout comme Anne Hidalgo (1,7%), selon Ipsos Sopra Steria pour France 2.”

    What happened? Citizens in colonial territories and expats and Muslims turned out to vote for Melenchon.

    Here he is at his ‘victory’ speech repeating: You must NOT give one single vote to Madame Le Pen, second round.

    TRUST ME, Macron’s reelection is guaranteed.

    • Which brings me to why did Zelensky prolong the war and refuse to meet with Putin? Answer might be the French election. Melenchon did win also on pro-Ukraine sensitivities.

    • It also explains the sudden EU’s Ursula von der Leyn’s visit to Ukraine yesterday and today’s Boris Johnson’s visit also. Things happen for a reason and in this case, it was the French reelection.

      It’s a big club and we ain’t part of it, we have no power as most of humanity is blind.

      • Sassy, you totally got it !

        And yes, Klaus Schwab’s toyboy, Macron will be President, but I do hope he will not last the 5 years. There are new kids on the block who kick ar*se and TRULY love France.

        Should Marine LePen win against all expectations, then she is not only a “fake” conservative but a fully paid member of the Davos Killing Squat – in my not-so-humble opinon.

        • OzRita: too much Multiculti fractures democracy and tyrants take over. We see it in Canada. Minority elections produce coalitions.

          I’m clueless re Le Pen: is she the real deal or is she fake? Reminds me of Canada’s Polièvre. The legislative seats will tell the story.

    • So now we know Ukraine will last for another two weeks when the 2nd and final round will confirm Macron as the President. I wonder what other EU or NATO leader will show up to boost his votes.

      Afterward, possibly Biden and his team will show up for interparty negotiations and the war will end. Remember: Crop planting season is so essential to Europe’s food supply.

  2. 2/ Castillo Terrones is a horrid communist.
    Peru swings from military dictatorship to corruptocrats left and right. A haven for terrorist syndicates from around the world. Drugs, arms, money-laundering.

    • (((((Yuki)))))

      I just typed a message here, but it will not go through….and this happens too often.

      Hope you are okay.

      • My computer situation is bad too. But I’m blessed to know a Jamaican wizard who finds spare parts, keeps me hanging on.

        My 2015 MacBook Pro went into a coma yesterday. Now in intensive care.
        This one is 2012. The 2009 won’t go online, poor thing, but Ferdinand sees it as a challenge. So maybe…

  3. ((((((( yucki )))))

    saw your post re Bibi and his usurper….but cannot find it now….my computer is on his last legs and is playing up. After 2 years of being a hermit, it will take me some while to face the city again to buy a new one (I do not do online shopping and pay cash….call me a “dinosaur” 😉

    • Report: Bennett admits failure of strategy, eyes new direction for government

      Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is considering a major shift in his political strategy, eyeing a return to the Right, after trying for months to appeal to centrist voters…

      According to the report, Bennett has said privately that his strategy of moving to the Center had failed, accepting blame for the lack of results, and is now charting a return to the Right…

      “All of the truth about Bennett in one tweet by [reporter] Dafna Liel: Zero values, zero good for the country, zero keeping of promises, zero truth. One hundred percent cynical politics for personal advancement,” wrote former Bennett ally … in response to Sunday night’s report.

    • Breaking down Bennett’s coalition breakdown
      Weakness, appeasement brings death.
      It’s fueling what might be the beginning of the Third Intifada. The Twisted-Ragheads are aroused, their proxies poised on the borders and nukes percolating under mountain strongholds.

      Caroline Glick:
      The nuclear deal is not unavoidable

      The Lapid-Gantz-Bennett government can’t see that because it does not understand U.S. politics or the complex way in which foreign policy is crafted in America.

  4. 1.

    PJ Watson’s video above: Excellent – I am always surprised how this man not only “gets it” each time, but how intelligently and without taking any prisoners he shares it with us.

    One little addition though: The young Jewish Man, who was attacked, tortured and battered by the “Racaille” (euphemism for arabo/muslim/sub-saharian thugs) and driven into the path of an oncoming tramway, was also handicapped. And this happened as far back as January when it was reported as a minor item: “man killed in tram accident” (or words to that effect).

    Followed by total media, police, judicial silence. This is usual, when the perpetrators – who enjoy the protection of the major French institutions – are “Racailles”.

    Total silence until the desperate father who had been sent a video of his son’s massacre, contacted Eric Zemmour, after even his lawyer joined the silent treatment of the case.

    One tweet from Zemmour suddenly brought it into the limelight. And didn’t “they” react….mouths foaming….attacking…guess who ? …. Eric Zemmour for “politicising such a drama”. Arrrrghhhhh .

    When asked what his first acts would be as President, Eric Zemmour said that first he would visit the father of this young murdered man, and secondly he would visit the “site” of the Notre Dame, nearly burnt down and, despite the “promises” of Macron & Co still not restored.

    • I am currently reading a book called, “Disinformation”, by Natalie Grant. Its about the formal systems of information warfare used by the Soviets based on marxist principles.

      For those of you who studied Islam, a lot will be familiar in terms of systemic deception such as Taqiyya etc. But its way bigger than that. And when you read it, you see that the kind of media events you describe are in no way hypocrisy or anything like it, but calculated communist weaponized language and media.

      Just one example from the forward, is about how media will keep people on something trivial in order to stop the national conversation about being about anything of major importance, and that is very bad for the population.

      Many many thousands will and are dying from a gene therapy injection which is still mandated. Very possibly hundreds of thousands. Think about how many trivial distractions are used to suppress that. Maybe we should ask Will Smith.

    • Usually thoughtful conservatives are falling hook, line, and sinker into Russia’s disinfo web. The comments at Conservative Treehouse are extremely disappointing, to say the least.

      You can loathe the machinations of Prez Z and the WEF/Nato/EU cabal – a genuine threat to humanity – without becoming a Putin groupie. They’re lapping up news and views from sites like The Saker and The Duran. That’s the same junk my Russki and friends watch for LAUGHS on Russophone TV.

      Trump voters burned by a corrupt system are willfully naive about the rest of the world. Expensive Russian military blunders become 4-D chess, as told by apologists like Moon of Alabama. Only Azov nazis do atrocities, not tame Chechen jihadis. aloha-snackbar

      They refuse to acknowledge complexity, it’s all ones and zeros. Propaganda is only transparent if it’s coming from the other side. They’re not attuned to the virulent antisemitism that’s also on the menu at those sites. They’ll probably soak that up too, blinded by the White Hats of their fantasies.

      That’s as sinister as the pickets we crossed to buy Passover food. Calling a Soviet emigre with grandchildren in Kiev a murderer, shopping at a store owned by elderly Refuseniks from Ukraine and Belarus.

  5. I don’t understand. I laid out the scenario supporting the France election first-round and upcoming second-round results. Macron will win, easily.

    I did it more in detail at Conservative Tree House, and here. And both places, my comment was removed.

    It’s as if we want to live in la-la-land.

    REPEAT: Melenchon’s voter base is young, he’s a Climate Change guy – style the Planet is burning – Defund the police – pro-European Union – he has the Muslim vote.


    • I’m seeing some trends that make me uncomfortable over there. Maybe it’s just when the topic is international. Or maybe it’s just more apparent there.

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